Grimm:Creating Champions

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Grimm:Creating Champions

Postby Zac Kuhns » Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:56 am

"A champion is someone who gets up, even when they can't."
- Natalie Rogers

Standing amidst a training simulation in the holodeck, he grabbed a trainee that had fallen into a pool of water while swinging over it on a rope. His grip had slipped and he went into the water face first only to be grabbed by the collar and eventually dragged out by the chief of security. Despite the recent goings on, Alex had managed to squeeze in the time to keep training the team he had asked for volunteers for.

It had only been about three weeks now, and about three quarters of the people had washed out.

He had expected this to happen and he expected it would continue on a smaller scale as things progressed further. The physical training was extreme in an unforgiving simulation with a superior officer who was equally unforgiving. He was correct to assume that they didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they signed up. All the same, there were quite a few to have survived to this point...but they still had another week of training to go before they began weapon qualifications.

A expert marksman, it went without saying he would hold all assembled to an equally high standard. Fair or not, it was meant to separate those who could hack it from those who couldn't. Was it a bit of a cold-hearted philosophy? Maybe, but while in combat the other side wouldn't be willing to be warm and fuzzy to them.

“Get up and get running Reinhardt!' barked the chief 'you've got a long way to go before laying down any!”

Still sputtering, the stocky German stood and started running again, quickly having to scale a wall without any momentum to get him started. It wouldn't be easy, but Alex didn't really have pity on them, he knew that Reinhardt would just have to hold onto the rope a little tighter next time. A voice soon came from a lady Bajoran next to him, panting and out of breath.

“We need a break sir...a little water would be great.” she went to a knee before being pulled up by Grimm. Blowing a whistle, he ordered everybody to assemble nearby at attention.

“Water? Water's for cowards...water makes you weak. Water's for getting blood on that uniform and you don't bleed on your uniform do you?”

“Sir no sir!” was the loud reply from the Bajoran, her name was Naprem if he recalled.

“Well then what makes you think you need must be out of your mind. I tell you what, we're all going to do push-ups until you are no longer tired and thirsty.”

He stepped back to address everybody

“To all of you who are tired and thirsty, you'll be glad to know you can stop running for right now until we get these push-ups done. Thanks to your Naprem here, you're all going to be doing pushups."

“Now get on your faces!”

Everybody hit the deck at the same time, getting into a pushup position with startling speed.

“Make sure to count 'em out! Ready! Exercise!”

The group started to count out the military-style pushups, their muscles undoubtedly screaming at them after the running and general abuse they've seen lately. Despite his harsh words and actions, they were improving and they maintained a good degree of respect for their superior. And, as they had a lot of respect for him, he had even more respect for those who were still doing pushups. They knowingly put themselves through Hell and back in order to try and make the cut. Given as much effort as he's seen, he knew that he would have to cut those back to a much smaller number. While it was a fact, it did hurt him to know that more than a few wouldn't gain a position on the team. What he did know was that, despite not making it on the team, they would take their mental and physical toughness back into whatever else they would do. It made him a very proud man to know this.

As the number of pushups hit one hundred, he blew a whistle twice to let them know to stand up and at attention again. Looking them over, all were exhausted but stood firmly in place determined not to show it. Walking back he nodded

“Very good today people, you've all proved that you're willing to stick this out. Now get out of here, you all look terrible. You're dismissed.”

All of them turned on a heel and filed out of the door in order before heading their separate ways with high fives coupled with grins of accomplishment and pride. Alex watched the last file out, leaving him standing alone in the still active holodeck program. He had designed it to be as hard as he could get it, the program was designed to push them to more than what even they thought they could be. While he knew they would all be great soldiers, they were still better people no matter what.

“Computer, end program' he said, the room returning to the familiar grid design 'another good day in the books...plenty of work to do tomorrow.”

He walked out and headed towards the security office, knowing he had more work of his own to do.
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