Ari Log: A Night to Forget

Ari Log: A Night to Forget

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Set two years ago

Ari moaned. Her head hurt. Something nearby stank. She opened her eyes and looked around, the first thing she saw was a puddle of puke in the corner of the room. That explained the stench. A further look around revealed a glowing and buzzing security field making up one wall of the room, correction, cell. She groggily slurred out the question: "What the hell happened?"

An angry voice that chilled her to the bone replied. "You went to a party and got drunk, that's what." Lana Peterson, formerly Lana Flynn stepped into view. Ari shrunk down further at the glare she received. A few hazy memories of flashing lights and funny tasting punch came to mind. Her only reply was a nearly squeaked out "Oh". Her mother nodded her head at a guard who was sitting at a nearby desk. A moment later, the security field dropped. Her mother held up a hypospray and injected it into her daughter's neck. The feelings of grogginess faded fairly quickly, though the headache still remained. "There. That should help you get around. Go get dressed Arianna. We need to burn those clothes." Ari looked down and sure enough, the clothes she had on were beyond filthy. There were layers of puke, grime and blood smearing down most of her front. Ari pulled herself up and took the offered bag into a nearby bathroom.

It was an unfortunate part of her life, but her Catian heritage had graced her with very little tolerance to alcohol. Two cups of anything of strength were enough to get her rather plastered, anything more ended up with her passed out. As she cleaned herself, more memories of the party came floating back to the surface. The party was for a few of her friends, they had just been accepted into Starfleet Academy. It was kind of a celebratory/going away party for them. Someone had obviously spiked the punch bowl though. Ari should have known after the first suspicious taste she had from her cup that it was spiked, but she had a whole cup... and then another... and after that the memories went blank. She pulled on the shirt from the bag and checked her appearance in the mirror. For some reason, there was a large bump on her forehead. She would need a bath once they got home, but this would do for now. Ari grabbed the bag of soiled clothes and exited.

Lana was waiting back in the main room when Ari came out. Her expression had softened from the anger it held a few minutes prior and was now more neutral. She signed the last of the paperwork to have Arianna released and led her daughter outside to where a cab was waiting. After getting situated, Ari looked over at her mother. "So... Mom, how did I end up in jail?" Her mother's face went from neutral to amused. "Apparently some boy stepped on your tail while you were napping near the bathroom door. You woke up and went berserk on him." The amused eyebrow rose further. "You chased him down the street for more than a block when you ran into a light pole." Ari's face flushed bright red and she immediately buried her face in her hands. Lana simply chuckled at her daughter's embarrassment. "That's what you get." The amused look suddenly turned into one of warning. "A policeman picked you up for disturbing the peace. They let you sleep it off in that cell. You're lucky they are letting you off so easily. I would suggest you not get caught again."

Ari looked down in shame. "Yes mom..." However, once the warning processed for a second time, her head came back up with a look of confusion. "Wait... 'Don't get caught again'? Don't you mean 'Don't do it again'?" A spark of mischievousness shone in her mother's eyes. "I was eighteen once too Ari. I still remember what those days were like. Why, I could tell you a story about this one time when I was your age..." Lana began recounting stories of her wild and crazy days but Ari was doing her best to drown it out. She did not need to listen to her mother reminisce.

Only one thought ran through the teen's head as the cab brought them home. "Oh great, another night I need to forget."
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