Deck Listings, Shuttle Listings, and Room Assignments

A PBEM sim taking place on a Prometheus Class vessel. The cutting edge in Federation technology with a good sized crew and a great deal of excitement.

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Deck Listings, Shuttle Listings, and Room Assignments

Postby Jacob Verne » Thu Oct 30, 2003 12:05 am


DECK 1: Main Bridge, Main conference Room, Ready Room, Saucer Upper Warp Nacelle, Life Support, Environmental Controls
DECK 2: Senior Officers Quarters, Transporter room 1, XO's Office, Main Tactical Sensor Pallet, and NAVAJO code analyzer, #**Experimental phase cloak**#
DECK 3: Micro Warp Core, Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports, Deuterium Fuel Storage, Deuterium Injector, EPS Support, Antimatter Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports, Antimatter Injector, Antimatter Storage Pods, Saucer Engineering, Maintenance, Life Support, Waste Management, Emergency Mass Transporter
DECK 4: Crew Quarters, Saucer Warp Core Jettison Hatch, Docking Latches, , Forward Torpedo Launcher, Torpedo Control Room, Secondary Tractor Beam Emitter, Counselor's Office, Upper Computer Core


DECK 4: Antimatter Storage Pods, Docking Latches, Forward Torpedo Launcher, Environmental Support, Life Support, Emergency Batteries, Waste Management, Phaser Batteries
DECK 5: Crew Quarters, Quantum Magazine, Weapons Locker, Medical Labs, Sickbay, CMO's Office, Middle Computer Core
DECK 6: Crew Quarters, SIF generators (4), IDF Generators (4), Impulse Reactors, Auxiliary Engineering, Transporter Room 2
DECK 7: Upper Main Engineering, Upper Primary Warp Core, Engineering Support Labs, Molecular Cargo Transporter Pad, Crew Quarters
DECK 8: Lower Main Engineering, CEO's Office, Phaser Batteries, Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports, Deuterium Fuel Storage, Deuterium Injector Reactors, Warp Core Jettison Hatch, Warp Core Docking Hatch
DECK 9: Crew Quarters, Maintenance, Environmental Support, Docking Latches, Main Tractor Beam Emitter 1, High Volume Emergency Transporter, Assembly Room


DECK 8: Docking Latches, Main Armory, Tactical/Security Training Room, CSO's Office, 2 Brigs, Phaser Maintenance, Lower Computer Core
DECK 9: Docking Hatches, Main Tractor Beam Emitter 2, Tractor Control Room, **Officers Lounge**, Mess Hall, Recreational Center (contains things such as a springball court, hover ball court, swimming pool, etc.)
DECK 10: Crew Quarters, Maintenance, Micro Warp Core, Life Support, Environmental Support, Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports, Deuterium Fuel Storage, Deuterium Injector Reactors, Forward Torpedo Launcher
DECK 11: Photon and Quantum Magazine, Cargo Bay 2, Molecular Cargo Transporter Pad, Deflector Control, Deflector Signal Processing, Navigational Control, Main Deflector Dish, Main Deflector Field Emitter, Deflector Control Room, Forward Torpedo Launcher, Aft Torpedo Launcher
DECK 12: CSciO's Office, Aquatics Lab, Advanced Quantum/Temporal Physics Laboratory, Stellar Cartography, Element Analysis Lab, Astrometrics Lab, Sensor Control Room, Energy Analysis Lab, Hydroponics, Cybernetics Lab, Arboretum
DECK 13: Crew Quarters, Main Holodeck 2, High Volume Emergency Transporter, Auxiliary Engineering, Emergency Batteries, Gymnasium (work out room), Cargo Bay 3, Cargo Bay 4, Molecular Cargo Transporter Pad, Secondary Armory, Transporter Rooms 3
DECK 14: Shuttle Bay, Argo Shuttle Bay (the argos use the shuttle bay to leave and return to the ship, but are kept in a special location) , Main Tractor Beam Emitter 3

** ...** Only Senior Officers Have Access


Two Type 8 (USS Grant, USS Drake)
Two Type 9 (USS Long Island, USS Trident)
One Argo (USS Sierra Nevada)
1 Danube (USS Seine)


**Department heads and those with rank of Lt. and above have quarters to themselves. Everyone else shares quarters with at least 2 other people**

Captain Azanialix Ja'arda
Cmdr. Zane Dillard
Lt. Cmdr. Howard Madej Murdock
Lt. Cmdr. Sjet
Lt. Vaskel
Lt. Karen Stanton (npc)
Lt. jg Moss
Lt. jg Ti'ana Sullivan

Ens. Alex Munro
Lt. JG Tyla Monroe
Ens. Daniel Hunt

Ens. Joy Robinson
Ens. Samantha Baines
Ens. Luke Osswell

Deck 6
Ens. Batiras
Lt. 1C Taneth
Ens. James Edwards

Deck 9
Lt. 1C Alex Ducane
Lt. JG N'vrix
Ens. Jax Lenario

Deck 10
Lt. jg Teresa Gomez
Ens. Marcus Lacroix
Ens. Alexander Boothby

Deck 13
Ens. Sara McGonaggle
Ens. Keegan Loyst
Commander Zane Dillard
USS Zealous

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