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Postby Zania Jaarda » Sun Jun 27, 2004 7:46 pm

Okay, all you aspiring authors! This thread is for you!

We all know just how fabulous a group of writers we have assembled for this sim. Some keep up their writing skills through various ways outside of the Zealous. Some serve on other sims within the SLA, write fanfics, or any number other things.

If you fit that category, and have a log from another sim, a story, or a work in progress that you feel very proud about, feel free to post it here! Comments will always be welcome, but no flaming! If you don't like something that a person wrote, that's fine, but be constructive in your criticism.

With that said, who wants to be the first victim . . . er, volunteer?
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Postby Jake Sjet » Mon Jun 28, 2004 2:53 am

(I place a post for Trinidad, a B5 sim, here as the first sacrfise)

The frozen tundra moved quickly beneath the treads of the half-track as its caterpillar tracks bit into the ice and gravel. It red paintwork was dulled and peeled away, revealing either red crimson rust or grey ferrosteel armour.

The man at the wheel was a tall willow like man, his skin a tanned leather in the glow of the cabs dashboard and holographic control systems. One eye was a ghostly white, as it was bisected down the middle from eyebrows to cheek with a thin puckered scar of long lost skin.

The twin moons of Phobos and Demois rose steadily into the air, their orbits so fast and close to the world of Mars that they were visibly moving through the night’s sky.

Carter looked out of the halftracks windshield as its lights picked at the carbon monoxide ice that covered the ground, his nimble handling of the vehicle made sure it did not slip down a crevasse or flip over onto its side when it hit a rock.

He glanced at this passenger. She couldn’t be older than nineteen. And even with the cabs environment units cranked to full power she shivered under a navy blue Mars Suit. Her red hair clung to her scalp in matted clumps of sweat drenched fear, her eyes still wide and dilated from the stimulants he had had to fill her with in order to get her moving.

“Hey, look.” He began to say, but stopped as the half track flew into he hair as it hit a rock at sixty kilometres an hour, after a bone shuddering landing and a skid Cater was able to get it to roll forward in a straight line “What they did to you back in that…that place was terrifying, but your okay now.” He looked back over at her.

One hand was not gloved but was held to her face, her thumb clenched with in her teeth, either to stop them chattering or to stop her screaming. A thin trickle of blood coursed from the tip of the finger as her teeth bit into it, uncaring as to the pain.

“Hey, look your bleeding.” He said, reaching out and slowly tugging the digit from her blood stained mouth he pushed it to her lap, but his hand remained as force from her tried to replace it.

“Please...” she stammered “allow me this….or shoot me…..just end it.”

His hand recoiled at the last words, her voice was so…cold, almost seeming to free the splattered blood in his hand. Her eyes seemed to star out into nothing, yet they seemed to have seen far to much of the world around them, or maybe a world beyond it.

They rode in silence, Carter’s single remaining good eyes glancing back and forth from the view of the real world and the pulse scanner that would detect any enemy air units that would be following them shortly. That’s if the plasma warhead had left enough of a command structure for them to launch a ‘rescue’ op.

But the steady dripping of blood from her wound was beginning to grit on him; even his trained nerves couldn’t take that kind of sound from a woman as tortured as she.

“Look can ya-” he yanked the thumb from her mouth, revealing the side of his hand as he pushed it away. His face curled into a grimace as she bit into his hand, tearing at the soft flesh and clamping down like a vice. He continued driving; bypassing the pain like an engineer would bypass a damaged conduit.

“Look,” he said steadily “What they did to you…what they did to you back in that place defies belief, you saw hell…” he looked up as the sun began to rise slowly into the thin air “Look it’s the mountains, home. See your almost home! Its over now!”

He saw the glint of light on the scanner for a spilt second, more than enough time for him to rip the hand from her mouth, slam the streamline helmet over her head and attach the glove to her bare hand. He had opened the outer door, the sting of the cold Martian night and the sudden deathly grip of the low pressure world tearing at his skin, his hand slapping the fast release harness of her restrains when the missile impacted five meters in front of the halftrack. Snow and clumps of ice flew into the air on. The tracked snow vehicle fell into the crater at a good speed, its front bumper hitting the far edge of the crater it flipped over its end and skidded a further then meters on its roof, sparks flying from the transmission and roof as it came to a stop.

The woman looked around, uncurling from her ball like position she uncovered her self from the snowdrift she’s created when she was kicked from the halftrack. Standing up shakily she looked at the open door to the up turned escape vehicle. A hand was reaching out of it, a hand upon which every vein was bulging. She would have thrown up inside the suit if she hadn’t already expelled what she had been forced to eat back…at…that…well it was in the halftrack now; she was spent of her tears, her agony beyond measure, death would seem as a sweet release from her memories.

A dull moan filled the air and a shadow fell from the sky. It was a rectangular attack chopper, its side ways box like profile and stand up cockpit making it appear like a stretched out Starfury, but instead of four swept back fusion engines and a short body, it was longer and with four down facing turbo fan engines, each one roaring in the dust as it brought its weapon systems of rockets and plasma cannons to bear.

From its cockpit she could see a person shield behind a Mars Suit and the tranparisteel canopy, a cruel smile forming on their lips. The cannons opened up, sprinkling lowing nova like death onto the belly of the half-track. The plasma cannons found their mark, tearing away at the weak armour and chewing the insides ferociously.

The snow vehicle seemed to grow in size suddenly for a second and then was torn to pieces by flame, throwing the young man into the air and placing her down a hand full of meters away in another snow drift under a rain of blackened debris. She rolled away onto her side, getting to her feet as the ground around her exploded into a flurry of evaporating ice as the attack flyer opened fire, its cannons firing round after round into the snow.

Its pilot grinned, he could have killed her with a single shot but he was having fun, his orders said nothing about…playing with her first. She was pretty spry from one of the instates patients, probably only a few months into the program so most of the motor and neural functions were still kicking at a hundred-
“Warning pilot, contact at-” the computer was able to warn him of the single missile as it snaked through the air and detonated on top of its armour hide. The missile cracked the attack flyer in half, sending it crashing to the ground in a blossoming flower of fire.

No sooner had the craft of death landed in its fiery grave a blue streaking comet fell through the air. It was a Earth Alliance Thunderbolt, its wings stretched out to gain the most of the weak air and gravity. With a low boom as it broke out of its super sonic flight and slowed down to a more respectable speed the woman could see panels on the crafts skin sliding back into place after what looked like spinning blue discs had been deployed from under its skin.

To more craft exploded from nowhere from a cloud of buzzing lightning, their lines of discs maybe no larger than dinner plates sliding back into their housings. The first of the Thunderbolts, its skin a dazzling white with blue trim twisted though the air, carving around in a wide arc as it bled off more and more speed with the aid of its manoeuvre and its air brakes. With a hollow click its four wings slid up and away into their landing position, allowing its three landing gears to kiss the deck in a whirl wind of snow and dry ice from its down turned landing thrusters.

After a moment of hissing expanding metal cracking and creaking as it cooled rapidly, the canopy opened with a hiss and puff of pressurised gas. The pilot hopped of the lip of the canopy, and walked slowly from the angelic Thunderbolt in a streamline environment suit. The suit clung to his frame snugly, bulky shoulder and armour on the limbs giving him a almost robotic look to him in close range. His visor was mirrored, so all the woman could see was her own face.

“Its alright.” The man said in a kind voice, opening a medical kit he’d brought with him in a metallic brief case like hold all “we’re taking you with us.”

He pulled out a syringe, its specialized attachment around the needle designed to pierce the suit to deliver the drugs and then seal the suits hole with a fast drying, fast multiplying polymer used into hull seal patches n the Earth Alliance navy. He pressed his against the woman’s arm, and almost instantly she fell into his own as her muscles lost all control.

“Who...” she looked up with what little power she had left, staring at her own dark grey eyes “who are you…”


Arron Hunter…

And then the world was a black.


Arron rubbed his eyes, another headache tearing at his mind as he sat patiently…and pant less in Med Lab. Was it usually customary to leave a patient in a paper night gown, especially when said patient was a read action pilot and could well be called away at a moments notice.

He would be able to scare the enemy without even firing.

“Hey,” he looked about for someone, Miranda or anyone in Med Lab “anyone seen my pants! Or anything really I’m at the point where desperation seems a bit lacks.”

TAG- Miranda and MedLab crew

Ensign Arron ‘Saint’ Hunter

Operative for Genesis
Ensign Keth Soban, Medic on the USS Legacy

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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Jun 28, 2004 6:16 am

This is fabulous, Jake! I love the description - it's very visual, and I could practically see what was taking place! Great job! :-D
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Postby Jake Sjet » Mon Jun 28, 2004 12:45 pm

Note, I have used other peoples characters in this short peice of fiction, I would like to extend my apolgies if they are portrayed out of character, and if you feel I have used a character in the wrong fashion, say so and I will delete this post.

Noir York- Part One

I like to think I was tired.
I would like to say it was over, that the last bullet that had rung loud and clear as it left the barrel was the last, an exile from my mind.
I would like to think the sound of falling metallic rain was over, that the deluge had passed and now I could finally step into the light.
I was wrong, they were all dead. All those I ever loved, gone in an instants hesitation on my half.
Ha…Jake…I turned out to be such a damsel in distress…
Lightning played across the sky, the room glowed for a moment. Walls of stark white now streaked with blood, their former owners lying on the floor. Gone, had they deserved it? Had the one phone call that had misled me thus far been the catalyst?
The one thing that had driven me down into this spiral towards Armageddon? Could it have been that simple?
We are at the mansion…Gunfire! I can hear gunfire! All units…
Maybe I could rest now? Perhaps the casket of Xi, and all those I had come to love could finally be hammer down and buried?
When I had entered the mansion I had no intentions of making it a last violent stand, to enact my revenge. Logic told me that someone had heard the gunfire, and back up would be on its way.
Logic was such a liar.
You! Inside! Come out with your hands above your head, but the piece down!
The beast raged out side, the storm of the century they called it. A monster, lashing the city with its rain filled claws and snow blizzard punches. Even now the snow was becoming rosy red in the aftermath of my own investigation. I’m playing the tape backwards, I’m a murderer. Now I have to follow my own footsteps back to the point of no return. And then back to the point it all went wrong.
I wanted to die there and then, to join them all while they rested.
But I went on, I had to, I feared to sleep. All nightmares were a linear series of scars and turns, where each mistake you made was predestined by fate. You never got a choice in the matter.
You killed them Jake…You crossed the line buddy! Arrest him!
Destiny, fate, the furies, all had a hand in getting me to keep on picking up that gun. They always found a way to make me pull a trigger, to decided if a life should live on or be snuffed like a candle in the wind.
We were like two brothers on either side of a civil war, his words not mine.
Can I tempt you for a glass?
Lets pretend I'm on duty Alex.
Ah, well it is your choice to neglect your life's fulfilment.
Why Alex, why here? Why did they come after you?
Hey, hey hey! Look at me Sjet, I'm a changed man, I have…mended my ways. All I want is fame and fortune.

Life was such a liar…
Ensign Keth Soban, Medic on the USS Legacy

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Postby Jake Sjet » Mon Jun 28, 2004 12:51 pm

Nori York- Part Two

I was driving now, racing away from the opening of the hole. It was my past, a gaping void in the rear view mirror, racing after me, nipping at my heels. It would yawn, its maw waiting for me to falter and such me back into that blackened pit.
And always it was deeper, the fight to get back out always a little longer than the last time.
Look Sjet, you’re a wreck! Call me okay when you want to go to an AA meeting, but go see a shrink. You’re falling apart…
Had they been right?
Had this life now gone inverted, had insanity become sanity? I had all of the answers arrayed in front of me as the angered stop signs flashed past me, I was driving into a night from which I doubted I could return unscathed.
I was going to die; I resigned my self to that fate. I seemed more able to see my actions unfolding, nothing to live for, and nothing to die for. Just a body animated by revenge and powered by the devils grinning face.
“The Things I Want: By Jake Sjet”
A smoke.
A drink.
Unlimited ammo.
And a licence to kill.
We have to stop meeting like this…
A simple phrase spoken softly, as only she could. Her face left me now as the wipers scratched away the rain that attacked the car; it was like a wall of water was falling from far above me. Washing the blood away? Or giving me reason to run and hide, an excuse.
But the die is cast.
Sjet, as my friend I ask your advice. If the only choice you have is to the wrong thing, then it’s not really a bad thing. It’s more like fate?
I don’t care for your reasoning’s Alex; you can let me off any where along here.

Thank you my friend, we will meet again I hope.
That was what this was, fate, I was using Alex’s excuse.
What do you know about Ti’ana Sullivan?
Ti’ana? Huum…her reputation as a stone cold hired killer is well deserved I’ll tell you that. I would have her you know…

At that moment, all the anger I had was directed at Alex, the finger wrapped around the trigger ached and bit to twitch. I hated him for what he said.
I remember now a slogan my mind can recall: Everything I touch dies
It was made for me, I don’t know why but it seems right to say. Everything I did touch died in arms, my wife, friends and family.
And like all things, it all began with he death of a woman…
She’s dead Alex.
Dammit, Gallagher was an innocent in this. A Princess, if maybe I had not hired her for the warehouse job…perhaps…. they will pay for this I swear it.

Lighting crashed through the sky, hollowing my features. I knew where I had to go, I had to find Ti’ana.
I had to find the fun house.
Ensign Keth Soban, Medic on the USS Legacy

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A puppy that goes 'yap' and flips over
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Postby Jake Sjet » Mon Jun 28, 2004 12:56 pm

Noir York- Part Three

I found the fun house, a hollow wreck of a building. A slowly dieing husk, living off the echo’s of its past. I had found kinship with this edifice; we were one and the same, dead and just waiting for life to catch up. Its doors were lazily open, like the mouth of a loyal dog sat at its master’s side, not knowing of any cruelty or betrayal.
There after us Jake, the Inner Circle, we both have contracts out on us.
There’s no ‘Us’ in this Ti’ana.
To late Sjet, you don’t have a choice.

She was right, I didn’t have a choice.
I never did to begin with. A choice is something you get when you’re a member of a democracy, but I’ve found that life is a cruel dictatorship. You’re just hanging on for the ride.
I entered the fun house, the harsh beating of the rain leaving me at the door. It had once been filled with hope and light, now it was dead and cold inside, frost glistening everywhere I looked.
We’re partner’s Sjet, you watch my back I watch yours.
Just don’t get in my way Joy, you wouldn’t like the result.
Is that a threat! S-
Detective Robinson, its your boy friend.
Shut up, hello…oh hi…

You have to be a first-degree fool to fall in love with a woman who comes back from the dead only to point a gun at your head. Love hurts like a bullet in the chest. But was that what was driving Ti’ana, the woman I had shot in the line of duty, a bullet to the brainpan. Was that what was driving her, rerouting her synapses, firing them to produce movement, feelings and emotions? Could that hollow shell like recreation of humanity ever replace the real thing, a spark of human kindness?
I would never know as I continued my odyssey, my hand wrapped around the gun I had come to see as an extension of my body, the spark resting within me was shrouded in pain and grief. My dreams were nightmares, so I slept only when my body failed to keep up, always using my work to produce an adrenaline rush.
I had left the DEA after the incident with Ti’ana; I’d gone back to the beginning, ‘The Job’, the NYPD.
You can run Sjet, but you’ll never be able to run fast enough! I’ll find you…and all the ones you love, and kill them all! You hear me! You can’t protect them!
I had heard his voice moments before the magazine had emptied itself into the now deceased crime lord, yet his promise had continued to fulfil itself. Everyone I had cared about died, Xi, Ti’ana, my past became a graveyard of memories and funerals.
I had found my way to the back of the fun house, a shooting gallery for Ti’ana where she was the mistress of her domain, it explained why the debris of human civilisation no longer called the run downed building their home. They knew the price.
The door to the apartment at the back was locked, I could have knocked but I pretended I was still paranoid, and snuck in through an open back window. The rooms were bare concrete, green cabinets and packing crates, a Spartan like life style. A punching bag suspended from the ceiling and the gun shop told me she was all business, a single goal trapped in her minds eye. Same old Ti’ana.
I suddenly stopped my prying of her apartment when I heard a voice echoing from a crack of a door, an angelic voice singing through the tears of a steaming shower. I slowly opened the door, a fog bank encompassing me as I did, blinding me like my own minds mental anguish.
“Don’t kid yourself Ti’ana,” she said “your no singer.”
She couldn’t have been more wrong.
Ensign Keth Soban, Medic on the USS Legacy

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Postby Jake Sjet » Mon Jun 28, 2004 12:59 pm

Noir York- Part Four

She was dressed now, a quick change from subtle warm pinks into a out fit that seemed to wrap fear and darkness around her like a cloak, something she could pull close to her to make herself warm on the cold nights.
“We need to have a game plan for this.” I had said, my hand still clutching the gun even though I knew I was safe.
I’d known my wife was safe, and I knew what that comfort had given me.
“We don’t need one Jake, they’ll find us.” She smiled, throwing a lock of hazelnut hair way from her eyes “And then you can act all manly and protect me.”
Her sweetness was about as dangerous as acid, she was the accumulation of every femme fatale in history, the apex of her profession. A profession I had sworn to destroy.
You know ‘Protect and Serve’ isn’t just hype Sjet, it means something! It meant something to you! Now...just hand over the piece and the badge until this thing blows over….
“I thought this was the 20th century Ti’ana,” I returned, for a moment allowing the mental walls of my anger to fall, to be invaded by the scent of the room, the slight taint of perfume which seemed to subtle the fears I held on to “I thought we were equals in this.”
“We are, but some are more equal than others. There after us Jake, the Inner Circle, we both have contracts out on us.” Her voice sent fear directly into my heart, she was afraid. Ti’ana, a woman who’s icy exterior had survived fatale injuries; afraid…now I began to fear.
“There’s no ‘Us’ in this Ti’ana.” I said, I wanted to protect her, as I had protected all the others in my life. She smiled, a brief flicker of humanity, which quickly ran back into its safe house within her mind. I walked away from her; I had to think for a moment. I reached a set of heavy wooden blinds, my hand wrapped around the cord.
“To late Sjet, you don’t have a choice.”
I pulled them, the shutters opening with the sound of guillotine rising above my head. I was suddenly blinded, a red crimson flash groping my eyes as I rolled side ways. The tinkle of shattered glass filled the air, the blind shattered into a million tooth picks as the snipers bullet ripped through them, embedding its self like a beached whale into the skin of a leather recliner.
“They followed you!” Ti’ana accused me, more out of a moment of blind panic or an actual belief I had betrayed her. I knew she did not think like that, I would have already been dead seven hours if that were the case.
“We need to get out of here!” I called out as the snipers precision round was replaced by the incoherent chatter of a sub machine gun, its numerous offspring ripping through the weak corrugated iron walls and turning the concrete barriers into a fine powdered mist.
“Through the window!” she called out, and we moved as one. The bullets seemed to slow down, to move out of the way as I shoved my shoulder forcibly into the window. It didn’t stand up well to the bullets, so my shoulder fragmented it with little force. I fell through the glistering cloud of shining light, falling the short distance from window to floor in what seemed like an eternity.
It was raining again.
Ensign Keth Soban, Medic on the USS Legacy

Fellow Crew Injured By Keth: X


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A puppy that goes 'yap' and flips over
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Jun 28, 2004 5:59 pm

OMG! That's pure genius, Jake! You could actually take something like that and turn it into a Holodeck adventure on the Zealous!
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Postby Ti'ana » Tue Jul 20, 2004 2:49 am

This is a post i wrote for the Avenger. My first, introductory post.

Ariana was nervous.

She had never been aboard a starship before, and this USS Zealous she found herself being transported to DS9 on, was, in a word, impressive. There was also a large and active crew. She could hear their thoughts, as hard as she tried to block it. On a ship this size, the effort expended to shut out the voices was tiring.
She sighed, her grey eyes scanning the corridors, her long hair pulled into a tail swishing behind her.

Finding a lounge, she went inside, intending to look at the stars for a while. It always helped to calm her mind when her telepathic antennae was picking up everything in the vicinity. She stopped short as the door swished shut behind her. A man was standing in front of the window. She knew who he was too. He was her new CO, Jason Stryker. She recognized him from the file she had read before coming on board this ship. As far as she knew, no one else transferring to the Avenger was on the Zealous besides the two of them. She wasn't sure if she should introduce herself to him. She was just an ensign. But, Before she could turn tail and run away, she steeled herself and walked quietly over to him, standing beside him.

"Hello sir." she said in her strong but quietly feminine tone. People often mistook the femininity of her voice for weakness. A greivous error. Beneath the small feminine exterior of this grey eyed young woman was a steely constitution, and a well trained fighter.
He jumped slightly.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." she said fluidly.
"It's fine." he said simply.
"I just wanted to introduce myself sir, I will be in Engineering on the Avenger." she stuck out her small hand. "Ensign Ariana sir. I am looking forward to serving."
He took her hand and shook it. "Well thank you Ensign. I hope it turns out well for you." He said in a deep voice, that she found herself thinking didn't really fit his appearance.
"Well Sir, I didn't mean to intrude on your thoughts, I just saw you here when I came in and thought to introduce myself."
She was interrupted by a chirp from the comm system.
=/\=Commander Striker please report to the bridge.=/\=
She smiled slightly. She hoped that meant that they were almost to DS9. She was eager to get started.
"If you will excuse me." he said. His voice had a certain authority to it, but it wasn't harsh. She smiled again as he turned away and walked out.
As she sat down to contemplate the stars for a while, she found herself thinking that she would enjoy serving under this man, and without even knowing it, he had helped her to shut out the voices.


Ensign Ariana
USS Avenger
Lt. Cmdr. Ti'ana Sullivan
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Tue Jul 20, 2004 6:06 am

I like that post, Ti'ana! As always, your writing is excellent! It introduces your character, moves the plot along, ties it in to the CO's post, and also does a bit of character development in the process! :-D
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Postby Jake Sjet » Thu Jul 22, 2004 6:10 pm

New Calisto
The market square was quiet now. Seeming to reveal in the silence the wind whistled and howled like a wolf, as its icy cold fangs ripped through the shattered place of commerce.
The square was possibly a hundred meters square, a large parade ground that was used regularly to host the stalls of the local produce growers and other tradesmen and women. But now, with the building around it crumbling, their debris cast into the square like the toys of an angered child, the wind was free to cause the dust to rise.
No one had been in the square in many years, not since the Lose of the Sky and the new stars that had appeared, but it had played host to one final occasion. The wreckage of the fallen Goshawk sat in the armchair like indentation of a storefront, the tall humanoid like mechanical war machine now dead. The twisted metal of its chest still smoked from where the hail of missile fire had fallen on it, ripping its armoured hide and burning its hellish pilot into the same dust it had kicked up.
He was able to look at the fallen mechanised assault vehicle now, and laugh. He coughed jaggedly, his approximation of a chuckle. That was another thing they had taken, laughter; you just didn’t hear it any more.
He was able to laugh a little before his hand came away from his mouth, spattered with small droplets of blood. Well, at least he knew he didn’t have long; death seemed like the easiest way out. But still guilt tingled his spine, even though he couldn’t feel anything, he felt that.
He knew that even this small victory against the enemy, even the lose of one of their heavier Assault Frames and the other forces drawn into the market square, the battle…the war, was lost. It had been lost from day one, when the world was set on fire…
All in all…sixteen? Seventeen minutes?
He raised the weapon in his arms, a long two-meter piece of black metal tubing with a boxy extrusion along its side towards its front. On this box, facing the longest side of the tube was a rubber eyepiece, which still glowed.
One more shot…one more chance…
Settling down onto the masonry-covered street the man readied himself, and after lying down correctly he heaved the tube onto his back, slotting his eye over the eyepiece. His view changed as the world turned green, a simple cross hair sitting over his field of vision.
He could feel it now, and see its effects on his grey concrete surroundings. More debris fell from where it had been perched unsteadily, landing on or close to the bodies of the fallen. He couldn’t distinguish one soldier from another, allies or enemies.
Peace had final come, but was its price worthy of such frightening ferocity? The ground shook now with each titanic footstep, it sounded like distant thunder, only this time the thunder was given material form.
It emerged from the smoke and hazy of the bombed area of city that the square occupied. It seemed ghost like as its four jointed and heavily armoured legs slowly manoeuvred it through the narrow streets just wide enough to allow it to walk. The Bushwhacker was a formidable Assault Frame, a mechanical spider designed for long-range fire support on an open battlefield. But its back mounted missile launchers were never designed to attack a target at such close range as the scant one hundred meters between him, and the armour plated war machine.
Its darkened cockpit canopy rested snugly in the targeting reticule as his hands finally gripped the trigger.
He thought suddenly of his family, of the sudden lose of life that seemed to have catapulted him from normality into…into a uniform.
He squeezed and breathed out at the same time, allowing the air in his lung to be sucked out with the sudden drop in pressure as the flame gel filled missile blasted free of the hand held missile launcher. He breathed in after a moment and watched the missile snake round the towering statue of some long forgotten goddess, it’s screaming chemical motor leaving an oily black trail behind it.
He watched in stunned panic as the chin mounted barrels of four machine guns snapped around, spitting their rounds at him in a hail of deadly fire. The ground around him filled with dust and the sudden blast of heat as the missile impacted, spraying the Frame and the ground around it in instant fire.
He was aware suddenly that there was another explosion, that and his sudden flight into the air, which allowed him to land in a crater of a once occupied foxhole.
His vision swam for a moment as the bird legged body of a Thunder Wolf strode into view. It had taken no heed to the street as it wadded though a building, shaking a window frame of on of its club like arms.
Twisting its body around it lowered its two arms to face him, the charged lasers cannons glowing with fire as they powered up. He looked towards its darkened cockpit, underneath which were a collection of four heavy machine guns set into the semi circular belly.
He could have sworn that thing was grinning at him…

Bunker 14
Looking back now...I can see just how much the stinking Terran’s have taken from us. First it was the fleet, obliterated in a hand full of seconds, as though they’d never existed in the first place. Then the sky, we had to, as there was little choice.
No I’m wrong, there was a choice. Life or Death…but life beneath the electromagnetic barriers…I haven’t seen the sky in over ten years…is there a moon anymore? That strange star is their, I see it in my nightmares…its shines like a diamond, a twinkling jewel in the heavens…it began the Sixteen Minute war, we return fire as best we could but…sixteen minutes scorched the earth, boiled the seas, killed our kin and incinerated many of our best and brightest hopes…
Only the barriers save us…prisoners in a war of freedom, except this time the guards out number us. We can defend against their attacks from the void, but once they land…which they did in number, it turned into a ground war.
We had an enemy, an enemy from our home of Earth, of Terra. We had the upper hand in technology; our Assault Frames and grasp of material sciences gave us better weapons, better armour…
But what good is all the technology against an army proven in battle, an army where one man falls a Squadron of Frames drop from the sky to replace him.
Its drawing close now, the end I mean. I’ve heard rumour, all the lads in the units have, rumours that the barriers were damaged in the last attack. That maybe there on they’re way to falling apart…to ending us all.
Maybe that would be better, a quick death instead of this slow starvation of food and water, had to break up a fight between civilians in the local refugee camp yesterday. I swear…sometimes…sometimes I think it would be better to let the barrier fall.

New Calisto
Alex dived into the cover of a low lying heap of rubble as ruby darts sprayed from the last remaining Terran Frame standing. The Goshawk was at least ten meters tall, its lithe humanoid shape capped off with the bird of prey look it was given with the large flange like shoulders and hooded cockpit.
The laser fire echoing from its left arm was suppressing his men’s best attempts to rip it apart. He’d already seen smoke and debris swallow a two-man fire team loading a rocket launcher by that thing, and he didn’t know what happened to the others who sat high in the few remaining buildings.
“Sir!” the last, well he hoped the man lying beside him in the rubble wasn’t the last, but he held a rocket launcher so that made him a valuable asset “We can’t take that Goshawk! We’re in deep sir!”
“Shut up!” he screamed and closed his eyes “Okay here’s what we’ll do, I’ll run out and grab that things attention, you take aim and crack its guts open!”
“Sir I only got two shots-” the solider began.
“Then lets,” he gripped the assault rifle “make them” he pushed up and began to run at full speed side ways across the market square “count!!”
The Goshawk twisted and fired almost in time with Alex’s sporadic firing of high calibre ammunition. The laser darts from the main weapon of the Hawk blossomed the ground around him into rows of dirt.
Masonry patted his back as the rocket fired.
He emerged from the fog of war, stumbling towards the now steaming remains of the trooper. He’d fired, ending the Frames life…and his own…
War wasn’t hell…
It was purgatory.

(PSS! This is actually a peice of University workj I just finsihed in three hours, from scratch and working on Pepsis...hehe.....haha....hahahahaha.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAQHA!!!!!)
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Postby Jake Sjet » Thu Jul 22, 2004 6:14 pm

Keth smiled broadly in an attempted to hide the sudden glaring stare. His first day “on the job” as the humans called it, and already a certifiable mental case. He’d never had a chance to study the human ego, how different could it be to the Huanni’s?

Bending down behind the bio bed to attend to some equipment Keth began to ask the man some questions.

“So your new to the ship/ Oh I mean sickbay, I’m new to the skip your obviously not I mean you seem pretty well grounded here. So what's it like, the ship I mean, I’ve only seen so little of it. A turbo lift, a few corridors and sickbay but I haven’t meet anyone yet….in fact you’re the first crew member I’ve met yet so this is quite an occasion for me, I mean I never really got to know anyone at the Academy…one person I knew gave me something odd, I’ll show it to you in a minute. Ah ha!” he cried victoriously and got off the deck, and stood up with his prize.

Thumbing the activation button the emerald blade shot out from the heavy-duty laser cutter, used primarily by surgeons in the process of removing a limb when it was badly damaged or it was necessary to save a patients life.

“The manuals say this beauty can get through biological matter in under two seconds,” he glanced at the strange sounding human lieutenant, the one with the speaking disorder “I’m planning to cut that in half if you want to know, I think its absolutely fascinating.” He deactivated the saw and put it away on a bio bed and continued his ramble around the medical bay “I mean, what's more fascinating than medicine, its like nothing else…saving a life, helping someone.”

“Look doc-” the man began, still clutching his stomach.

“Look where?” the Huanni turned quickly, catching sight of his tail for the briefest of moments in the corner of his eye brought back the memories of his child hood, chasing his tail and running around in the larger parks of the city in which he grew up. He kept looking over his shoulder sharply, just in case their was something hiding on his shoulder…

Something dangerous…


He turned so sharply he flew off his feet in a commando like dive towards a bio bed screeching ‘Get it off me!!!’

After a moment of fevered rolling about, patting himself down to make sure any parasitic arachnids where not clamped onto his snowy white fur. Getting up slowly, peeking over the bio bed at the ill man he whispered.

“Is…is it g-g-gone?”

“What's gone? I said look doc-” he sighed as Keth shot another look over his shoulder.

“At what?”

“it’s a figure of speech.”

“But you said-”

Keth stood up as he heard a crack, and turned to see a woman in a Commodores uniform walk in, just another shaved hairless monkey expect for the deformity of hair growing from her scalp, what a poor excuse for a mane.

I wonder if she feels left out when she goes out side of the ship, then again most people are like that. Poor people, they must be really, really cold.

“I presume your our newest assignee?” she asked.

Keth reached out and took her hand, wrapping it in his he proceeded to follow the protocol for the ‘hand-shake’ which unfortunately was not like the ‘milk-shake’ which seemed a lot more fun.

“Yes, yes I am sir, ma’am, miss, Madame, milady…sir, commodore!” he stuttered, still shaking the woman’s hands.

Rather forcibly, then again Huanni were a poor judge of strength when it came to-

POP! Said the socket.

SHOCK! Said the look on the commodores face as the arm he was shaking dislocated itself.

And Keth said…well something’s are better left to the ‘untranslatable’ section of the universal translator.

“AH!” he screeched as he dropped the arm, almost throwing it as it dangled from the place where it should rest, swinging back and forth limply “AH!!!”

He rushed for a medical scanner, but inadvertently grabbed the laser cutter as well.

“DON’T PANIC!!! I can fix this!!” he said, holding the cutter at the ready, and then glancing down at it in a shocked manner and threw the cutter away as though it were poison.

The cutter struck the bulk head and fired off a blast of green energy, which cleaved cleanly through the bulkhead and struck something that caused a blast of sparks to fly from the hole.

Getting up off the floor where’d fallen Keth looked around, and then at the Commodore.

“I’m going to get fired…” he squealed in a tiny voice, and he began to cry somewhat uncontrollably.

TAG-Lang, Andy, anyone in Sickbay

This is a post from another fleet to whoim I cannot say their name, Keth is a Huanni...a talking humaniod cat....and his whole race are like this...

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A puppy that goes 'yap' and flips over
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Thu Jul 22, 2004 6:59 pm

These are absolutely incredible, Jake! I can literally see things as they are happening! Great job!
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Postby Ti'ana » Fri Jul 23, 2004 3:33 pm

HAHA Keth again. Damn I love that cat! :mrgreen:
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Postby Jake Sjet » Sun Jul 25, 2004 8:03 pm

“Yes…Madame Commodore.” He said quietly in a voice that was verging on neutral and crying.

He returned to the strange sounding lieutenant, or loff-tenant as he said, such a strange way of speaking. Maybe his vocal cords were out of alignment, a quick knock out and a slice and he’d be able to see them first hand.

Now that would be exciting! But…then again…simple things first then the harder stuff.

Opening the primitive Federation tricorder Soban began to scan the abdominal cavity of the man sat on the bio bed, and as he had said their was a large amount of valve sealant was sat in his stomach.

“Humm…” he purred after a moment and clicked the scanner shut “simple enough to deal with…simple enough.”

Turning the Huanni wandered away from the loff-tenant, he giggled slightly at the strange sounding name…loff tenant…hehe. Standing next to a computer console he held up a finger at the human.

“Now…remain perfectly still…” he commanded, tapping the controls experimentally, slamming the flat of one hand against the side until he got a reading he liked.

“Er...what are you doing?” Ward asked as the Huanni’s brow furrowed and his tongue flicked out in concentration.

“I’m going to use this medical transporter to rip the sealant out of your stomach, and deposit it in that beaker.” He pointed at the beaker sat on a table next to Ward.

“Er…are you sure?” he asked, obviously worried as the Commodore looked on as well.

“Do not worry loff-tenant.” He smiled.

“So you’ve done this before?” he asked, his face relaxing some what.

“No this is my first time, but I am versed in the use of this machine. I got a B- in that class.” Ward shot a worried glance at Lang as if she could stop his fate from transpiring “Energising.”

Their was a low huum and Ward groaned for a moment as the beaker was filled with a clear yellow fluid.

“That doesn’t look like…ah wait my mistake..” after a few more seconds and a loud hum the yellow water disappeared from the beaker, followed with another groan from Ward. Again the doctor attempted to take the valve sealant out of the patients system, and on the second attempted he was able to get a red liquid…though when the scanner reported it to be single celled life forms of the AB negative variety it was yet again time to replace a now pale Ward.

“Look, maybe you should wait until-” he began until another hum hit the air and the Huanni screamed triumphantly.

“Yes, I did it, the sealant is in the buffer haha!” he giggled “How do you feel?”

“Okay…I guess.” He ventured.

“Well that’s good, I wasn’t sure if I swapped the blood and the…er…’waste fluid’ around in the right order.” Kath admitted.

“Er...and if you did it would have been simple to fix that…right?” Lang asked.

“Oh goodness no!” he giggled at the thought of the human going ‘pop’ “he’d have exploded in a rather spectacular fashion sir…ma’am. But now to get the valve sealant out of the buffer and into that beaker.”

He manipulated the controls and the valve sealant rematerialised…it hit the ground a meter away from the beaker, and a few meters up in the air, a solid lump of valve sealant that suddenly realised just how madly in love it was in with the gravity plating. As it hit the floor the sealant spread out like a smaller watery bomb and splattered the area around it in a steaming ruby like goo that dripped and hissed from the a arched bio bed of sickbay.

Glancing at the mess on the floor, and then at the reading, then at the floor, and back to the readings he noted a single sentence.

“Ah…I forgot the decimal point…” he nodded “Computer, activate the EMH.”

“Please state-” the machine asked as its holographic form appeared right behind Keth, causing him to crawl/fall over the console.

“Don’t do that!!” he screeched, glaring angrily at the EMH, which merely raised an eyebrow and looked down.

“Do what?” it asked.

“That!!” he hissed, to which the EMH looked down with out a caring look.

“Now,” Keth said in a raised voice as though talking at someone a few hundred meters way “you clean that,” he pointed vividly at the mess on the floor “clean that up.”

“I am an Emergency Medical Hologram, not a janitor.” It noted “And I am not hard of hearing though I am sure I am now.”

Keth huffed.

“Now,” he pointed a clawed finger at the hologram “I won’t have you talking back to me like that.”

“Like what?” it enquired.

“THAT!!” Keth bellowed in frustration “Look, just clean it up please?”

“Very well…” the EMH said in exasperation.

Keth got up and brushed him self off, and glancing at Ward and Lang nodded with a smile full of wonderfully sharp fangs.

“Well your both free to go, nothing wrong but if either one of you feel any worse please come back again.” He asked, and watched as they left.

Huum, where had the female…the furless one…well the male was furless, though on close inspection he had some fluff on his chin, maybe that was an attempted to rectify this condition?

To cut a long post short, Keth was beginning to get confused. Perhaps the females of his species grew fur? Perhaps on their faces like Ward had, though that was hardly visible and his hunters eyes were barely able to find it.

So he had a mission, find out one thing.

Did the females on his ship grow facial fur?

And with this goal, no this quest, he made his way for the highest populated area of the ship.

Ten Forward.

TAG-Ten Forward peps and everyone else, hit the deck and assume the crash position!!!

Lt(Jr) Keth Nakali Soban

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A puppy that goes 'yap' and flips over
A puppy that goes 'yap' and flips over
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Mon Jul 26, 2004 6:02 pm

Ooohhh! Keth's inspecting beards and wondering why women don't get them! ROTFL! Maybe the Lounge could offer him some catnip, hehehe!
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Postby Taneth » Tue Aug 17, 2004 10:49 am

If you play Empire Building Stratergy games on computer (Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Dark Reign, etc), you'll find this rather funny. If not, here's a run down:
These games are realtime, with mostly 8 or 16 different coloured players, computer AI available on various levels. The idea is to construct a base in your section of a large map, build up an army and go destroy the bases of the other players. Simple. And it just happens that the computer AI is working toward the same goal. You collect resources to build more units, tanks, planes, buildings, etc.. or to upgrade. When a unit or building is shot by an enemy weapon it can keep firing, until it's health or 'hit points' reaches zero, then it dies or explodes (depending on what it is). This story "Empires Alive" protrays the lives of the people living those wars.

Observing their minimap, several Yellow officers gathered around. Their camera tower had reported incoming blips with a pink signature. The turrets, deprived of power by the underfueled generator, fired low level laser beams at the incoming army. Not many went down, and the powerful weapons they carried made light work of the turret. The lights went out and the cannon drooped. The officer inside tried to escape, but was immediately captured, disarmed, and throwen into a trench with a group of Blues.
He stared at the Blues for a moment before asking "What are you doing here?"
The Blue commander replied "We were just out killing some Yellow guards, preparing to raid this place, when we got picked up."
"You what? Damn, that wasn't part of the plan." The sky turned a light grey and began to darken. A soft cool breeze blew over them, and a clump of snow fell beside the Yellow officer.
"At least when they kill us we'll have the pleasure of watching you go with us." The Blue commander sneered.
The Yellow shook his head. "They prefer not to kill. They always dig these trenches out of sight before they invade, makes it easyer to dump their prisoners where they can't escape" he explained. "What they do to their prisoners however can be considered worse than death. The Pink army has developed some sort of brainwashing technique that will get you fighting on their side, against your friends. Put up a good fight and you just might beat them, get taken easily and they kill you for being unworthy. The Pinks are the most ruthless and agressive army you will ever encounter, and they're quite rapidly taking over the map."
"Why?" one of the Blues asked.
"Because they want power. I'm sure you remember a time when Yellow owned a great quarter of the map, that streangth became our greatest vulnerabilty against them. From the first of our people they captured they knew the locations of all our structures, bases, resources, everything." He paused as the guard made another pass. "Most of the soldiers they fight with are female, we don't know why. The obvious weakness you detected in this base was a bait to attract them so our reinforcements scattered throughout the forest could capture them and find a way to reverse or even prevent their mind control, we weren't anticipating Blue to wipe out half of them, and I may be the only one left. I'd lost contact with my group just before they captured me."
"So those people there, killing Yellow and Blue all around the base, those are your people?"
"A lot of them. Were my people, they aren't anymore. For instance the guard up there watching us, she was my Lieutenant back on base 35, the General ordered all the fighters not on the front line to flee and I happened to be one of them."
"Are you telling me with all the advanced technology of Yellow, they were able to defeat you and your turrets?"
"The Pinks have advanced technology too, why do you think it took them over a thousand million cycles to become a serious threat? They have a sensor that can see thirty tiles long, 5 levels high, day and night!"
"What??" The Blue commander was horrified. "What can they see?"
"Just about everything. Units, buildings, tanks, even flyers."
"Can they see phased objects?"
"Phased? I'm not familiar with phased."
"The Browns have used phasing against us a lot, mostly our freighters. We've had to set up turrets and guardposts along our transport routes to prevent Brown's tanks from phasing in the paths and ambushing our freighters."
"Last I saw of the Browns they were sending a few troops near the Yellow, Blue and White borders on what looked like suicide missions, the troops kept disappearing. Their training facility was destroyed in a White air raid."
"Where did you get that information?"
"I was watching the minimap at the time."
"Well I can tell you they weren't destroyed. They're probably waiting phased at the borders preparing to attack. How could you see their movements on the minimap without being there?"
"One of our scouts is inside a hologram of a tree, he reports to us. Listen, I really need to complete my mission, and I'm the only way you can survive. If you help me, the Pink threat can be eliminated, otherwise I can assure you, the final casualty of this war will be a Yellow officer at the hands of a Pink."
"I think you doubt the streangth of the Blue. We have fifty armoured troops ready to crush Red, and frankly if the Pinks hadn't shown up the ten of us would have leveled this base of yours long ago."
"This is partly what makes Pink so dangerous. They don't destroy bases they can claim as their own, taking their technology, information, resources, and it saves them rebuilding. Right now they're observing a new Yellow minimap, I need to get in there to infiltrate theirs or at least..." he stopped again, as the guard came around for another pass. He watched her walking, looking down on them, ready to fire at them at any moment. "Poor 751. I wander how much she remembers. Anyway," He turned back to the Blue commander, "I at least need to inform my people to change the map codes, we're broadcasting our tactics to the enemy otherwise. And of course, your people must be informed of the threat."
The Blue commander considered the situation. "Alright, we will help. But then if I kill you, don't be suprised. What do you think we can do?"
"First, all of you take off your belts, link them together and give me the chain." The Yellow said. The Blues did so. Next time the guard passed, he threw the chain of belts behind her and shook it to bury it under the snow. There they waited for her to return. Shivering in the cold, one of the Blue soldiers wandered why the player had chosen an alpine map.
When the guard returned again, they were ready. On the Yellow's mark, two Blues on either side pulled the belts hard and the guard tripped. He jumped, grabbed her ankles and pulled her into the trench. A group of them prevented her from screaming or fighting as a Blue lieutenant switched uniforms with her and, with the help of the others, jumped out and took the guard's gun and proceeded along her route.
The Yellow turned back to the Blue commander. "Keep her restrained down here while we go for weapons, I can sedate her after that."
"I'll go with you, where are the weapons?"
"The trenches are cut in a broken, almost L shape. The smaller one should be just over there", he said, pointing, "but we have to be quick. Our new guard can tell us when to go."
Looking up, they saw the lieutenant and asked. On his signal, they jumped out of the trench and sprinted to the next. The Yellow officer sifted through the weapons dumped in the hole and passed around what must have been the Blues' weapons. Automatic sniper rifles, they were. Heavy projectile weapons with a firing rate of 10 2mm armour piercing explosive pellates per cycle. Several weapons in the trench were of Yellow origin, a sholder mounted laser weapon capable of cutting titanium or exploding ceramic in seconds, a sholder mounted harmonic resonater built to move small objects or disorient anyone subjected to its high pitched sound, and a few spider shaped devices for distributing electic shocks in hand to hand combat.
He snapped them together and slipped it under his shirt on his right sholder. The Blue commander inquired as to what the spider things were as he placed one on each wrist and pushed the button. To the Blue's suprise, the Yellow didn't even flinch when the devices dug into his wrists and buried themselves under his skin. Digging around even more, he pulled out another device which he attached to his face. It was metal, like the others, and ran from beside his right eye branching to under his ear and down near the corner of his mouth. "I still don't have contact with the others. Damn. Get your man to tell us when we can return to the trench."
The Blue commander nodded, and looked up. Then quickly ducked down.
"What?" The Yellow asked.
"He.. well.. I couldn't see his face for all the blood. It would seem he's dead."
"Crap. Look, just find a way to knock out our prisoner and meet me in the base, I'm going ahead" he said, and jumped out of the weapons trench.
"Hey!" the Blue called after him, tossing him another gun "I suggest you carry a faster sidearm than that laser."
It was a small Blue pistol, same type as the rifles. He put it in his pocket and headed off, hiding in various blind spots. Suddenly the turret came back to life, lights shining all over. It's base had been spray painted pink in various patches to indicate it had been taken over. It spun around and began shooting away the trees in range to expose anyone hiding there, and just missed the Yellow officer as he dove behind the Headquaters. Unlocking the back door, he entered the construction section of the building. This was where various simple gadgets were made. Anticipating attack, this base had been built with secret passages. He entered one and closed the door as three Pink soldiers ran down the corridor to meet the others. He heard one of them speaking on a radio about a transport arriving to take the prisoners away, and executing anyone else they find.
Assuming the Blues defeated, and not really concerned about it, he exited the passage and returned to the construction room. He activated the circuit assembler to make a preset minimap bug, and used the cover panel of a nearby storage box to hide it's activity. The storage box. He took the box to give the illusion of the circuit assembler being there and unused, and returned to the secret passage. Opening the small box, he found what he'd hoped for. Mines. Proximity detonators. Timers. Charges of explosives, stuns, and smoke. He set two mines, an explosive and a smoke, to detonate down the hall near the armoury as soon as the assembler had finished.
Exiting the passage on the next level, he looked around to see no one there. But as he rounded a corner, he felt something cold on the back of his head.
"Stop right there!" came a voice from behind him. "Turn around slowly."
Turn around? Definately a former Maroon officer, they never killed without showing their faces. With a twitch of his ear and sholder, the harmonic resinator of his weapon popped up, spun around and sounded. The woman behind him stumbled a bit, he grabbed the gun, forced it around and pulled the trigger. In one loud pop, she was dead on the floor. "Time is limited, Pink." he said. "Never speak to a living enemy."
Deactivating the resonator, he moved his sholder again. This time the laser weapon on his back hummed up and over, pointing at whatever he happened to lay eyes on. It was then that he saw her. "1086!" he said, shocked.
His former girlfriend looked back at him. She was also wearing a pink shirt. "1190..." she stammered, raising her gun to him, "kill me now!" she said, with tears forming in her eyes. "Please!" Her voice was shaky and desperate.
1190 fired before she could, but only hit her weapon. As she reached for her sidearm, she gritted her teeth and started to growl angrily. He shot her again, in the arm, leg, chest, finally she collapsed. "It's ok, I'll get you home, you'll be alright." He stroked her hair. "What did they do to you?"
She tried to speak, but the laser burns were too painful and she passed out. He used the electric shock weapon on his hand to ensure she slept through the battle. The war had become personal to him. The Pink army had to be stopped, but now our Yellow officer, 1190, was out for revenge. Standing up straight, he proceeded toward the tactical area of the headquaters, meeting several Blue soldiers along the way. "You made it," he said, "I was wandering about you."
"You left us with an angry turret, I've half a mind to shoot you right now." The Blue commander said.
"That's all well and good, but that's not the half I need right now, I need you to guard the area as I infiltrate the command room."
"I lost two officers before we managed to hit the power."
The Headquarters shuddered a bit. "Well it looks like they've fixed it, stay here." 1190 ran around the corner and stopped outside the door to the command room. He readied a stun mine for five seconds, opened the door, threw it in, and returned around the previous corner. After the flash, he needed to use the blue gun to take down the guard that got out. Returning to the command room, he sent a signal to the nearest Yellow base "This is base 23, mission in jeopardy, send backup, alter minimap codes, recieve enemy map, over."
"Base 23, this is base 25, message confirmed, begin transmitting enemy map."
1190 placed the bug in the map tranciever circuitry. Objectives successful. Returning to the Blue officers, he told them "We need to get out of here quickly, this building is losing hit points fast and that turret is going to destroy us in moments."
They took the secret passage down, carrying the wounded 1086 with them, and running out the back door of the Headquaters. It exploded behind them, and they dodged the shrapnel. The turret took out another Blue before they went out of range. That was when a Yellow rapid armoured transport arrived to pick them up. The backups arrived in time to wipe out the Pink forces finally and retake the base. 1190 returned to the trench where the other Pink prisoner was. Enroute he stumbled across half of another Yellow officer. The battle was raging the closer he got to the trenches.
A pair of hands reached out from a bush and pulled 1190 in. Just when he was prepared to defend himself he stopped, and sighed relief. It was another Yellow "501, it's good to see you alive. What happened? I lost contact with you."
"I had to change our frequency, I'm sorry. Channel 80."
He changed his radio to channel 80 and heard the rest of the team. "Well that's a relief."
"When I saw you surrounded I had no choice, I thought..."
"It's ok, let's just rejoin our group. Reinforcements have arrived, and I've managed to capture enough Pinks to experiment on reversing the mind control."
"We got five, one from Maroon, but the rest are Yellow. How many did you get?"
"Two. We should return before the transports leave." 1190 said, and led the team back to the battleground. The devostation was horrible, more Blues had arrived and there were dead bodies and fires everywhere. The last Yellow aircraft left the area for rearming, and another squadran was seen in the distance approaching. The water well was partially collapsed by a Pink drill, now resting in flames. They had attempted to destroy the location's value when they were losing.
The power transfer point was destroyed, so the only light in the area came from the lasers, guns, cannons, and fires of the battle. Fortunately the sky was starting to lighten. In just a few minutes the sky would be white and there would be light all around. They finally met up with the General in charge of the Yellow backup forces and informed them of the radio frequency change. Taking a small force, 1190 returned to the prisoner trench to retrieve 751, still unconcious and about to be taken by Blue, who thought she was one of them due to the uniform. They were promptly shot by the Yellow force, before they took the prisoner and returned to the transport.
That was it, their mission was completed, though 1190 felt it neccesary to keep fighting, it was more important to return to base 25 to see to 1086. The transport had him there in a matter of seconds. It took several hundred cycles, but the Pink's mind control was reversed, and all Yellow officers returned to duty after undergoing counceling. The captured Maroon soldier was grateful for being released from Pink's grasp, but died in a powerful suicide explosion inside the field hospital not 200 cycles later.
751 apologised to 1190 for sounding the alarm back at the other base.
"It's alright. Actually I believe the only direct casualties of yours were Blue, so I'm fine with it." 1190 replied.
"Really, I almost had you killed. And the base was destroyed. I feel so terrible, fighting for those monsters for so long."
"Really, don't worry about it. The base thing was a trap anyway. Go back to the ranks, you'll feel better after shooting some enemies. Anyway, there's someone else I need to see."
751 nodded Ok, and left to join the others preparing for the Brown invasion. Whenever that may be. 1190 paid a visit to 1086, who was just waking up from her treatment.
"1190." she said. "I.. I don't want to kill you."
"Welcome back, my love. Do you want to tell me now what they did?"
"I don't remember much. They called it a retraining facility. They showed me everyone close to me dying, forced me to wear their colours and I was only released after... after I killed a lot of Yellows, saving a Pink squad."
"The medics say they detected a chemical of some sort in your bloodstream, do you remember any kind of injection?"
"No. But the food was terrible. Oh player, that's it, isn't it? And I almost killed you... and everyone in the base... I killed them all." She leaned and cried on 1190's sholder.
"It's ok." he said, stroking her hair "You're free now. You weren't acting of your own accord."
"But I was! I knew all the weaknesses of the Yellow, and I exploited them, I remembered everything, and I genuinely wanted to destroy everything that wasn't Pink. The only thing stopping me was orders to capture and convert!"
"I saw you in that hallway, you weren't happy with what you were doing."
"I don't know why. Maybe it was seeing you that made me snap out of it for a moment. But I really was going to fire."
Suddenly the alarm sounded. "Base under attack"
They listened to the radio communication. Brown was attacking at the border, three turrets were down. A huge swarm. "Don't take it out on yourself, 1086. This is war, and we're soldiers. Take it out on them." 1190 said. When they reached the border, their help was much needed. The blow from Brown had severely weakened their position in that part of the map, but they won. 1190 was killed in that battle, but 1086 was relieved that at least it was not by her hand.
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Postby Zania Jaarda » Wed Aug 18, 2004 9:14 pm

I haven't played those games before, but that is an incredible piece of writing, Taneth! Fantastic job! :-D
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Postby Jake Sjet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:48 am

Keth leaned over a console in the isolation room, his eyes peering into the viewer of the ship’s smallest proton microscope which only took up two decks of space.
Federation technology, always trying to get things smaller than they should be a standard Huanni proton microscope was in a high orbit above Huanni. Then again the picture he was seeing on the Federation viewer was a little fuzzy here and there.
Score one for Huanni technology, he laughed.
“Computer?” he asked, whipping a paw across his now grey sweat soaked forehead “What's the average temperature in here?”
“Eight degrees Celsius.” The computer replied promptly.
“Lower ambient temperature by two degrees again please.” He was, not noticing the frost covered breath he was now emitting. He was hot, like boiling hot.
He looked at the scratches on his hand, he’d treated them of course he wasn’t brain dead but still the blood that pumped from the large cut didn’t seem to want to stop.
Picking up a slid from a rack across the room, stumbling slightly, he rubbed the glass disc over his palm leaving a sticky syrup like mix of blood and…and something else. Slipping out the vial from the scanners field of view and replacing it with the slid of his own blood he moved back to the viewer.
Carefully adjusting the scanners emitters as the sample was coating in blue light, he began to see things.
“Okay that’s…” he tapped the screen “blue blood cells…cloudy things are...anti bodies…and…” he stopped.
He was looking at a strange looking collection of small spheres all stretched out like a question mark with no dot, a Shepard’s crook really.
“Hi there little guy…” Keth whispered, adjusting the machinery as the sensor suite began to pick apart the strange collection of spheres “Who are you…friend or…foe..”
Suddenly a blue blood sell, a inflated tyre like thing floated into view. It was more bloated than the average blue blood cell, its skin dotted with black star like bots. Suddenly, causing Keth to gasp, the cell exploded in a shower of…
Question marks and Shepard’s crooks.
“A virus bomb…” he said under his breath.
A virus bomb was the end result of a viral infection. A virus was very much like the Borg, it grabbed onto a cell and replaced the cells natural DNA that told it how to act and grow with the viruses own RNA sequence. Basically this overrode the cells instruction and turned it into a virus factory, turning its self into a bloated shadow of its self willed with the virus that had sired it.
And then it would explode in a shower of ruptured and dieing tissues and virus crystals, which would then latch onto the next cell they could find and continue the chain reaction.
He was suddenly glad to be in a Level Four bio hazard room, a room where a Hot Agent (A virus or bacteria) with out any cure or known treatment could be handled safely. Safely meaning the operator was usually in a bio hazard suit separated from the Hot agent by rubber gloved and seals.
And he’d found that question mark in his own blood…he was Hot, not literally even though he was sweating, but Hot with viral agent. Now he had a job to do, and he knew that if this virus was like small pox or…or even the Terran virus of Ebola his symptoms would get worse long before they got better…that’s if they did.
Okay Keth, he thought, sliding away from the micro scope, calm…calm and collective here. We’ve worked with Level Four materials before this is…just like those times except your now the test animal…
Well it would make working with the virus easier, how could you become infected twice?
“Computer..” he said slowly “If I am to ask that the force field be dropped, or if I am to try and leave inform security and the CMO that I am infected with a high risk virus...please.”
“Thank you…” gone was all of the clumsiness and mirth, the trade marks of a Huanni. Now Keth sat and worked on his own blood serum, his mind focused to a razors edge. If this virus turned out to be fatal to Huanni, well, at least the ship would be okay.
Damn it was hot in here…

Mean while else where on the Nimitz in the morgue, a memory began to replay within a mind. It was a old memory of its child hood, hiding beneath the bed. It knew that if it laughed or made any noise father would find it…
Gotcha! Its father called, and laughter would fill the air.
That was all that was all it could remember. Not the sound, not a name or feeling just a memory.
Raising slowly to look around, his breath long and laboured. Its eyes were blood red, speckles with black dots, as was its skin, a gothic chicken pox. That when it saw it…

Medical technician Samantha Coltis was bored, no joking she was ready for her shift to end. Especially in the morgue, nothing happened in a morgue expect for the occasional belch or another more degusting release of bodily gas. Thankfully the ship’s environment systems scrubbed the-
She turned quickly and saw nothing, there was nothing there except a spilt tray of tools. She kept repeating a mantra.
“I’m alone in here…I’m safe…I’m alone in here…” She turned to the door to leave, things like this always gave he the willies for some reason and-
She was quickly stopped as a hand, a hand missing a index finger, grabbed at her uniform on both side.
She froze.
Out side someone might hear a high pitch scream and pass it off as the ship’s coolant system clearing a pipe or something.
Samantha wouldn’t think that, her eyes closing and opening sporadically as she tried to remain conscious. It…
The gap in her next and maybe the size of her fist, just a gap where no flesh exist.
Voices now flooded her shocked mind as the darkness came. It was the voice of her mother, but she was dead…
Infect them…
Infect them all…

A Keth Post from a sim out side the SLA....oh scary I know...out side the SLA....
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Postby Jake Sjet » Wed Mar 23, 2005 5:16 pm

This is for a sim I was conned into joining as a....as.....as a.....as..........

As a Dragon the size of your arm...laugh no please...either way here's the post of his arrival...and you thought Kaltor was evil?


The nanny ushered the children down the hallways till they came to the holodeck, the two of them waiting quietly, though nearly jumping with excitmenet. a few buttons hit and some issued commands, and they were shuffled inside, dressed for the beach.

Let loose on the beach the nanny sat in the provided beach chairs while the two little black haired pointy eared children tottered off to go digging in the sand.

Not long later Seniv brought a bucket of sand over near the trees and grass and sat away from her brother digging into the ground and dumping sand everywhere with her shovel.

Some where in the heart of the holodeck's emitter curcuits a fuse, if such an antique thing could be used as a comparrison, blew out. And so appeared in the holo deck a long tappered scaled devil. With long, thing clawed arms that acted as struts for large leather like wings,
and with its muzzle filled with pointed dagger like fangs it was evil in the flesh.

It cracked it mouth wide open revealing a forked tongue and small golden glow at the back of his throat.

"Who..." it hissed as it looked about its new sandy home, it was surrounded by tall green grass that rose above its head "Had the nerve...to awaken me...Khar'Toba, the bringer of Fire and Death....from my nap?"

A little girls head popped up voer the edge of the grass, little shovel in hand, eyes wide, looking at Khar, then broke into a smile, bringing a shovel full of sand and dumping it on Khars head babbling incoherently. Not a few moments later another little one, a little boy poked his own head in to see what his sister had cornered the market on and was just standing there silently watching.

Khar shoke his long sclaed body, the sand sliding off him and making a little dust storm. Fire danced in his eyes, twin ruby gems set in scaled sockets. The twin horns that ran like slet tail flukes from where ears should have been along the flang of his arrow head shaped

Standing up on its two large claw tiped wings, its head reared to face its enemey, no two enemies.

"Yes..you are right to bring an army of gaints with you! But they shall not stop my wrath from destroying you! You have made a powerful enemy today for I am Khar Toba! Drago San of the Draconis Combine! And your death!!"

And with a hiss of brime stone a jet of ruby orange flame shot out, neatly carving the air between the two gaints but not hitting either.

"I will now allow you to beg for your lives!"

Savoks, the quiet one, eyes widened, and he turned an instant wail coming from him as he beelines for the nanny, crying as fast as his chubby legs could carry him.

Seniv jsut stood there smiling, and promptly tossed a bucketful of sand at the dragon advancing on him, giggling.

"How dare you laugh at me your mere....mere mortal!!" Khar Toba said,suttering with rage "I...I'll eat your flesh! Toast your bones to make match sticks and...and..." He groweled and let out hissing cry, the tail rattling as small spikes rose along its spine to add to the rattle. "You will regret you were spawned!!" another hissing burble gurgled from his throat, and a cloud of sand burst out followed by small peices of fused sand that glittered as glass popped from the
monster gut.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!!" Khar raged.

Seniv wass till giggling moving on the small dragon when she was swept out of the way byt the nanny who screamed, screaming at the computer to end program. The beaches and sands and trees all disappeared from the room, the balck and red grid btu the dragon remained. The Nanny screamed again, beating on the Dragon with a old book that she had,trying to get between the kids and Khar, screaming for the computer to alert the engineering that there was a problem with the holodecks,that the hologram was attacking.

Khar took flight as the sand and tall grasses disappeared. As he took to the air and gained hieght above the taller Titian. As the scaled dragon swooped around the trashig screeching woman he grinned. Landing on her head, the shock quieting her he leaned down so his small face was looking her right between the eyes.

"Huum....not much of a weapon is it..." looking back up he squirted a jet of a liquid napalm at the book and set it alight, a burning torch in her hands.

"There!" he grinned "Much more enlightening!"

The nanny screamed once more, dropping the the flaming book in front of Seniv, when it started spreading to her hand and tried to grab the two children running from the room yelling for security, dragons attacking holograms malfunctioning, the two children now screaming as
well and crying.

Khar Toba flew towards the door chasing them with a mad zealous grin on his face.
"Don't run! Don't-" he flew past the arch and into the corridor. And then he faded to nothing...

Now it would be unkind to say that this would be the end fo Khar Toba, he was after all a suvivor of some merit which was to say this programers had been really...really....rrreeeeaaallllllllly bored when they thought him up on sunday afternoon in the Starfleet Corps Of Engineering in Silicon Vally...
It probably didn't help that two of the programmers were avid Dungeons and Dragons players.

So instead of merely evaporating ito none existence Khar was merely transferred to the nearest hologrpahic projector that was running.
Meaning that when a large flying lizard the colour of jade and the size of half your arms suddenly materilized in sickbay and hit the wall with a bone crushing bang, you may not be that suprised.
Khar was...that wall hadn;t been there a moment ago.

TAG-Medical people. Khar's KO'd and still spitting glass beads and lighter fluid...

PS he ain't no Keth Soban thats for sure!!

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Khar Toba
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