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5’ 10”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Age: 20 (ish)

Parim comes from the elusive Ba’ku. A race of people originating from a planet in the Briar patch. They are a pacifistic race that secludes themselves from the outside world to isolate themselves against any influence against their technology free life style. Parims father was a young man when the Enterprise thwarted an attempt to harvest the planets rings for their anti-aging properties.
Parim decided that he wanted to break with the traditions of his people and explore the stars. This desire was not well received by Parims father but despite the threat of exile, Parim left anyway. After a brief, hard time, a chance encounter brought Parim in contact with the SS Heimdall. Parim currently serves as the assistant cargo master and is eager to see everything that the galaxy had to offer.
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Cadet 2nd Year
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