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PL: Doubtq

Postby Iar Edra » Mon May 18, 2015 7:40 am

PL: Doubt
Edra was worried, and a bit frustrated. Nothing was turning out how she thought it would. It'd been two days since Henry had woken up. At this point he'd gotten used to the mobility bands enough to get back to their quarters. But as he slept soundly, she was wide awake with her thoughts. Henry thought she was overreacting about Banks. He been kind enough (or maybe smart enough) to not say it, but she could tell, he thought her accusations were ridiculous. But he'd been unconscious for most of what she'd done, and as in the dark as the rest of them had been for the rest.
She understood some of it. They'd worked closely together, and it was hard to accept that someone would do that to you. But what did any of them really know about her? Banks' own revelation to her had been proof of that. She looked over at him, wondering if he knew about her past affiliation.
It still bothered her that his first command after waking up, even though he wasn't technically on duty, was to take back her own order. She needed to talk to him about that before she let it stew in her. She was certain if she could just explain the whole situation to him, he'd realize she'd done the right thing.
If only she'd been able to take Banks into custody before he'd woken up.
With that thought came the reminder of the object she'd found implanted in his arm. The one that engineering told her was, in fact, Shadow technology. The one that Dr. Whelan was checking for trace, but when she'd last checked with him, wasn't looking promising. Had Banks given him something to wake him up? Even if that wasn't what it was, she'd given him something without finding out if it was safe, and without letting anyone know. Did she know if he was on anything that might react with what she'd given him? Edra recalled her asking how he was doing when she'd first found her by his bedside. Either it was a genuine question, which meant she'd administered something to him without knowing his current condition, or she did know those things, and the question had been some kind of stall tactic. Either way, she didn't like it, and found her anger flaring up again.
If the doctor couldn't determine what substance had been in the implant, she'd take that to Henry. Maybe then he'd realize that she wasn't seeing things where there was nothing. Banks had done that. The question was, did it hae the intended effect she had hoped for. She had to know that if she came back here, she'd be a wanted person. The woman was more perceptive than almost anyone she knew. So it didn't surprise her that her first stop was the one person who would be on her side, if he were awake.
And then, as if on cue, he had been.
She rested her head in her hands, feeling like she was reaching the end of her rope. This couldn't keep going on. She had spent the last month sorting between fear that her husband would die, trying to lead the crew, taking care of herself and her family, and realizing that someone she trusted betrayed them all. She wasn't sure she had it in her to keep up this fight. At the same time, she couldn't continue to let the crew and her family be exposed to the same danger. That she had to fight for as long as she could.
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