PL: The Morning After

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PL: The Morning After

Postby Iar Edra » Sun May 10, 2015 5:58 pm

PL: The Morning After

Edra woke up the next morning. She stretched and turned over, looking around as her mind emerged from the fog of sleep. She hadn't slept that well since the accident, and she had Chance to thank for that. Maybe he was in the other room, and she could thank him. She sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed, and caught site of the chronometer. It wasn't the next morning, but more like getting towards what would usually be their dinner time. Suddenly, she was up and rushing toward the living room. What had she missed? The girls should have been woken up this morning, and sent to class, and, well, she was only the commanding officer of the ship. Missing her shift was thoroughly embarassing.
When she walked through the doors she found Chance setting the table for dinner, and Karina and Karissa doing homework. Maybe she didn't expect total chaos, but neither had she expected to find her household running so much like...normal. Karissa was the first to look up and see her. "Momma!" Her eyes lit up, as did the others when they caught sight of her. "Are you feeling better?"
Edra nodded, "I am, thanks to your brother. Though I need to ask him a few things." She gave him a pointed look as she walked passed the girls to where he was standing.
Before she could say anything to him, he seemed to know what she was thinking. "There was nothing special in the infusion, you just needed that much sleep." He placed another silverware setting on the table. "You probably still need more, but you look better." He smiled as he said the last part.
"I get that, but what about the ship. I'm not just any crewmember anymore, who won't be missed."
Chance nodded. "I talked to Lieutenant Stewart, and let her know what was going on. She was more than understanding. Everyone understands that you're going through a tough time right now."
She sighed. "That may be, but I was chosen for this position because those above me thought I was capable of doing the job even if it was tough."
Chance stopped. "Mom, you're capable. I've seen that. But it doesn't mean you're a robot, immune to the emotional tolls a situation like this places on you, especially in your condition."
Her brow inched higher. "My condition?"
"You're pregnant with hormones coursing through your body."
"Hmm," she grumbled. "You're lucky you're part of this family." She watched him walk to the replicator to call up dinner, and was fairly certain he rolled his eyes when his back was turned to her. He wasn't wrong. She had needed the rest. And she was aware of how stubborn she could be. But in her mind, she'd only just slipped into the roll of Acting Captain to have to need someone take over for her. She was certain someone up the chain would see this as proof that she was the wrong person for this job. Not only did she not want to be seen as incompetent in whatever roll she was placed in, she didn't want Henry's choice of her as XO to reflect poorly on him.
As Chance returned with meatloaf and potatoes, he looked at her. "Are you hungry?"
They both looked over to see Karina with her hands in the air. The smile she wore and the pout on Karissa's face told her that they must have been competing to see who could finish first. She shook her head. She supposed she should have expected this when they were less than a year apart in age. Well, speed wasn't everything. "But is it right?"
Karina looked a little deflated, but not dejected. "I think so."
Edra motioned for her to bring it here, which she did. As she began to look it over, Chance called Karissa over as well for food, then asked her again, "Are you joining us?"
As she was contemplating how good it smelled, a yawn escaped. "I dunno, maybe I should just try to go back to sleep." She held out the PADD Karina had handed to her. "Would you mind checking-" Her other hand quickly moved to her belly.
Chance picked up on it, taking the PADD and putting it aside. "Are you okay? Sit down." He moved to help her sit, then stepped around to be in front of her.
But she shook her head. "No, I'm fine." There was a smile on her face when she looked up at him. "It just took me by suprprise. He kicked...for the first time." She closed her eyes, smiling, as a feeling of happiness she hadn't felt in weeks poured through her. When she opened them back up, it was to see Chance still eyeing her.
"You're ok?" When she nodded, he continued, "In that case I'm gonna assume he was protesting your not staying for dinner. You should listen to him."
Edra shook her head but chuckled at his attempt to get her to eat. "Alright, alright." Her glance at the girls showed her they were still worried, so she smiled. "It's ok. I just wasn't expecting it. Come here." She held her hands out to both of them, then felt more movement. "You can feel it too if you want." When the girls approahed she placed their hands on her belly where they could feel him kicking. Karina's eyes lit up, but Karissa was a little freaked out at first. "It's alright. He'll be moving around in there now until he's born, just like you did."
She nodded. "Oh yeah. You used to get in some good kicks." She smiled at Karissa, who giggled. "Alright. Go get cleaned up, then we'll have dinner, since it smells so good." As the girls went to do so, she smiled at Chance, who went to go grab another place setting.
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