Night Terror

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Night Terror

Postby KimberlyH37 » Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:42 pm

Sitting straight up in bed in a cold Sweat, heart racing, shaking, she looked around her room realizing it was all just a nightmare she put her face in her hands looked at the clock it was 2am she got up knowing she wasn't going back to sleep she went to the replicator getting herself a cup of tea maybe it would help her get back to sleep. Same nightmare every night ever since she found out that her step father was still alive and a member of the Tal Shier now. She also found out that he had killed her mother and tried to kill her when she was two.Now he knows she's alive and on the Mercutio he has contacted her several times trying to get her to join the Romulan Military knowing full well they would kill her for being half human doing his job for him. Threatening to kidnap her off the ship and kill anyone who tried to stop him. She knew with his connections now that could happen no matter how much security their was in this ship or what anyone did they couldn't stop him. She wasn't afraid of him she would stand and fight if she had to. She was hoping this nightmare wasn't a vision of something to it .it had been weeks since she slept thru the night. Her performance at work was starting to suffer she was going to have to do something she couldn't keep going on like this. Maybe she ought to talk to the dr about this maybe get something to help her sleep.
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