Three years ago today...

Residing here is the USS Mercury, a Nebula class starship that's battle hardened from the Dominion War. A ship that seeks to boldly go... (The USS Mercury is a play by email sim.)

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Three years ago today...

Postby Curtin » Mon May 18, 2009 2:49 am

... the Mercury came together as a simm.

Within the first month, the crew had grown to include the following:

Commanding Officer: Commander Tholas
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Stephan Saint
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Brogan Shields
Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Dylan Thomas
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Michael Thornton
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Vladimir Romanov
Chief of Security: Second Lieutenant Christopher Malley

Retroactive to their individual dates of joining, I am awarding each of these crew the "Plank Owner Award"


In Naval parlance a "plank owner" is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission.

Four of these original crew are still with us, albeit with different characters:

I played Commander Saint.
Master Chief Gereshk played Doctor Shields.
Doctor Sarten played Lieutenant Thornton.
Commander Avers played 2LT Malley.

Thanks for sticking around guys, and to the n00bs (heh), thanks for joining the fun.

Here's to three more wonderful years!
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