JL: H.Crow & E.Crow, "The Road Back"

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JL: H.Crow & E.Crow, "The Road Back"

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JL: The Road Back
(continued from the end of sim)
Edra closed her eyes, putting her hand on Henry's forehead. "I'm sorry. There was only rubble left of the house, but the girls got out just in time."
He took a deep breath, quiet for a few minutes. He seemed to be taking the loss of the house harder than the loss of his body.
"We'll rebuild it, just the way it was, if you want."
"Yea...yea I guess we can."
Having put the bands on his legs, she grabbed another and began fastening it around his arm.
He looked up at her, with a dark fire. "I'm going to find him."
She nodded. "I know. When we were still around Earth, Banks interrogated Nelson. He apparently said he wasn't done with us."
"Nelson?! Nelson...he said I had to take the shuttle. Transporters were down."
"I'm sorry, I forget there's still some things you don't know. Yeah, he was behind it too."
"I'll kill 'em."
She finished the first arm, and began on his other arm. "Then I probably shouldn't tell you he's in the Brig." She wanted to finish that with, "where Banks should be," but she decided not to.
"Guess where I'm going first." His jaw tightened, if he could get out of the bed that instant Nelson would be a dead man walking.
She stopped to look him in the eyes. "Hey, you're not going anywhere yet. These are going to help, yes, but they're not going to be an instantaneous fix. It's going to take some time for your muscles to get used to the different message delivery system, and for the device to adjust to your brain's electrical impulses. You're still going to be taking it easy."
"How long?"
"I think for today, you should just shoot for making it to our quarters. But even when you do adjust to this, you can't go all out. It's a temporary fix, that's all."
"Alright, I guess he isn't going anywhere."
"...until we can get you into surgery. I can only assume you want to go that route, even though it's not a sure thing."
"Whatever gets me up and moving again."
She looked down for a moment, then back up at him. "Well, that's the thing, it's still a risky surgery--there's a chance you wouldn't even make it out--but not doing it means wearing these for the rest of your life. But I don't expect you to pass up your only chance at a complete recovery." She returned to applying the band, but stopped after a moment, looking closely at the inside of his elbow. "What's this?" She turned around to grab a tricorder.
Henry tried to look down. "What's what?"
"Something in your arm..." She mumbled as she scanned it, then read the results, disturbed. "It's some sort of substance delivery device directed to your bloodstream...what the...?" She scanned him with the tricorder to see if it would pick up whatever was injected into him. "Have you felt strange at all? Besides not being able to move, I mean." She clarified that last part knowing he would say something like that.
"No, I remember Banks sitting there..vaguely it was kind of hazy. And then you came in."
"You were awake then?"
"My eyes couldn't focus real well. Shadowy, ya know?"
The tricorder didn't find anything in his bloodstream, leading her to believe it had already broken down. She gave him a look for the words he'd used, but a thought occurred to her. "Did she do this? Is she still working for them?" She scanned the device again to make sure extracting it would be safe. Perhaps there was a trace of the substance still inside of it. And she wanted it out of him. Prophets, if that woman had done one more thing to him...
"Just yank it off."
She snapped, "I'm making sure there's nothing more to it than that." Stopping, she took a breath then continued, "I'm sorry..."
He looked up at her. "You've really been put through the ringer, huh?"
She returned to attempting to extract the device, without yanking it out. "Yeah, I suppose you could say that."
"I'm glad Chance is here to help you."
She smiled as she worked on his arm. "He's been a blessing, taking care of the girls...me..." She grabbed a small tool from which a beam pointed to the device, and a few moments later, she was able to slowly pull it out without more damage. She set it aside and used a dermal regenerator to close the opening it made.
"That pinched. That's a good sign right?"
Edra looked at him. "I think that's psychological. I still need to put the cortical relays on then turn it on." She gave him a lop-sided smile. "Sorry."
"A guy can dream."
She pulled the two relays off the table, small, unassuming disks, and put them on his temples. Then, she made a slight adjustment on one of the relays, and they lit up.
He closed his eyes then opened one eye. "Well?"
She took his hand closest to her in her own. "Can you squeeze my hand?"
He squeezed as hard as he could, resulting in a tremor in three of his fingers.
She felt the twitch, but also saw his eyes squint in the attempt. "Don't try so hard. It's not about your muscles doing the work like you're used to. It's the message from your brain getting to the bands. Just think about it...have the intent to squeeze."
He took a deep breath, and tried again as she'd instructed causing a weak but definite squeeze.
She smiled at him. "Much better."
"I'm still gonna be in here for awhile, huh?"
She grinned at him. "Now you believe me? It's alright. We'll keep working."
He gave her a grin. "Yes Ma'am."
She shook her head. He knew she didn't like that, but she couldn't bring herself to remind him, so she just smiled.


Without as much as a knock, Banks strolled into their quarters, two small bags in hand. "Helloooo?"
Karissa walked out of her bedroom looking around. Her eyes lit up when she saw Banks. "You're back!"
"I am. And I have something for you and your sister."
Karina also exit the bedroom in time to hear her. "Me?"
"Oh boy!" Karissa exclaimed.
She handed each girl a bag which had some weight to it. Karissa took hers without a single thought. Karina, however was a little more hesitant, but accepted it. By the time she was just taking her bag, Karissa had already broken into hers. Inside were matching crystals, perfectly smooth and oval the size of a medium sized stone. Karissa held hers up to the light. "Ooooh...Where did you get 'em?"
"A place called Vulcan."
Karina took hers out and held it in her hand, examining it closely, then also held it up to the light.
"The crystals are able to hold massive amounts of data so some use them as healing stones. When you're having a bad day or are upset you concentrate and send that negative energy into the stone and it no longer is in you."
Karina looked confused. "How do you send thoughts into the stone?"
"You think it. You wish them away."
"What about bad dreams?" Karissa inquired as she inspected the crystal.
"Anything you dont want in your head."
She looked up at Banks. "Do you have one for Momma?"
At that mention she subconsciously wiped her top lip, the signs of the previous bleeding gone to the untrained eye. "No, but she can always use yours. Plenty of space in there."
Karissa nodded as the doors to the quarters opened and Chance walked in. He stopped upon seeing someone he didn't know in the room with the girls. "Uh...Hello?"
Banks turned, not recognizing the man. "Hello there yourself."
He frowned. "You are...?" He walked over to stand in between her and the girls.
"Banks. I'm the ...nanny. And you are?"
Chance nodded, recognizing the name. "Ahh. Chance. The big brother."
Karissa held up the crystal to him. "Look what she brought us?"
Chance took the stone to look at it, and glanced up at Banks, wary. He smiled at Karissa when he handed it back to her. "Does it do anything?"
"It takes bad thoughts away."
Chance looked to Banks.
"Oh, you're 'the boy.'"
Chance nodded once. "Look, I realize I don't know you, but I'm pretty certain Mom wouldn't be happy to know you've been here."
"My reputation precedes me?"
"Something like that."
Banks gave a slight nod. "Fair enough. He's awake by the way."
Chance's eyes widened. "What?!?"
"Long story. But last I saw her she was down there with him."
"Um...thank you...?"
"Well anyways, look after these two."
Chance nodded.
"See ya around girls."
Karissa look at her a bit sadly. "Bye..."
"Bye..." Karina chimed in.
Banks eyed Chance again before turning and walking out.
Chance looked to the girls, but turned to watch Banks walk away.
Once she was in the hall, Banks exhaled and her shoulders slumped a bit. The one thing she had going for her and now it was gone.
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