Catrina (Cat) Kali Tendai

Catrina (Cat) Kali Tendai

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Name: Catrina (Cat) Kali Tendai
Age: 29
Race: ¾ human, ¼ Trill
Position: Medic/Counselor/Ship “mother”
Hair: Deep auburn/red
Eyes: Blue
Height 5’9”
Special Features: Very light Trill spots, unable to support symbiont
(Picture available if you want it!)

Father: Russel Tendai
Mother: Ursel Tendai
Siblings: None
Significant Other: None
Other Family: None

Medical Record:

With father being 100% human and mother being 50% Trill, medical circumstances have caused Catrina to have no abilities to support a symbiont. The standard Trill spots, though dim, are present. No other medical issues are present.
*Addendum* After an attack, Catrina was raped by the enemy. Severe internal damage from the attack left her bedridden for two months. During the course of those two months, it was found that the rape caused Catrina to become pregnant. The pregnancy was life threatening and was terminated, leaving Catrina at a 10% chance of ever being able to conceive again. If she does conceive, the pregnancy will be high risk. It is recommended that there is little to no space travel during that time if it were to occur.

Personal Record:

Catrina Kali Tendai was born on Earth to Ursel & Russel Tendai. Both being being members of Starfleet, they hoped that she would follow in their path. But as schooling went on, the younger Catrina tended to keep clear of any children who talked about Starfleet. Too many rules she would say, I want to do my own thing. Even after all that, she was still forced into the Academy by her parents. Not even lasting through the first year, she ran off from Earth with a group in similar situations. No matter how many times her parents tried to reach out to her, Catrina felt she was done being pushed around by her command level parents.

Jumping from ship to ship, she never really found somewhere she fit in.

Finally finding somewhere she fit in, Catrina joined the crew of the Heimdall. She was placed in the medic position thanks to her on the job training over the previous years. She kept some things private from them, not sure if she would ever tell anyone. What also seemed to go with the medic position was a bit of a counselor position. Not that there was a ton that she had to council.
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