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Personel log

Postby KimberlyH37 » Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:25 pm

Lt Constance Stewart
Personel Log

She laid their on the bio bed unable to move she was so week her temp kept raiseing up they would give her meds to lower it it would come back down then in a few hours it was back up again she was having trouble keeping anything down her heart rate and bp kept going up and down they kept her lightly sedated so her body could rest.It seemed between her and Henry and the others they had the medical staff hopping. She was scared it's wasn't but a few weeks ago that she was in hear fighting for her life after the merc rescued her from her Step father. she was back sick with whatever the hell this was. It felt like hell to her so she would call it the hell sickness.she was scared she wanted out of hear but she knew she was to sick for that.she feared for the others that went down with her what if they ended up like the crew on the ship. Brie she's pregnant what if this disease gets to her little one. Feeling the effects of the sedative take hold she drifts off to sleep.
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