The Sounds of Music

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The Sounds of Music

Postby Kris » Sun May 18, 2014 3:58 pm

The Sounds of Music
Jayla Rollands & Brice Marcel

Ghosts of the past. It seemed that this was happening more and more often to the crew, but this one was hitting a bit closer to home. Though Marquez was before her time, the fact that it even happened hit Jayla a bit harder than she expected. However, this time it was a bit different. This time, the ghost was here to stay.

The lights within her quarters had been dimmed down so that she could relax a bit. She had work to do, and she knew that. But everything that had happened made it so she wanted to be able to clear her mind before doing any of it. A soft song was playing throughout the room and there was a mug of hot chocolate cooling on the table. Jayla, herself, was curled up on the couch in the room, simply taking it all in.

A sound startled her as she had been focused on the music. The sound was the chime of her door echoing through the music. It didn’t fit the quiet feel that her quarters had been having for the last hour or two. Sighing and setting down the mug of hot chocolate that she’d started drinking sometime within those two hours, she looked towards the door without getting up. “Come in.”

The light from the corridor outside was much brighter than she expected it to be and she had to squint for her eyes to adjust. On the other side of the door was a familiar face who seemed to be allowing their eyes to adjust to the darkness. “Jayla?”

There was a smile that crossed Jayla’s face as she heard the voice. “Brice? What’re you doing here?”

The door closed and the darkness returned as Brice walked into the room. “We hadn’t had much of a chance to talk since our dinner the other night. Plus,” he had made it over to where she was sitting and sat down next to her, “I miss you. And I heard what happened on the bridge. You doing alright with that?”

“Yeah, I suppose I am. Marquez was before I joined the Potemkin, but all the same...seeing how it was affecting Warp and Arnet was tough. Marquez, from what I heard, didn’t seem to originally believe that he’d traveled seven years into the future. A future where he was considered dead. Turns out we were the ones that caused them not to be able to beam them back from the shuttle seven years ago.” She rubbed her temples a bit, “I studied time travel at the Academy in detail, but there is a difference between studying it and living it on almost a daily basis.”

Brice moved to sit next to Jayla and allowed her to lay her head against his shoulder. It was an oddly comfortable spot, Jayla found, and it had been years since she’d been able to think of a place like this being comfortable.

“The one part I don’t think years of study will help me to understand, time travel.” He sighed and looked to her. “I’ll leave that to you scientists. I think I’ll stick with my operations job. Why were you sitting in the dark with music playing?”

“Trying to let it all sink in before I go about writing up the reports. This is a big one for the science department...and I know what I want to write on my report but I can’t get myself to actually do so. This one hit the older members of the crew hard.” She returned her gaze to him. “Did you really just come down here to check on me? We’ve only had a few dinner dates since the gym.”

He chuckled and nodded, “As I said, I also missed you. And it is a bit obvious by the way we’re sitting that you must have missed me as well. Though you are right, we’ve only had a few dinner dates. I’ve been meaning to ask you on more but…”

Jayla knew where that was going, and responded the the end of his statement. “But our jobs on board ship keep that from happening. Not even so much our jobs, but the missions that we have been on lately. Leaves time for little else to happen. Guess that is what happens when you are part of Starfleet.”

Giving a small kiss to the top of her head, Brice leaned back on the couch they were sitting on, wrapped an arm around Jayla and tried to think of what to say next. It was nice to just be able to sit quietly with someone you cared about. True, they hadn’t known each other for very long, but they’d become extremely close. Finally thinking of something to talk about, he listened to the music a bit first before speaking up.

“What music is this? Almost seems like something I’d listen to if I needed to go to sleep. It’s extremely relaxing.”

“I created a library of music just for that type of situation: relaxing. I don’t remember all that I put into it, I haven’t changed it in years. But is has been played a lot recently, either here or in my office as I work. Being a chief of a department as well as the second officer seems to require things to allow my brain to relax. It doesn’t do so on it’s own anymore.” Glancing back up at him, Jayla smiled. “I suppose since you’re here, you want to have an unscheduled dinner date? I don’t have anything to cook right now, but I sure can find some tasty things in the replicator for us.”

With a slight chuckle, he nodded, “If you think you can manage that. You seem awful relaxed right now. I don’t mind sitting here a bit longer if you want to.”

Sitting up a bit after kissing his cheek, she laughed a bit. “If I don’t get up and do something, I have a feeling that I’ll fall asleep. This whole thing is exhausting for the mind if you have to look at it in detail.” She stood up and put out a hand to him. “Come on, let’s see what the replicator can make for us this time.”

Taking her hand, Brice stood up as well and smirked, “Lead the way my dear.”
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