Joint Log; Drs. Hunter & Laurent, "A Moment In Sickbay"

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Joint Log; Drs. Hunter & Laurent, "A Moment In Sickbay"

Postby Star Laurent » Sun May 28, 2006 2:09 am

Dr. Blake Hunter
Dr. Star Laurent


Star was walking around Sickbay checking the various equipment.

"Dr. Laurent," said Blake looking at Star pointedly. “May I inquire as to what you are doing?" He said trying to be polite but trying to keep his human side from showing up at the humor he saw in Dr. Laurent's actions in Sickbay.

Turning to Blake, she tilted her head slightly and responded, "Acclimating myself to Sickbay." Looking at him intently with her gray eyes she continues, "You are Dr. Blake, correct?"

"Yes, that is me," he said simply. "Acclimating yourself with Sickbay, eh?" he asked. "Not what I'd expect; but to each his/her own," he said not finishing his sentence. “So, how do you like on the Zealous so far?" he asked looking at her.

"The Zealous seems to be a fantastic ship. I look forward to serving her and serving her Captain. It is a far cry from the Vulcan ship I had previously been on." Star looks at him quizzically and asks, "Why wouldn't you expect me to acclimate myself to Sickbay? After all, it is where I will be working.”

"Well, usually the newer additions to the crew get more acquainted to the mess hall," he said. Then he added, "Which Vulcan ship, if I may ask?" he said looking interested in her words and a little surprised the she didn't notice that he too was part Vulcan

"T'Royt," she simply stated. Smiling, she waited for Blake to respond to that. She knew he was part Vulcan. She already had reviewed his record.

"T'Royt," he repeated, "a good ship, one of Vulcan’s finest. My mother was on the T'Royt. She was a civilian Scientist. That was before she got killed in a tragic shuttle flight on the way to earth."

"I'm sorry to hear that, about your mother. Yes, the T'Royt is a good ship. Research and investigation being their primary task. Definitely fitting for a Vulcan ship, wouldn't you say?"

"Indeed," he said thinking of something else to say ~This Ensign will do great things on the Zealous~ he thought then he smiled; an emotion he was hoping wouldn't show as he quickly tried to hide the smile it was too late. He had been spotted.

Noticing Black's smile she responds quickly, "A smile from a Vulcan? Even a half Vulcan, Doctor? If you were on the T'Royt your actions would have been looked at poorly. My emotions, when displayed there, were often corrected."

Blake stifled a laugh and said simply, “Well, I am not entirely half Vulcan to tell you the truth." He added, "More like 1/4 Vulcan."

"Hmm, just enough to have the good traits from the race," Star said with a chuckle. “So, tell me. When was your last physical, Doctor?"

"Two weeks ago." he said "Yours?" he asked.

"Just before I came aboard. You know the regs. Any new post, the crew has to undergo a physical. I had one before the T'Royt post a year ago, and, now, another one. I have received enough pokes and prods to last me for quite a while," she chuckled.

Blake laughed and said, "Very well, then. Nothing much is happening by far, but, I hear that we might have a new mission soon. So, we better be ready for anything.”

Looking slightly excited Star responds, "A new mission? How exciting. There wasn't much excitement aboard the T'Royt. I had more action growing up moving with my parents from place to place fighting plagues, outbreaks, and more than aboard the T’Royt."

Blake simply smiled then said, "Not to sure what the details are yet. I am sure the Captain will have a senior staff meeting soon to explain the details...then again... I wouldn't get my hopes up." He continued, "Usually missions mean injured and injured mean one busy Sickbay."

"That does not bother me. Oh, don't get me wrong, I do not wish to see injured crew, but, if there are some, I will be ready to help in anyway I can," Star responds.

Blake laughed at her enthusiasm and said, "Well, you'll make a good Doctor aboard this ship, that is for sure. It is well seen in your future.”

With a slight puzzled look on her face, Star quoted his words, "It is well seen in my future? I hope so. I would be delighted if I am half as successful as my father and mother. They have accomplished so much in their fields."

Blake smiled a bit then nodded, "Indeed, it is seen in your future." he said looking at her. "Some Vulcans possess future sight. They can sometime, though not always, predict the future. Mostly it is the future dealing around people or objects of life, but there are times that predictions fail..,” he said nothing entirely finishing his sentence.

Star thought for a moment about Blake's response. She was not one for predilection for future events. She would rather think the future is affected by the present's actions, and the present changes constantly. She replied, "Well, I don't take much stock in feelings for or having insight into someone's future. Circumstances that change can change the future. What I do is concern myself with what I am doing now. I pretty much let the future take care of itself." She is now curious to Blake's reactions to her comments.

"I agree. However,” Blake responds, “a small insight into the future usually proves helpful. But there are time that it doesn't." He adds, "I, on the other hand, tend to not pay much attention to the predictions unless they can be proven."

Smiling Laurent responds, "I guess it is the Doctor and scientist in me. I have a tendency to only believe what I can see and deal with. Although, there were times my father was astounded by the," she pauses for the right word, "unusual."

Blake just raises an eyebrow and repeats the words, "Unusual? Just what exactly was unusual?” he asks sounding interested in the direction their conversation was going in.

Star hesitates and recalls many of the missions her father was involved in, many of them classified. Then, she recalls one incident. "Well, there was a planet that seemed to be plagued by memory loss. When we arrived, my father immediately began to run diagnostics on the populace. He could not find any medical basis for their continual mental losses. They could not remember what happened the day before. He and my mother were concerned for our well being especially since they couldn't find the cause.

“My father spent days trying to find some correlation. My mother investigated their diet thinking, perhaps, it was organic. Nothing turned up there either. My brother, Storm was playing outside one day when he discovered a very strange object. He picked it up and forgot what he was doing. He wandered around for hours before we found him. Storm still had it in his hand. He didn't even know any of us. My father brought him back to the lab and started to scan him. Just when he put the stone down, his memory came back. My father evaluated the stone and discovered strange telekinetic abilities to it. It emanated a field that interrupted an individual's thinking patterns. After further investigation, my father discovered they had a meteor shower months back that brought these stones to that world. The stones were beautiful and people started collecting them and making jewelry and more out of them. So, unusual, yes. Not the normal medical result he would have expected.”

"Strange, I had read reports of such stones," Blake began though but didn't finish his sentence. Instead he changes the subject as best he can. "It is quite strange...something like Crystal...Star...I believe is her name... the assistant Counselor. Did you know she is a Q?" he asks looking at her

"No, I didn't know that. I haven't reviewed all the crew's medical records as of yet. You say she is a Q? How did a Q become aboard our ship? That would seem highly unlikely such a being would submit to the authority of a ship," Star asks anxious to learn more.

"I thought the very same thing. Just about the entire crew knows about her. However, due to the fact that she is transparent...." he said cutting his sentence short but then added "a Q punishment she said it was."

Star very intrigued with what Blake is telling her responds, "Transparent? A Q punishment? What did she do to deserve this? I will definitely have to meet her. Perhaps, I can help her in some way."

"Then, you will be the two of the only crew members to help our friend in need," he said. "I believe, myself, that it has something to do with her bending to the rules of individuality and the rules of ship rather then that of the founders," Blake continued. ”But, only testing can prove the actuality of it. “Speaking of which, she is due for testing in about two days.”

Frowning Laurent says, "I don't quite understand what you are saying. You are telling me that I am one of two crew that can help her?" Star wonders how Blake could come up with such a statement. ”And, who are the founders?"

Blake frowned slighted then said "Sorry, I have had so many things on my mind" He thinks to himself, ~But, I actually did let something slip.~ “There could be more crew members to help her, but by far there is only yourself, and myself to help her as of now," Hunter said looking at her.

Star reaffirmed, "Well, I will do my best to help, that is for sure. But, you didn't answer the second part of my question. Who are the founders you mentioned?"

“As I said before predilections are usually a disadvantage." Blake responds. "That was one and that was a disadvantage. It should thus be disregarded. On many occasions, I have been wrong, but on many more, they come true," he said looking at her. "Whether or not the founders exist or not that will be up to destiny, time, and the present..." he said watching Star.

Star's gray eyes intently watched Blake as he answers her inquiry but decides not to pursue the topic. "Well, I look forward to meeting Crystal and trying to help ease her situation. If I may, I would like to be present when she comes in for her checkup."

Blake nodded. "Done," he said. "I am sure she will be more comfortable having her checkup done by people she knows and trusts," Blake added.

"Thank you." Look around the Sickbay, then turns her gaze back to Blake, "Do we have any medical records on her?"

"I believe we should," he said. “You’re more then welcome to look at her medical files should there be something on record. And, feel free to review all the crew’s files. No doubt they will be needing another physical in due time," he said.

Smiling, Star confesses, "Well, I have already looked at all the crew's medical files and sent out a request for all to schedule a physical. I don't like to waste time. But, I don't remember reading anything about Crystal. Perhaps, her file slipped by my when I was checking all the others."

Blake smiled then said, "Perhaps,” but left it at that. "So, what else do you have planned?" he asks looking at her.

"Well, finishing my shift, inventorying all the medical equipment and medicines, looking over old medical logs to get a better feel of this Department. Eventually, I will go back to my quarters and unpack," Star says with a slight smile.

"Eventually" Blake comments, "You will go to your quarters, now, unpack, relax, unwind, and, did I say, rest." He then added, "And, then, in the morning you can come back down and do what you plan to do. Trust me, it took me nearly three months and half to finally get a break and unpack, and I still haven't gotten my quarters organized." Blake said this looking at her and smiling more fully then he would normally do.

Returning the smile, "I appreciate your concern. But, I hate leaving loose ends. As soon as my shift is over, I won't stay another second longer. I will go to my quarters and unpack. I promise."

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