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JL Henry/ fox

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JL Fox/Henry
Interrogation of Fox

Henry entered the interrogation room locking eyes with the seated man before leaning against the wall. "Most people who sit here would be shackled. The fact you're not is a testament to my crew's report of your assistance down there." Fox looks over at the Captain " I couldn't just let Lovox kill her Henry asks"Tell me what you know of Lovox."Fox " i know shes Constance's Step father he tried to kill her when she was two she told me much when we were together. He's lost his grip on reality i will say that he was so fixed on Killing Constance that it was a obsession. Henry asks "And do you work for him?" Fox " no he forced me to help him with Kidnapping Constance when he found out i dated her he's ex Tal Shier" Henry asks"Were you in the party who ambushed my people?"Fox " yes I was" Henry " Do you know that fact alone would allow me to try, convict, and execute you?"Fox " yes sir I do I am willing to take whatever punishment i receive " Henry" Does she know you worked for him?"Fox " not yet she doesn't even know I'm here shes still sedated." Henry "how do you expect her to react?"Fox " I am hoping to be gone by the time she recovers we didn't part on good terms" Henry" And where do you expect to go?"Fox " I more likely that not will be put on trial by Starfleet or this ship for what i done"That brought a grin to Henry's face "Pretty sure on that?"Fox " I am positive i mean I did participate in kidnap one of your officers but I never hit her." Henry"You ever heard of the word conspiracy?"Fox " I am a little foggy on the word" Henry "It means that while you say you did this but not that doesn't matter because I can put the blame all on your head for everything Lovox did and ordered."Fox just looks a little worried " even if I did help you find her" Henry" Even if." You are responsible for the kidnapping of my security chief and the attack on two others.Fox " my shots were over their heads I never hit any of them" Henry"What else can you tell me about Lovox and his activities?"Fox " Lovox is ex Tal Shiar thats how we ran into each other i was Tal Shar as well he knew i dated Constance for a year he approached me and told me he was Constance's Step father he wanted to know what she had been up to and where she was. I told him she was a security officer in Star fleet i didn't trust him to tell him anymore. Lovox held a lot of power in the Tal Shar " Henry nodded slightly. "Alright. You're going to be taken back to your cell and maybe we'll do one of these chats again."Fox nodded his head " I hope Shes going to be ok" Henry "For your sake I hope so too." He knocked on the door and four security officers entered. "Take him back to the brig."Fox did not resist as he was taken back to his cell as the put him in the cell he sat down on the bed
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