PL: Chance Crow: Sides of a Coin

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PL: Chance Crow: Sides of a Coin

Postby Iar Edra » Mon May 18, 2015 7:38 am

PL: Chance Crow: Sides of a Coin
Chance looked back as the doors to his family's quarters closed, and frowned. If that was the woman his mom had talked about he shouldn't be as intrigued by her as he was. He trusted that Mom had good reasons for not liking her, but he was confused, as the woman had just been alone with them here, but hadn't done anything to Karina or Karissa. In fact, she seemed to have gifted each of them with something. He turned back to the girls. "What did she give you?"
Karina held hers out. "She said she got it from Vulcan. It can be used as a healing stone."
Chance took it and rolled it around in his hand, examining it. He'd heard of these from some of his crew mates on the Hua Tuo. They weren't cheap. And that confused him even more. The person he'd heard comments about from Edra didn't match up with the woman he'd just talked to, who gifted the girls with something special, and then certainly didn't put up any fight when he'd asked her to leave. The only thing he'd almost missed was the moment a look of sadness shone in her eyes. But he blinked and it was gone. Her hard exterior was back on when she dropped the word that his father had woken up. The news caught him off guard, so the only thing he could think to do was thank her. But he suspected she had taken some pleasure in telling him before his mom did. So there must be some sort of rivalry going on.
Then he'd found her last comment interesting as well. He'd heard about her watching Karissa recently, and now that Karina was here, she would have been included as well, if not for these recent developments. He suspected Karissa and Banks had become close in the time since the arrangement had been made. And Karissa confirmed that when she asked him, "Is she coming back?" So how was someone who cared so much for the girls--and them her--at such odds with Mom?
He handed Karina's stone back to her as he looked back at the door. "I couldn't say." He answered. Her last comment had also sounded final. And while he had only responded to her presence in a way that felt responsible to his family, he couldn't help feeling guilty that his words had hurt her.
He blinked, clearing his head of those thoughts, and turned back to the girls. "She said that Dad's awake, so I'll call Mom and see if we can go see him."
Karina, who hadn't seen him awake since being retrieved smiled from ear to ear, but Karissa frowned. "Why couldn't we?"
He tried to give her an understanding smile. "Because there may be tests and things to run on him before he can have visitors. If we can't now, we should be able to soon."
"Oh." She seemed to understand, even if she didn't like it.
"Why don't you two go find something to keep you busy while I talk to Mom, and I'll let you know what's going on.
Karina nodded, and turned to their room, Karissa following. "C'mon," the elder one said. "We need to make sure we know whose is whose."
"Whoa," Chance called out. "Hold up." When they stopped and turned back to him, he continued. "Don't go marking those up with a label, or trying to scratch a mark into them. They won't work as well."
Both of the girls looked from their stone to the other's. It was Karina who spoke up. "Then how do we tell them apart? They look the same."
"Well, if you each have your own special place for your stone, you keep yours there, and don't go messing with your sister's stone, not even as a joke."
They continued to look from one crystal to another. Then Karissa jumped for the door. "I know where I'm putting mine, and you can't look!" Her voice trailed off as she ran into the other room. After a few minutes she came back, a little out of breath. "Okay. Mine's hidden. It's your turn now." She said, looking at her sister. Karina looked toward the other room, trying to think of a place she could put hers. She walked into their room and took longer to make it back out, probably looking for the perfect place to put it. But when she returned she announced, "Ok, I'm done."
Chance smiled at them. "Excellent. Now, let me go talk to Mom, and I'll let you know what she says." When they nodded, he turned on his heel and made for the office. Once there, he tapped the comm. "Mom, I heard Dad was awake now."
After a moment, he got a response from her. "Who told you that?"
Yeah, she was agitated. He didn't want to feed that. Her emotions had been running high for a while now. So he just responded with, "I guess news travels fast on this ship. Was it wrong?"
"No. It's accurate. I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner, I got wrapped up in getting some mobility devices on him so he can have some motor function."
"That's alright, Mom. I figured something was going on. Would it be alright if I bring the girls by?"
There was a short pause. "Sure. They'd probably like that."
He could hear the smile in her voice. Hopefully this would put her at ease from the stress she'd been under. "Alright. I'll get them and we'll be down in a few. Crow, out."
He sat back, deciding to wait a moment to get the girls, and finally taking a moment to be thankful for this outcome. He felt like he could release a breath he'd been holding since he first got the message from Mom. Hopefully, the other steps would fall into place, and he'd be on the road to a full recovery soon.
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