Iced Over Ch5: Shattered

Iced Over Ch5: Shattered

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"Captain D'Shawn, thank you for meeting with me on such short notice." Marcus was sitting in the office of Captain Raul D'Shawn, commander of Starbase 50. The man was older than Marcus, likely late forties, and had the look of the veteran he was. He had a no nonsense attitude and Marcus liked that.

"It is my pleasure, I assure you Mr.Erickson. After the communique you sent me, I am fascinated to hear more of your story." The Captain templed his fingers and looked at Marcus, waiting eagerly to hear the tale.

"Well, it started with a proposed contract from an Admiral Ledford from Starfleet. He had a shipment of undisclosed cargo he wanted dropped at a quarantined planet. He was very strict on the confidentiality aspect of it all. I was certainly willing to overlook that though, it was a government contract and I don't pass those up unless I absolutely have to. Too much money and too many good contacts come out of those for me to deny one.

Everything went smoothly during the loading and initial phase of our journey. The pods were sealed well, and the cryogenic systems were functioning properly. But then it all went to Hell when one pod defrosted. When we saw that there was a man inside, I stopped everything. I have five shipments that are on hold until this is solved." Marcus shook his head at the terrible breach in the delivery schedules. "The situation I found myself in was eerily similar to the botany bay, and I had to learn the truth. I had my on board doctor wake the man up. He told me that his name was Juan Leon, and confirmed that he was a eugenics augment. Then I came straight here. I refuse to traffic these people around. It isn't right."

The man nodded in the appropriate places as Marcus explained the situation, his face growing darker by the minute. When Marcus had finished, he took a deep breath and let out a heated sigh. "You are right. This entire situation is wrong. It smells like a cover up operation if ever I smelled one. This should never have been put in the hands of a merchant. Prepare to transfer the pods to the station. Full quarantine will be in effect on your ship and that section of the station until it is complete. We will take care of these augments properly, unlike Ledford."

Marcus had a look of anger cross his face. "And what do you plan on doing with them, Captain? Destroy them? These are people! You can't just kill them!"

"I will do what must be done Mr.Erickson. These are not just people, they are augments. If we do not kill them, they will kill us."

"I will not stand for this! They are people regardless of their origin and we cannot kill them just to protect ourselves from an attack they haven't made. Doing that would make us no better than the monsters you make them out to be." Marcus was certainly mad now, and it showed. This was exactly the sort of thing he hated about the Tal Shiar and section 31. People who thought that the ends justified any means.

"You are no longer Starfleet Mr.Erickson. You are a civilian. We are doing what must be done to protect you and the rest of the Federation."

A smirk replaced the fury that was present on Marcus' face, though fire still burned in his eyes. "You are right on that point Sir. I am a civilian now. And that means that I am no longer bound by Starfleet orders. If you take these People off my ship with intent to kill them, I will give this entire story to the media. What do you think the public is going to do with Starfleet once they find out that you are killing people who have done no wrong? It will be anarchy."

The captain seemed suddenly cowed at the words and the steel hidden in them. "Now then Captain D'Shawn, you either give them a place to live, or I carry out my threat."

D'Shawn stayed quiet a moment longer before finally answering. "That is a bold move you are making there. I will give you credit for that. Few would make such a threat directly to a Captain. I need time to deliberate with my superiors. Until then, I ask that you keep the augments sealed away. You are free to return to your ship, this will take time."

"I can accept that. Good day Captain." Marcus stood sharply and left. A few minutes of walking later found Marcus back in the Heimdall, keying ship wide comms. "This is Marcus, I want Cat, Paul, Tyson, and Ari in my office in ten minutes."


((Simply asking for a brief description of what your character is doing at the time and then coming to the office along with their thoughts on the matter))
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