Bio: Black Scar

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Bio: Black Scar

Postby Black Scar Ozzy » Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:55 pm

Real Name: Jeferan Hallows
Name: Black Scar
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Race: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: 21
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 153lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Preferred weapons of choice: Serrated Vibroblades, Hand-to-hand specialist
Nickname: Scar
Languages: Basic, Twi’lek
Family: Lily Hallows - Mother – Dead, Dunkan Hallows - Father – Imperial Commander (Location Unknown)
Medical: Severe allergic reaction Bacta

Personal Background
Jeferan’s Mother died in childbirth, and Jeferan himself had to be revived by a medical droid after strangling himself on his umbilical cord. To makes Jeferan’s life even more enjoyable, his Father hated Jeferan for killing his wife. Once Jeferan was sable enough to leave the hospital, Dunkan took him home and hired a live-in nurse to look after the son he could not love.

By the age of five Jeferan had become an unruly boy he openly defied his Father at every possible chance he could. During one such argument Dunkan struck Jeferan across the left cheek with an ornament. It was then that they found out that Jeferan had a severe allergic reaction to bacta. After a few weeks in hospital recovering from the gash across his left cheek and the massive swelling a rash from the Bacta that Dunkan decided to send Jeferan to the Imperial Military Academy campus on Carida.

While at the terminal for the transport to ship Jeferan off to Carida, Jeferan managed to slip away from his Father and escape on a rusty transport to the surface of Coruscant. After getting off the transport and
wondering around for a while he found himself cornered by a group a large burly men. They started out with a few taunts and pushing him about, but after he bit a chuck out of one of their hands they turned nasty. Jeferan knew he wouldn’t be able to survive their beating but set himself to go down kicking and punching.

This earned him a little respect from a man who had been watching nearby, and called the men off him. Jeferan watched in fear which quickly turned to shock as the man knelt before him, asked for his name. Jeferan couldn’t bear to say his name so instead said that he’d run away from his life and his name. The large man chuckled at this and introduced himself as Jan, and that He’d name Jeferan Black Scar because of the blacken scar on his left cheek that his Father had given him.

Black ran this though his head, and nodded his approval of it. Jan then took Black to his little house deep within the territory of the Hawkbats. And so started Black’s new life as little more than a slave to Jan, yet Jan also taught him the basic’s of combat ever evening. After a few years Black was starting to fill out as the man he would become, and having persuaded a few of the Hawkbats to teach him how to fight in hand to hand and with knives due to their popularity in the Coruscant underworld, Jan decided Black was ready to join the Hawkbats as a street thug. Black eagerly went out with the “Boys” and was soon enjoying the simple life of a street thug. Street brawls, debt collecting, drinking and women. Shortly after Black had turned 17 Jan took control of the Hawkbats, and as his unofficial son, Black had to take on a more important role within the Hawkbat community.

So Black started training with the best Hawkbats about, learning the art of stealth, theft & assassination. Honing his fighting abilities down to a fine art, and rising up in the ranks of the Hawkbats as a feared and respected young man. With his new found skills and abilities Black started to take on certain jobs that paid well, but were very risky. On one such job, Black set off a silent alarm after killing an old man in his sleep, and was soon on the run. Black managed to lose them quickly, but they had seen him, and his identity would soon be public knowledge. Not wanting to be dragged roughly before the Imperial justice court, Black fled Coruscant upon a small freighter taking on a job as a deck hand.

Black’s life started anew once more, this time working for a smuggler named Kiljoy. Black managed to bully his way into a respectable position among the ships crew, and was soon helping to handle the more sensitive items. Kiljoy soon found Black’s sharp eyesight and reflexes useful during more dangerous assignments, and started to teach Black the basic’s of the trade, who he didn’t teach Black anything that would help him become a better smuggler. Kiljoy made the mistake of underestimating Black’s intelligence and by taking Black into all his business deals, Black soon knew all the tricks of the trade. After one very successful deal, Kiljoy found himself with no money; clothes or his ship after Black had knocked him senseless.

The crew, like any other lawless and rogue crew tried to overthrow Black, but he killed their ringleader and made it perfectly clear what would happen to anybody else who tried to undermine his authority. Black was fully prepared to settle into a life of smuggling until his ship and crew were captured by Jabba the Hutt after trying to swindle Jabba out of a deal. Jabba consented to let Black life if he performed certain services until his debt for trying to cut Jabba out of the deal was paid off. And so Black became a bounty hunter for Jabba. Tracking down people who didn’t want to pay Jabba for services or stealing from him. By the age of 21 Black had finally paid off his debt to Jabba and was allowed to leave unharmed, as long as Black promised that he would help Jabba out in the future in the need a raised.

So Black left Tatooine with a small craft, suitable for his new life as a bounty hunter. He was able to store his weapons, and even had enough cargo space for a large body or item if the need a raised.

Black wanted to make a name for himself as a bounty hunter, which would gain him a little infamy and plenty of well paid jobs, so when he was a bounty posted by the Empire for a rouge bounty hunter, Black snatched it up quickly. A couple of months later Black was chasing after Nerida as she was called among the bounty hunters over an ocean, when a squad of Tie Fighters appeared on the horizon. Black watched as Nerida dived into the ocean, and on instinct followed her.

That was when Black found out his ship wasn’t amphibious. Though he tried to bank his ship around and head back for the surface, it was too late as his engines had died out in the water. Trapped in a sinking coffin, Black quickly scampered to his ships airlock, and once it was pressurised, took a deep breath and opened the outer hatch. Black almost drowned trying to get to the surface, but was saved by the very person he was hunting.

Once their heads had broken the surface of the ocean, Black found himself surround by Imperial forces. After they had been dragged onto one of the crafts, Black declared Nerida his Bounty, and that he wanted his payment for her.

They were taken to an Imperial base which was not that far away and Nerida was taken away once Black was given his payment. Because he had lost his ship, the base Commander, happy to have Nerida in the brig allowed Black to stay on the base, under guard, until the next transport arrived. While illegally searching the base, Black came across a lab where they were developing a new bio weapon, that they planned to test on the underworld citizens of Coruscant.

After planting a couple of high explosive charges, Black went a rescued Nerida. Once outside they found out that Black had triggered a silent alarm, and that the whole base was waiting for them. Thinking fast, Black pressed the detonator button on his remote detonator and half the base suddenly became a huge fireball. Black grabbed Nerida’s hand and they escaped though the bases sewer. They made quick time wading waist deep though the bases sewage, until the pipe came out over the ocean. At this point Nerida took control and threw Black into the ocean and jumped in after her.

With Nerida leading the way, and providing oxygen for Black again, they were soon back at her ship, and out of the water. Black then quickly explained what he had found and how he considered that as she had saved his life, he had to save hers. As they were safe for the time being they both decided to get the thin layer of grim from the sewers that hadn’t come off during the swim off.

As neither was willing to wait while the other cleaned, they shared the shower and cleaned each other down, which soon led to kissing. A few hours later, they left in Nerida’s ship, slipping past the patrols and entered hyperspace. Nerida then took Black along to meet her Alliance contact as she had arranged a meeting with them. Once there the Alliance took both Nerida and Black into their every growing family because of Nerida’s vast inner knowledge of the Empire and Black because he had run a couple of smuggling runs for the Alliance in the past.

Once fully accepted into the Alliance, and given appropriate ranks for their knowledge and past services, they were ordered to head out to Endor where a battle was shortly to take place. They arrived in time to see the destruction of the Death Star.

While scouting on planet Kasshyyk, Black had stumbled across an Imperial patrol. While fleeing from them, something went wrong, and the next thing Black could remember was waking up in a Wookie village. He was weak in both body and mind, but his determination was as strong as ever.

The problem came about when he found out that his determination was a lot stronger than his body. He awoke a second time, to the same fawning Wookie face, after pushing himself into a deep exhaustion. After that, he paced himself, in his quest to restore his body. As he grew stronger, his mind became its quick sharp self, even through his memory of what happened didn’t get much better.

And now he seeks to return to those that he fought for, even if he never got to grow to like them.

Military Background
Hawkbat training in:-
Bladed Combat
Bounty Hunter training in:-

Form of Dress
Because of Black’s time with the Hawkbats, he prefers to wear plain simple black clothes and a long black trench coat. After his Bounty Hunter training for Jabba, Black had to adjust his dress code slightly. He now wears lightweight and flexible body armour over his thin black shirt, which provides adequate protection from melee attacks. He also wears basic leg armour plating which strap on under his black trousers. Overall, while providing adequate protection against melee weapons but poor protection to energy weapons; it also doesn’t weight Black down. This means he can continue to use his speed and reflexes to their full potential to avoid and dodge attacks, as well as sneaking up silently behind opponents.

Items/Weapons or Choice
Black utilises a standard utility belt, which carries a portable device for allowing Black to hack into systems as long as he isn’t caught, a couple of lightweight high explosives, and two blasters.

A secondary, thin light belt that tucks neatly under his utility belt provides two holsters upon back, where he stores two vibroblades.

The inner lining of his black trench coat has been modified to carry twelve throwing knifes, six each side, as well as having been fitted with thin armour platelets in the arms.

Black uses a simple yet long range head communications device which sits in his right ear, with an extendable microphone. Black can adjust the frequency to pick up enemy transmissions to give him an edge while on a mission.

Family Background
Blacks Father Dunkan Hallows was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Fleet when Black was born. Since then he has risen in rank to become an Imperial Commander by means as vast intelligence and Brawn. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and is usually successful in any task he is ordered to undertake.

Black’s Mother Lily Hallows was the daughter of a rich merchant, until she married Dunkan. Her Death brought out a very mean and nasty side to Dunkan.
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