USS Mercutio Mission Briefing Sim Date 11 April 2011

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USS Mercutio Mission Briefing Sim Date 11 April 2011

Postby Iar Edra » Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:27 pm

If I smile and don't believe, soon I know I'll wake from this dream.

Don't try to fix me I'm not broken, Hello, I'm the light living for you so you can hide...don't cry.


2 years ago...

The shuttlepod raced through space as fast as its little warp drive could carry it. It had gotten a good head start, but that lead wouldn't last long now that those on the mother ship knew it was missing. And now that they knew who was on board. The shuttlepod's sensors told the pilot just how fast her captors were bearing down on her. "On screen," she commanded. The view she was given was bleak. She cursed her futile attempt and the hopes she had placed on it. Not that she was giving up so quickly; but unless fate was going to do her more honor she'd be in worse shape by the end of today than she had been in a really long time.

If she was alive to be in any shape at all.

It had been a while since she had commanded any type of ship, but her training came back to her and she began attempting every evasive maneuver she could think of. It was just no use when the pursuing ship was at least a hundred times bigger than her tiny shuttlecraft, and had the warp drive to overtake her in a matter of moments.

It was just then that fate decided to bless her.

An anomaly appeared in front of her and the sensors replied with their warning. But it popped up right in front of her before she could redirect herself out of its path. At the same time she realized that the claxons were also heralding oncoming torpedo fire. "Wonderful!" she thought. In front of her the anomaly turned into an amazing flash of blinding light, while she felt the shock of the torpedo give her a push. With the force of the jolt she hit her head on the console. Then all she knew was black.

It only took a few seconds for her to stir. But when she sat up and looked at the viewscreen she was amazed. "Computer, do you read any ships in this area?" she asked furtively.

"There are no other ships in this area."

But that couldn't be..."Computer, visual scan 360*."

The screen panned the full perimeter of the shuttlecraft, and showed her nothing but stars. "What the..."

She couldn't explain it, but it appeared she'd done it. She'd escaped! She'd really escaped! As her mind processed the events she concluded that she must have hit a wormhole. That was the only way she could have gotten away from them. She soon realized she was lucky this wormhole had found an endpoint to spit her out at.

But that's where her luck ran out.

Once again, the claxons blared. "Warning! Rear shields at 0%. Damage to rear hull. Hull breach in 10 minutes."

She sighed desperately. Was she not to have a moment to breathe? She analyzed her options. All shields were at a minimum, so she didn't have enough power to wrap the shields around the shuttlepod. Not unless she wanted to be dead in the water. Hmm...bad pun there. No shipping lanes were detected by the sensors. No major planetary systems that she recognized. Of course, there was no telling if she did recognize them whether they were inclined to be friendly here. In essence, she couldn't contact anyone out here.

"9 minutes until Hull breach."

She needed to move. She needed to find a place to move to. She checked her sensors again. There was a star with a small system nearby. A few taps on the console told her that there was one Class M planet. It was small, but it was there. If she started now she might make it.

She set the craft in motion toward the small planet. Her fingers flew over the keypad calculating speeds versus probable damage. She needed to get there as fast as she could, but the the shuttle's top speed was only a few warp factors. At the same time she had to nurse it so that the damage done didn't get any worse, at least until she got inside the planet's atmosphere where she could stabilize the pressure on the hull.

"8 minutes until hull breach."

This was gonna drive her crazy..."Computer, shut up!"

"Countdown belayed."

"Notify me when one minute remains."


With one more command the shuttle took off as fast as it could hobble.

Which wasn't quite as fast as she was hoping for. But slowly the system drew closer. Finally she reached it, so she took the shuttle down to impulse power. The planet didn't take as long to reach once she was in the system, but her shuttle was limping badly by this point. She struggled to keep it on a strait path.

"1 minute to hull breach."

That's ok, she thought. She was just about there, and once inside the planet's atmosphere, the pressure would equalize, then everything should be fine.

The shuttle bounced a bit as she hit said atmosphere, jostling her around a little. But she was in. She started a very gentle decent as she looked for a good place to land. The shuttle bounced more, then hit an air pocket. The turbulence startled her, but she held the controls, and stumbled on. She was beginning to think she might not have much of a choice of where she landed.


Sure enough, the shuttle started making sputtering noises. She descended as fast as she could without burning up. And as she was trying to keep control, something pinged on her console. "Computer, display." Would wonders never cease.


Humanoid lifeforms!

About a third of the way around the planet...


She would have to nurse the shuttle farther than it wanted to go if she was going to get close enough to reach this colony. And apparently the shuttle was going to fight her for every click. She did her best to keep it in the air. She was sure that any deity of this world probably thought they were the proverbial bouncing ball, only no song could possibly be sung to this strange beat.

She never would have realized she had this skill in getting every inch out of a ship before now. It had never been her specialty. Maybe she'd learned more than she knew in planning her escape.

Of course, all that would mean squat if she couldn't land the thing...before it landed itself, that is. Either way, it was likely to be a rather forceful landing.

Sure enough, the shuttle started brushing against the tops of the trees it passed over. "C'mon...just a little more..."

But that wasn't to be. The shuttle suddenly lost all it's forward motion and began pressing down on those trees until it came to a rest almost on the ground.

The pilot had braced herself as the small pod came to a stop. It was less painful than she could have hoped for.

When everything remained in place for a few moments, she breathed a sigh of relief.

A moment too soon.

The weight of the shuttle pressed through what was left of any plant life under it, and it fell the last few meters to the ground. She squealed in surprise. Much like that ancient character Dorothy, in the film about a tornado and the house tossed around by it. She waited a few more moments before letting herself take another sigh of relief. But nothing moved this time. She got out of her seat and opened the shuttle door. Her senses were bombarded by the outdoors. It had been far too long, and it felt good. She turned back to get the few belongings left to her. The most important being the young infant secured in the child carrier. She lifted her out and held on tightly. If her captors came back, it would be for this child here.

Her child.

She knew she was dead if they caught up to them.

She gathered the remaining things, all in a pack and threw it on her back. She placed the baby in a sling she had especially for carrying her and walked out.

Curiosity got the best of her, so she walked to the back of the shuttle to check the damage, and couldn't believe what she saw.

They should be dead instead of standing here.

If the wormhole hadn't caught them, they would have felt the full force of the torpedo hit.

It would have vaporized them.

She sobbed once, then hugged her girl close to her again. She was walking away from this. According to the computer, she was at least a 10-day walk from the colony. It appeared to be the height of the day. So she began walking in the direction her compass told her to.

This was to be her new life, apparently.

Hopefully, her old life wouldn't catch up to her.


Message from Admiral Sun Yi

A few days ago, a faint signal was picked up from the fringes of Klingon space. It appears to be a Federation signal. How any of our ships got to this area is unknown. There are no traffic areas around the system the signal appears to be originating from. In fact, the system is news to us. There are records of it, but it's so insignificant, so as to not be well known. What records there are, are only of the name of the planet and very general information. The presence of native lifeforms is unknown. A short reference will follow this message.

If we can receive this signal, High Klingon Command can as well; however there appears to be no movement in their fleets towards this target. This is also intriguing, as it is in their territory, though only just. We're allies, true, but they've never taken kindly to unannounced guests.

Your mission is to track down this signal, retrieve any property or wreckage, and see if there are survivors, or bodies remaining. Bring back what you can. Starfleet wants to know what's going on over there.

Admiral Sun Yi, out.


Planet Hur'Iq is the 2nd planet in a 3 planet system. Most information is unknown, but it is a Class M planet, and from the few images, appears to have be 60% land mass, most of that being forested land. The nature of its water sources are unknown. It has the ability to sustain life, but whether it does or not is unknown.
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