Marcus Erickson

Marcus Erickson

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Name: Marcus Erickson
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6'3"
Race: Human
Position: Captain & CEO


Father: John Erickson
Children: Elliot Erickson

Personal Record: Marcus was born on Earth into the Erickson family and into the company. From a young age he lived and worked aboard the Heimdall. He grew tired of the monotony of it all however and as soon as he came of age, he left the Heimdall and joined Starfleet as an intelligence officer. He bounced from one posting to another during his 15 year long career, but never felt quite right. Along the way he had been posted to various stations, listening posts and even commanded a Nova class ship for a while. Though he had enjoyed his time as an officer, Marcus always wanted something different, something newer.

When his father called to announce his upcoming retirement, Marcus was given an offer he could not refuse. Marcus left Starfleet and returned to his childhood home on the Heimdall where he spent the next year learning the ropes of running a civilian vessel and a large company. Marcus has since taken full control of the company and ship and been around the quadrant multiple times with it. Best of all, it seems that he has finally found a home.

Personal info: Marcus is usually businesslike and stern, a holdover from his Starfleet career. When relaxing, he enjoys a stiff drink or a game of cards, usually both. As a father, Marcus is inexperienced and still rather distant, but he is doing his best. He is always looking for bigger and better deals and will go to great lengths to secure lucrative contracts. He doesn't like Ferengi or Orions since both are usually bad for business.
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