Constance Personel log

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Constance Personel log

Postby KimberlyH37 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:36 pm

PL: Hell

Alone again in her dark cold cell each time they interrogated her they turned the cell colder it was now the temp of a walk in freezer with no way to keep warm Using a Vulcan technique Paltine had taught her she was able to keep her body temp from lowering as fast.she hadn't slept since her capture between the cold and the screaming it made it impossible to sleep.she was bound by chains to the wall that aloud her to move just enough to go to the corner to use the bathroom.she had just enough on to keep her covered .She was given dirty water to drink and food that was drugged with a drug that caused hallucinations. She hadn't been fed since the second night she was in here. Lovox is doing all he can to make her life miserable he wants all the Security information she knows on the Mercutio. She is providing him with nothing which is making him resort for tactics like binding her so she can't move and packing her in ice keeping her their for a hour at a time then she was taken out warmed up asked questions when she refused he would do it again this went on for hours. Since that failed he has now cut off all food and water for her she sat their against the wall meditating her body was so week from hunger and thirst her body ached from being in these chains. She was so tired thinking about her Crew mates aboard the merc how they must be blaming themselves but they shouldn't. This was going to happen sooner or later I just hope no one got hurt. As much as Banks and her had their differences she still saw her as a friend she had helped her on so many occasions she just hoped she got to tell her how grateful she is that she's aboard the Merc. And Haydon she had more that just friendship feelings toward Haydon he was starting to feel like a brother to me so protective of her that felt nice she hoped she got to see all her friends on the Merc again. She just knew they were working on a way to free me if they can find me.
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