DL/PL: Taking the Punches

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DL/PL: Taking the Punches

Postby Iar Edra » Sun May 03, 2015 4:13 pm

DL/PL: Taking the Punches

"She thinks that I was born yesterday
She thinks that I go out with the tide and fade at the end of the day.
She thinks my hair's ain't numbered an when pricked I will cry in pain,
Just 'cause I smile like a child born yesterday..."
-Rob Dougan

Edra stood with her fists up in front of her, lightly transferring her weight from one foot to the other and back again. She struck out with her left fist, letting a loud grunt as she did so. Her right jab followed up a bit lower than the first hit. The hanging bag moved slightly, not as much as she wanted it to, not as much as it should have, at least in her mind, which made her thankful that she was in the gym alone. She repeated the hits, with the same results. The bag's lack of movement only served to frustrate her more, which led to more punches and more grunts, getting louder as her anger and frustration grew.
The exercise was a bit symbolic of her current situation. She'd had to step up and do a job she hadn't expected to do, but the more she tried, the more it seemed to go wrong. Everything was seemingly fine before arriving at Earth, but once there, everything went downhill. And every time she thought she couldn't get lower, something happened to prove her wrong. She punched the bag again, harder. The results were still the same.
Why had she done this? What had caused Banks to turn against them. Edra didn't think she had wanted much to do with Shadow Inc anymore, but two things made her second guess that. The recent mission in conjunction with SI could have reignited her loyalty to them. Or was it the reignited relationship with James? Had he convinced her to do some kind of job for them again? No, he wouldn't have called asking about her if that were the case. It was more likely to be the first.
Or maybe it didn't have anything to do with SI. Maybe there was no way to really know. Maybe she didn't care any more. There was too much evidence against her to ignore, or just brush off. And, frankly, Edra wasn't sure she could trust anything she'd say anyways. She'd lied.
That last thought brought more questions back to mind that she'd already run through too many times to count. But now, James' story seemed to lend creedence to the answer she'd deduced. Did she have anything to do with Henry's current condition? If the answer was positive, it would take more restraint than she'd ever shown to not take matters into her own hands.
Edra had tried to justify why Banks would have taken the bio weapon against her orders, or why she would have even taken charge of the crew to do this job for someone else--possibly this Admiral, but who knew, really? She was also pissed at herself for letting it get that far. But Banks had been assisting her since she took on her lead position, and the mission had seemed to start out that way. But when it had ended with Banks taking posession of the weapon, and leaving, she crossed a line. And susequently brought into question all of her recent actions.
Grunt. Harder.
She was certain of one thing: Banks would not have pulled this on Henry. She may have confided in him the need to pull off the mission, and he may have helped, but she wouldn't have gone behind his back. For a slight moment, she wondered if that indicated some kind of feelings Banks held for him, but she quicky dismissed that. That wasn't how she operated.
But what if she knew Henry would say no? If she was still exptected to deliver the weapon, she'd have to find a way around him, and someone who wouldn't say no, at least not until it was too late. So had all this happened so she could get a gun out of the wrong hands?
Banks' answers to her questions about how much she knew had satisfied her before, but this new information turned all of that on it's head. It had been no accident that Banks had been there on that day. She'd told them that James had cancelled their vacation plans, but she'd lied. She'd cancelled them. But she'd also been visibly angry at having not gone. Had she been the one to make the decision on her own, she would have done what needed to be done, so someone else must have made that decision for her. Whomever she was working for, she supposed. It explained her mood when they'd talked. It also explaned how she knew to evacuate the house.
Harder. The grunts were becoming shouts with each punch.
Banks had been involved in the whole thing. She couldn't unthink the very possible, very plausible scenario. And when she came back and they took her into custody, Edra was sure she'd deny the whole thing. But she'd already lied once, who knew what else was a lie?
She punched the bag again and again, leaning her whole body into it, until she had to hold onto it in order to stay on her feet, panting to catch her breath. She was done. She wanted nothing more than to take her family back to their home on Earth.
The home that was a pile of rubble at the moment.
Unfortunately, that was not an option at the moment. She had a job to do. When he'd been appointed as Captain, Henry had picked her to be the XO because he believed she could handle whatever happened. And Starfleet had gone along, despite their relationship. They didn't do that very often, so they must have thought she could handle the job as well. And the entire crew was relying on her to do the job that needed to be done. So, even if she wanted to run and hide, and protect her family, she had too many people relying on her to stay right here.
As if to reinforce that thought, a bridge officer came over the comm. "Bridge to Commander Crow. We're receiving a distress signal."
She grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off her brow. "Can it wait for 15?"
"Yes, Sir."
She breathed a sigh of relief. At least she'd have the chance to clean up and once again regain her composure. "Good. Notify department heads to meet me in the conference room in 20."
"Aye, Sir."
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