JL: Stewart & Whelan: Med Check

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JL: Stewart & Whelan: Med Check

Postby Iar Edra » Sun May 03, 2015 9:08 pm

Constance was walking to sickbay from the transporter room. She needed to get checked out, thanks to Banks sending them on a mission to collect a bio weapon. She was the one that handled the case the weapon was in. How could Banks do this? Treat them like they were robots? Expendable? She walked into sickbay looking for the doctor.
Dr. Whelan passed from his office to the lab, on his way to check on an experiment he was running. As he crossed the room he noticed Lt. Stewart walk in. "Can I help you, Lieutenant?
Constance smiled at Dr Whelan. "Yes. Brie, Zimm, and I just got back from a mission. Umm, we were sent to bring back a bio weapon. We're not sure if it was loaded or not. I carried the case the weapon was in. We were also shot at by a possible bio weapon on the surface. I need to be checked out to make sure I don't have anything. I didn't know I was bringing back a bio weapon. Banks basically sent us to the surface without telling us what we were going after."
The doctor nodded and motioned to a nearby biobed. "Have a seat." He went to grab a tricorder, and as he did so, he noticed the still-newlyweds walk in, lost in conversation. As he returned to the Lieutenant he asked, "Is this weapon still on board? It should be quarantined immediately." He frowned
She walked over and sat on the biobed. "I don't know, Doc, you need to ask Edra about that, but I seriously doubt it." She pinched between her eyes rubbing them.
He nodded. "I will, indeed." He scanned her with the tricorder, and looked at the readout. "Well, I don't see that anything serious has infected you. But you are working on a slight sinus infection. I can give you something that will clear that right up."
Over her com she heard, "Lt. Stewart, I want you in my Ready Room when you're done in Sickbay, please."
"Yes, ma'am." She answered, then turned back to the Doctor. "Looks like I'm going to have to answer for what I did to Banks."
The doctor moved to grab a hypospray, checked the contents and dose and pressed it to her neck. "I'm also noting that your melatonin levels are low. You need to be sure you're getting enough sleep. I'm aware that everything is hectic right now with command shifts and such, but being exhausted won't help anyone.
"I know. I have been so wrapped up in trying to find out who hurt the Captain in my time off. I have been looking through files trying find anyone that would want to hurt the Captain. I haven't been sleeping."
He nodded. "If you think you can't do so on your own, I can prescribe something for you."
"I hate to ask, but if you could prescribe something to help me sleep I would appreciate it. The only time I sleep good is when I'm drunk."
Whelan cast a sideways glance at her as he prepared a hypo. "I don't have to tell you that's not a good idea, right?" He walked back, handing her the hypo.
She took the hypo. "Yeah, I know but sometimes it helps to relieve the stress when Hayden isn't around."
He looked straight at her. "I don't want to hear about this becoming a problem." He nodded to the hypo. "That is one dose. It will help your mind calm down. See how well it works for you, then see if you can sleep without it. If not, come see me, but I don't want you *needing* it."
"Yes, Doctor. I won't use this unless I just have to. I don't want to become dependent on anything to help me sleep, Doctor."
He shook his head. "Use it next time you need to sleep. After that, come back if your mind keeps staying active when you lay down."
"Sure will, Doc. Thanks for your help."
He smiled and nodded. "Anything else?"
"Nothing that I can think of right now. I guess now I go to face Edra over my actions. I didn't do anything wrong really, but I didn't act too professional either."
"Well, good luck." He turned to attend to Brie and Zimm.
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