"Many Loves"

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"Many Loves"

Postby AidoRixx » Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:58 am

Many Loves
Personal Log by Lt. Aido Rixx
Stardate: 1201.22

Lieutenant Aido Rixx was supposed to be a wetsuit and scuba diving a reef off Cozumel, instead he was in uniform and walking around the USS Lionheart cargo bay; instead of snapping pictures of coral and fish, he was taking copious notes on a PADD.

Technically he was still on shore leave, but he had been notified that the Science Department’s upgraded equipment and supplies had been beamed aboard ship and he wanted to get a jumpstart on cataloging it all. The sooner he confirmed whether or not everything was there and in working order, the sooner he could make adjustments and/or get back to his vacation.

The extensive cargo bay was packed, but not just with science-related items; the ship had been thoroughly resupplied as if preparing for a long mission ahead. Aido didn’t mind the prospect of being at space for extended periods of time – he was a scientist, after all, and considered himself fortunate to be afforded such an opportunity to explore the unknown. As the Staffleet Academy motto went, "From the Stars, Knowledge."

And there was plenty of unknown in space. Just as there were plenty of crates, barrels and boxes crammed into the cargo bay.

"If we try to squeeze any more in here, the hull might bust," Aido said to no one in particular.

A crewman working nearby laughed and nodded. “We’ll need to reinforce the structural integrity fields,” he said. “I hear we have a ton of hydroponics stores coming aboard this afternoon, too.”

“Jaheeba,” Aido said with a smile. “Good luck finding room for it all.”

Ten minutes later, with his survey finished Aido entered Main Science. Most of the staff was off ship, but there were a few dutiful blue-collared officers going about their business. In a few more days, he realized, the department would be bustling once more.

Aido quickly typed up his report and transmitted it to Commander Sterling’s desk. He then noticed the message from Engineering – a level-one diagnostic was to be performed on the astrometric subprocessors that afternoon. His presence wasn’t required, but he preferred to be available in case issues or questions arose.

Aido glanced at the chronometer. If he moved quickly, he could still get in a quick dive and be back in time for the diagnostic.

“So many loves, so little time,” he said with a grin, and hurried toward his quarters to grab his diving gear.

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