JL: E.Crow & Banks: Taking Charge

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JL: E.Crow & Banks: Taking Charge

Postby Iar Edra » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:13 pm

JL: Crow & Banks: Taking Charge
Edra stepped off the Turbolift, making a beeline for the back corner of the Bridge. Halfway there, she gave an order. "Banks. Ready Room. Now."
Banks looked up when she heard her name, then closed out the console she was working on. She walked into the Ready Room, dossier file in hand, and walked up to Edra who was seated at the desk, and put it before her. "Nelson is one of his men. You may notice that there are several blanks in his service record which correspond to known Skull activities. That's how he takes his vacations."
Edra took the file, looking it over briefly, then looked up at her. "What about you?"
"Yes, you. How do you fit into this?" She stood, "How did you know just when to go get the girls?"
"I don't fit into this at all. I went in for them because your husband had just been kicked out of a shuttle twenty feet in the air and I knew what kind of firepower they had on that vehicle."
She nodded. "Ok. That's what I figured too, but witnesses, those in the house, reported that you told them to get out too. I can't figure out how you would know to do that. Nothing I like, anyways."
"He has an M.O. Give the people something to remember and something to fear. Anyways, Nelson has the Skull's mark like the rest of the thugs. He also is a masochist so the interrogation didn't go as well as I'd hoped where it pertains to gaining info."
Edra leaned over her desk on her hands, just staring at Banks, who didn't flinch. After a length of time that would have made anyone else uncomfortable, she nodded once. "Good." She relaxed. "I'm sorry, it's not that I don't trust you. I do. But an officer asked me those questions. I told him whatever it was, you had a good reason, but I'm sure you can appreciate my need to ask you directly."
Banks continued, unaffected, "Nelson told me that he's not done with you. This thing with the Captain and the house is just the beginning. You have to understand what that means and how serious it is. Whatever he's up to or whoever is paying him, he wont stop."
Edra sat back down, slumping in the chair. "Not done?" She shook her head, remembering previous words. "You said he coulda taken Henry out if he wanted to. So he's obviously drawing this out, torture, in a way." A thought entered her mind. "Is it possible Henry's not the target?"
"That's possible. It could be you, the kids, anyone really. Without knowing who is the benefactor..." She shrugged. "But this bounty hunter and his men have no morals, no conscience."
The thought made her angry, someone doing that to him, just to get to, who, her? She looked up at Banks. "You have any suggestions? This is not my forte."
"I don't usually say this. Run."
Edra put her elbows on the desk, and her head in her hands. "That's not usually a preferred option, either." She looked back up, "What if we had backup? A small fleet..."
"My former employer had some run ins with this man. He was hired to take out Nadall. So we placed someone undercover to find out where and when and then that person was found out. They were ransomed back to Shadow and in the process Nadall made him a larger offer."
Edra raised a brow.
"I don't think if we all threw some in the hat we'd have enough to buy off the contract now."
"I don't suppose Nadall would know anyone else he does business with, would he?" It was a long shot, but, she needed to try.
"Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians, a few groups you've never heard of. You have to make sure that you and the girls stay away from him and his men."
This was exhausting. "So we run, but for how long? Henry's going to need help that we don't have on this ship, eventually. I can't comandeer this ship indefinitely just to hide from this guy." She stood again, and walked away from her chair. "Is running even enough?" She punched the wall in frustration. "I can't take this! We need some definite answers!"
"If you don't stay ahead of him....just...just believe that I know best."
She looked back at Banks. "What do you know? How do you know?" She returned to her seat.
"You don't want to ask that."
Her fist hit the desk, causing other objects to bounce as she regained her feet. "Dammit, Banks! After everything I've been through today, stop trying to protect me! If I'm going to make the correct decisions, I need to know what I'm up against! I need answers!"
Banks walked up to her, eyeing her silently for a moment, before turning her back, tilting her head down and brushing her hair up away from her neck...
...revealing a small black skull tattoo.
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