Arianna Flynn

Arianna Flynn

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Name: Arianna Flynn (Ari)
Position: Supply officer
Species: ½ Catian ½ Human
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Hair: Strawberry (usually kept in a ponytail)
Height: 5’3”
Build: Lithe and petite
Eyes: one Green one blue (slit pupils)
Special Features: Retractable claws on her hands and feet and Calico patterned and colored cat ears and tail, other fur is hidden under normal clothing.

Mother- Lana Patterson nèe Flynn
Father- Sh’Aow of Cait
Step-Father- Sean Patterson
Step-Siblings- Brian and Thomas (Tommy); (twins, 17 years old)

Biography: Arianna was the product of a short but passionate relationship between Sh’Aow, a Catian male and her human mother, Lana Flynn during a pleasure cruise. The relationship did not last however and when Sh’Aow discovered Lana’s pregnancy, he turned her away. Ari thus grew up with Lana on Earth. Lana eventually married Sean Patterson and had a fully human set of twin boys a few years later. Though she knows her real father, Ari rarely speaks with him and they are friendly at best. She looks at Sean as more of a father figure. Lana is a career office worker at the Seattle space port and the family lives within the city. During her late teens, Ari brushed shoulders with the Heimdall during a delivery that involved Lana’s company. Ari was extremely intrigued by the Heimdall and its crew and aspired to join them. She longed to wander the stars and loved the relaxed nature she had seen amongst the crew, certainly not something she would find in Starfleet as an officer. And so, as soon as an opening appeared within the company, she pounced on the chance.

Personal Info: Ari is a young, energetic girl with a fun loving and mostly happy-go-lucky attitude towards life though she can come off as sarcastic at times. She has a few more feline traits and enjoys a good cat nap a bit too much. She is very sensitive about her tail but secretly loves being scratched behind the ears. She is very flexible and has a very strong sense of balance. She has feline like instincts but usually keeps them buried until needed, like hunting down and “playing” with friend and prey alike.
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