K'Roth of the house of Mo'Kai

K'Roth of the house of Mo'Kai

Postby Angelo » Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:11 am

Name: K'Roth (just K'Roth now)

Age: 37

Race: Klingon

Personal features: 6'7, tripple ridged forhead with a wide U shape, and very muscular.

Background: grew up being trained for combat as he should have been. When he was old enough he joined the KDF. He quickly rose through the ranks to commander. Being second in command and he often was around his captain and leading officer; he often felt that this man who was in charge of the ship was not worthy of leading the ship. One day he challenged his captain. That was a bad move. Upon challenging him the captain laughed in his face and gladly excepted saying, "If you think you can beat me you have little experience!" A few short hours later K'Roth was on his back beneath a blade. His honor and family title were ripped away he was told he would be left at the nearest on course star base. After that he was left with weapons and the clothes on his back ashamed he lost.

Combat style: up close and personal so he can see the fear in your eyes when you've lost.

Current position: cargo handler/ body guard/ aka "ima break you you rip us off" guy

angry at him self so might be distant and cold to others.

//if anything is wrong or you feel I should correct something please by all means tell me!! I do not know Klingons well!!//
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