JL: E.Crow & Melanick: Spreading the Word

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JL: E.Crow & Melanick: Spreading the Word

Postby Iar Edra » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:43 pm

JL: Crow & Melanick: Spreading the Word

Could this day be done? She was finished. The prognosis for Henry was bad enough, but she'd had to spread the word. It couldn't be helped. His sisters needed to know what happened. So she'd contacted each of them and gave them all the information as she knew it. She'd barely been able to contain her emotions, having gone for the last day and a half forcing herself to hold it together in public. There would be another release of emotions like she'd had the night before, but she had other things she was responsible for first. Like letting the people who needed to know about Henry's condition. Before talking to his sisters, she'd sent a message to Chance on his assignment, the medical ship USS Hua Tuo. She wasn't exactly sure where he was, or the nature of their current mission, so his ability to reply or contact her were uncertain, but she had to tell him.
After closing the channel with Michelle, the older of his two younger sisters, she sat back and looked around her quarters. Her eyes caught an art project that Karina had completed. The drawn picture, mostly black and white, consisted of a string of stick figures, with the two figures in the middle in a box and in color. One stick figure was pink, the other was blue.
The twins.
Edra groaned. She had one more notification to make. Caressa should know about this too. This one might be the toughest though. She hadn't talked to her much since she'd left the Merc There were hi's and how are you's when Henry called to talk to the twins, but she usually left him to it, not wanting to intrude. But this time she couldn't avoid it. She brought up the console's call history and found his last call. With the push of a button, she requested the connection
Noticing the incoming star fleet message, Caressa hit the acknowledge button before she even looked to see who it was. " Carresa Melanick here go ahead." Then she looked up. "Edra?"
Edra gave the faintest of smiles as a greeting. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but there's been...an incident. It's Henry, and he's not doing well." She took a shakey breath, trying, trying to keep it together.
"What's happened? She sat up in her chair thinking it must be serious for Edra to contact her.
She shook her head. "There's a lot we don't know. We were on shore leave, well, most of the crew was on shore leave. We had a gathering of the senior officers at the ranch, but he got called into a meeting last minute and was going to meet us there. We know now that meeting was a set-up, but Idon't know what happened there.
"While some of us were talking we spotted a shuttle approaching, and next thing I know he was just...pushed out the back. When we got him back on board, he had more injuries than just from the fall. Something happened to knock him unconscious before that. Right now he's in a coma..." She took another breath, "And paralized from the neck down. The doctor thinks he has about a 50/50 chance of just coming out of the coma.
"I...I thought you should know...for the kids and all..."
"Where is he at currently? Can you get him here? I have connections..." She didn't add: and some classified things that could help. She thought to herself. What was she going to tell the twins? Too many things going through her head.
"Right now we're heading toward another mission 2 1/2 days away from Earth, and Henry's in the ship's Sickbay. He's stable, but we got order from Starfleet. When we're done I'm bringing the Merc back to Earth."
"Ok, have the doc on board send me everything. We will start working on some things here."
She nodded. "Thank you."
"No problem he is such a pain in the ass sometimes. It will be ok. We won't lose him" She faked a smile.
Edra put on her best smile, which wasn't much at the moment. "I hope not. I'll keep you updated on him. I'm sorry I had to call with this kind of news..."
"It is ok, Caressa out."
Edra sat back and sighed. A part of her felt a bit better after that. It helped to know someone with a lot of connections would be working on fixing him. Standing up, she made her way to Sickbay to speak to Dr.Whelan about sending those files.
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