JL: E.Crow & Stewart: Plotting

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JL: E.Crow & Stewart: Plotting

Postby Iar Edra » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:50 pm

JL: Crow & Stewart: Plotting

Edra paced in the Ready Room, stopping to look out the window, as dark thoughts raced throught her mind.
Constance walked out of Sickbay glad that the doctor had told her that the only thing wrong with her was exhaustion. She walked to the Ready Room wondering how much trouble she was in as she knocked on the door.
"Enter!" She barked out.
Constance walked into the room, "You wanted to see me, Ma'am."
Edra turned around, and tried to swallow some of her anger. "Yes. PLease, sit. First things first, what did Whelan have to say about the three of you?"
She sat down. "I don't know about Brie and Zimm, but he told me I have sinus infection, which me gave me meds to take care of that, and that I'm suffering from exaustion.
Edra nodded and walked the few steps to sit on her side of the desk. "I don't think you're the only one. I'm glad there were not residual effects from the weaponry on the planet." She sighed and leaned back in her chair. "Constance, I'm sorry for the way this played out. I know no one is a fan of being kept in the dark on missions, but sometimes those are our orders. However, had I realized what was going on, things would have been handled very differently, and you would have at least known that things were hush hush from the get-go."
Constance looked to Edra. "I apologize about my behavior in this situation, Ma'am. I just lost control... the way she thought we were just robots that would just go in and do her dirty work, and just hand over what we risked our lives for, no questions asked. It didn't set well with me. I felt we needed to know what we had risked our lives for. I know I acted unprofessionally, and for that I am sorry. I wish I could say it won't happen again, but I can't promise anything."
"Well, Banks pulled a number on all of us. And she's diretly disobeyed my orders. I've put a lot of trust in her lately, but at this moment, that's all out the door. She indicated she's returning at some point. When that happens, I want her in the Brig."
"Ok, Ma'am. I will have a team waiting for her in the transporter room when she arrives."
Edra shook her head. "I don't want you engaging directly with her. Banks has...a very specific set of skill that are well-honed, moreso than most people on this ship. I have another idea instead. When she beams aboard, I want Chief Thompson to beam her into her cell. She had a personal transporter com on her person, so I also want a transporter inhibitor in place to be activated as soon as she's in there."
"Yes Ma'am. Should she be searched when she gets transported into her cell make sure she has no weapons to confiscate that transporter device so she can't escape?"
Edra shook her head. "That's unnecessary. The inhibitor will do what we need, and the field should handle any weapons she may have on her." Edra handed her a PADD. "I'm sending this message to the entire crew informing them of the situation, and how they should handle it if they see her."
Constance took the PADD, looking it over. "So she should be treated as a dangerous criminal then?" She looked at Edra stone faced.
Edra paused. Constance asked a good question. She was taking a step not to be taken lightly. Even in her anger she could see that. But Banks had put the crew in danger without her approval, then willingly gone against her wishes. In the end, she nodded. "A criminal, definitely. Should she be approached, I believe she would become dangerous."
"Maybe this would be a good time to test out my Marine Unit I have been working on. I haven't gotten approval to make it an official unit yet, so I will incorporate them with my staff."
"What are your plans?" Edra sat back, listening to what she had to say.
"Well Ma'am, I was just going to put my team on heightened alert, increase patrol, tighten security a bit. The Marine unit would be armed with phaser rifles. They're armed similar to an old earth marine unit, only weapons are more high tech."
She nodded. "That's fine. I still want phasers set to stun, but they may need to up the intensity for her. Her training has made her more insensitive than we're used to. I don't want any one-on-one engagement. They should be in pairs...if that wasn't already what you had in mind." She smiled.
"Yes Ma'am. The rifles that the Marine unit has have higher stun settings that your average phaser rifle. And pairs are a must."
Edra stood up. "Excellent. Thank you, Lieutenant. I feel much better knowing we're on the same page."
Constance stood up as well. You're welcome, Ma'am. If you need anything, even if it's just to talk, I'm here.
She smiled. "I appreciate that. I seem to have lots of fodder for venting lately. Right now, I'd trade it all in for a boring normalcy."
"I'm sorry that she betrayed you like she did."
"Thank you." She responded as Constance left.
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