Bargaining Chip

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Bargaining Chip

Postby Zania Jaarda » Wed Mar 31, 2004 2:00 pm

(OOC - My posting frequency isn't going to be as high as I would like it to be. I've got a form of tendonitis in my left hand, right at the thumb, which is extremely painful! It's hard to type with a splint on your hand.)

Azanialix Ja'arda listened as Taneth mentioned that Kelly Larson had been arrested, and she was indeed a Tarmon Ay. This was very disturbing news, as Kelly had been given some freedom on board the Zealous. There was no telling what, exactly, she might have done, or what other information she could have gathered.

Thankfully, Taneth had taken the initiative on that one, as he had discovered the treachery first hand. If he hadn't discovered it, there was no telling what the Tarmon Ay spy could have done aboard the Zealous. There was even a possibility that she could have sabotaged the ship, and none of them would even be alive.

In a certain way, Captain Ja'arda felt responsible. A queasy feeling began to form in the pit of her stomach as a result. She had made the decision to allow the fake Kelly Larson such freedoms, even though she was under guard for protection. If anything had happened, Azanialix would have been at fault. She hadn't been able to get an empathic impression from the fake Kelly during the briefing, which led to the inherent trust.

The Ensign at Helm snapped her out of her daze by stating that the shuttle was on an intercept course. Thankfully, they managed to get the shuttle safely back aboard, but oddly enough, the Tarmon Ay warbird had not fired a single shot, outside of disabling the phasers on the shuttle.

"Good job," Captain Ja'arda stold Ensign James. She then turned to Lieutenant N'vrix and requested, "Work with the transporter stations to transport any injured crew members directly to Sickbay, along with Commander Sjet and Ensign Jalovel."

She then addressed the crew stationed on the Bridge, "Keep alert. The Tarmon Ay will not like that they lost their prisoners and are bound to strike."

Lieutenant Vaskel arrived a moment later with a Tarmon Ay at his side. She could see Ensign Lenario stiffen, almost ready to grab a phaser and fire, but Vaskel ordered them to not shoot. Apparently, the Tarmon At at his side was a friend.

"A friend?" Captain Ja'arda inquired.

"Yes, Captain. Lt. Aynia provided valuable assistance," Vaskel replied.

The sense that the Betazoid Captain was getting was that the sentiment was sincere. The Tarmon Ay with Vaskel had, indeed, helped him during the time that he was a prisoner aboard the warbird. Zania glanced at Ensign Richards, to see if she may have been picking up the same impressions, and then returned her gaze to the Tarmon Ay.

"It seems that we owe you a debt of gratitude. If you return to the warbird, it is likely that your crew mates will punish you for your actions. Do you wish asylum?" Captain Ja'arda inquired.

Before she could respond, Ensign Robinson reported that they had tracked the Tarmon Ay, who had taken on the appearance of Kelly Larson, to the main Shuttlebay. She was threatening to detonate explosives placed on critical systems on the ship if anyone made a move against her.

"N'vrix, Taneth, scan the ship to see if you can verify this claim about the explosives. Vaskel, you and Lt. Aynia may need to help disarming these devices if they do exist," Azanialix noted. She paused for a moment and then continued, "Send a security team to the Shuttlebay, but tell them to maintain their distance. Don't move on her, just yet, in case if her claim is true."

A thought rested at the back of her mind. If they managed to capture the Tarmon Ay spy, who was in the shuttlebay, there was a strong possibility they could use her as a bargaining chip - something to guarantee that the Zealous would be allowed to safely leave the quadrant, and to perhaps buy some time for the Federation as well.

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