Bad luck

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Bad luck

Postby KimberlyH37 » Mon Dec 08, 2014 3:47 pm

Laying on the bio bed in sickbay after being exposed to the sickness on the planet surface. First when I arrived in the containment field I felt good and thought I hadn't gotten sick. But as the doc was examining me further I started feeling worse. I felt dizzy hot lightheaded nauseous I tell the doc this. He takes my temp it's 103 so he proceeds to give me something for Nausea and fever then he scans my body for injuries he finds few of my ribs have been broken so he fixes them along with some minor bruising . He decided to keep me in for a few days to keep a eye on me. I was exhausted I wasn't arguing I just felt bad for letting my team down like I did I should have been more careful. Doc gave me a mild sedative so I would rest and my body would heal. I drift off to sleep.
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