JL: E.Crow & Jayde: Secrets

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JL: E.Crow & Jayde: Secrets

Postby Iar Edra » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:26 pm

JP: Edra & Brie

Edra sat at a table in the lounge, looking out the windows, with a mug in her hand. She sipped at the Raktajino, the stars streaming by. They were on their way to their next mission, but her mind was still locked back a few hours before. As if Henry didn't have enough hurdles to climb, now he had one more. She was struggling with how to handle it all.
With Zimm still down in engineering figuring out all the upgrades and such, Brie found herself a bit bored. They were traveling again, which she didn’t mind. It got her further away from the annoyances of her parents. She’d finished up everything she needed to get done and headed off towards the lounge. After ordering something a tiny bit strong, she looked over and saw Edra. Walking towards her, she did her best to give a smile. “Want some company?”
Edra looked up and gave her friend a wan smile. She nodded once and raised the mug to her lips.
Pulling over a chair, Brie sat down next to Edra. After taking a sip of her drink, she looked Edra over for a moment before asking, “you alright?”
Edra shook her head, "Not really." She toyed with the idea of telling Brie what the doctor had told her, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. The next person to hear those words pass her lips should be Henry. And if the worst happened, well, there wouldn't really be a need to say anything at all because it wouldn't matter.
Brie frowned and put a hand on Edra’s shoulder. “Something’s wrong, I can tell by the look on your face. You don’t have to tell me but...don’t keep it bottled up. Does no good, believe me. Especially in your condition.”
Edra sighed. "I wish I could tell you, to get it off my chest, but it's just too personal." She sipped from her mug. "I don't feel like it's my information to tell...to anyone. "
“You don’t need to, Edra. But I think you know who you need to tell.” She put down her drink and looked at her friend. “Anything you can tell me, just to get things off your chest? It doesn’t have to be what is bothering you, because I think, when Henry wakes up, you need to tell him. But..just anything.” Woah, she wasn’t sure when she became councilor like..but she was.
Edra smiled. "Thank you. Most of what I'm feeling is probably pretty obvious: scared, angry, wanting this to be over. I haven't fully explained what happened to the girls yet. I don't quite know how to tell them." She took a deep breath to reign in her emotions.
Brie nodded. “I can’t blame you. Everything is such a mess right now, and then we get sent on another mission without our captain being able to command it. I don’t see how that is fair to any of us at this point.” She was no good with children, not ones that she didn’t already know. So, she was at a complete loss how Edra would be able to tell her daughters what was happening.
"Actually, I'm hoping this mission will distract me. And Starfleet doesn't stop because one captain does. It's why we have the chain of command. It's just that the chain doesn't usually allow for spouses to be next to each other for just this reason. I've got some prep to do for this mission though. I should get started soon." Though she said the words, she didn't seem to be in any kind of a hurry, taking a slow drink from her half-filled mug.
“Maybe it’ll distract all of us. This crew is so close that these things pull on all of us.” Brielle grabbed her drink and started to sip on it again. She wasn’t going to pry into what else was bothering Edra, it wasn’t her place. But there was also a need to make sure that she was focused as best she could be on the mission they were heading to. “I hate to say it, Edra. But..you look like hell. Maybe you should get some rest. Assign someone to be your first officer for this thing so you don’t bare all the weight of it. We’ll all work together on this.”
"Thanks," She said into her mug with half a laugh. She didn't doubt it, not with the way this day had gone. "But I've gotta do this. We've got a bit of time before we reach this place. I'll try to get some semblance of rest at some point, but I can't pass on my duty the first time I'm put here." She looked into her mug to see how much was left, deciding to take the rest of it with her.
Brie frowned, worried about her friend. “Edra, what good are you going to do us if you are exhausted? You need to trust in the crew, delegate some things. I doubt Henry would want you like this, no matter what the circumstance were.”
Edra took a moment before responding. "Thank you, Brie, but I just need to look over the briefing again in order to delegate properly." She stood up, Raktajino in hand, "I appreciate the concern, but I need to at least do this before turning in. Thank you for letting me vent. I needed that."
Nodding, Brie downed the rest of her drink and returned the glass to the bar. “Everyone needs to vent sometimes. I do it to Zimm quite often. I think I’ll go back and see if he’s cleaned up from whatever he was doing down in engineering.”
Edra nodded in return, "Sounds good. I'll see you...later." She said, realizing she was unsure of how much later that would be. with silent gratitude that that had worked, she headed for the Ready Room to keep herself focused on problems she could fix.
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