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LtStaceyRaven - CMO DL "Mutations" SD 10201.21

Postby LtCdrVox » Sat Jul 20, 2002 11:57 am

SD 10201.21

The tricorder kept scanning and recording information as the mutation invaded Edra's system. As I watched the readings, my anger rose to new levels. Masters had lied, now my colleague, my friend was infected and I had no way to treat her just yet. Talking to Ens Buijold and Ens Vox...the plan was to go tot he labs at the treatment center and begin work on the mutation. Remembering that Buijold had medical experience, I wanted her with me. Vox agreed to stay behind to monitor Edra, the other patients, and to provide security. I informed Edra of the plan, as Buijold packed up all the readings and samples we had collected thus far. "Vox please leave this tricorder trained on Edra, I will be monitoring the readings. Also, if anything changes or you need assistance, please contact me immediately." He nodded as Buijold and I left, making our way back to the treatment
Dr. Masters spotted us as we came in and walked over to greet us. He inquired why we were back so soon and where were Vox and Edra. I stared at him trying to regain control of my emotions. He took a step back as I began to talk. "I am here to request access to a lab so I can begin work on the mutation. It seems we will be staying on the surface for a little longer than anticipated. As Edra was examining a patient, one of the pustules burst, spraying her face with the fluid. She has now been infected with mutation. Vox is staying behind to watch her and the patients and to provide security." Without hesitation, he directed us to a lab.
Buijold was uploading all of the tricorder data into a database. The fluid from the pustule contained the mutation...the computer was now working on the gene sequencing, mapping the virus completely. Edra's bioscans provide the most helpful information to date. Her infection allowed us to watch the infection from its inception, seeing how it attacks the immune system and begin to break the blood supply down. The mutation invaded healthy cells, infecting them causing them to infect nearby cells. This process continues infecting the body. Every virus want s to spread...once the host body has no more cells to infect, a new host is needed. Encoded in the virus is a method of transmitting to other hosts. In this case, the pustules provide that method when they burst, the toxic fluid seeping into the skin thru the pores. As the blood cells are infected, they clot together.
Bruises/lesions begin forming on the skin as the clots grow bigger. Typical hemorrhagic properties. The skin begins to break down, developing pustules that fill up with the infected blood. Once the skin can no longer hold together under the pressure, the fluid leaks out. So far, the mutation only spreads thru fluid transfer...and I want to keep it that way. As my mind milled over the information, I heard Vox's voice. He informed me that a lesion had formed on Edra's face where the fluid had been. Two hours had passed. Damn, this thing works quickly.
I contacted the Mercutio and informed Capt Harrison the days events. He did not have to pursuade me that time was of the essence for all.

End Log

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