PL: Unsinkable Ships

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PL: Unsinkable Ships

Postby Iar Edra » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:10 pm

PL: Unsinkable Ships

"Unsinkable ships sink, unbreakable walls break
Sometimes the things we think will never happen happen just like that
Unbendable steel bends if the fury of the wind is unstoppable
I've learned to never underestimate the impossible."
-Joe Nichols

Smoke slowly rose from the smoldering pile of wood and other building materials that used to be the Ranch House. It was just one more piece in the puzzle that this day had turned into. Nothing made any sense. Who had been piloting that shuttle, and why did he just...push Henry out as he had? What had happened before that? The injuries he sustained were from more than just the fall. She suspected he hadn't even been conscious for the fall. Who could do that to him? Who could do all of this? She'd been briefed, and apparently it was someone who went by the name of "The Skull" but that didn't tell her anything. Where did he come from? Who did he work for? Why was he doing this? His files indicated he was a bounty hunter, but who had a put a price on Henry? Was that even what was going on here? Banks had indicated that this man had just toyed with Henry like a cat does with a mouse, but she found that hard to fathom. This was Henry. She'd watched him beat the best of the best, and hardly break a sweat. So who was it that had done this?
As a local law enforcement officer approached her, rain began to fall. She considered how well that matched her mood. Wrapping her arms around herself, she looked back at what remained of the house. Once again, she was grateful for Banks' presence earlier, but if she didn't want to break down in front of the man approaching her, she had to stop imagining what didn't happen. She nodded once as the officer took his last few steps to her. "I was told you needed to see me."
He nodded, "Yes, Ma'am. This is your ranch?"
"In a manner of speaking, yes."
"It's my husband's. Been in his family. But right now I'm the closest you're gonna get."
News of the day's incidents had been reported from all the witnesses, so he nodded. "I'm Officer Stahl.
"Commander Crow."
"I'm sorry for what happened, but I wanted to give you our report. After scanning the remains of the house, we found no lifesigns and only carbon-based remains of a variety of animals. Were there any pets inside?"
She shook her head. "Those were probably the taxidermied things you saw." She paused. "No one was in there?"
Officer Stahl gave her a suspicious look. "Most people are happy to hear that."
Realizing that her wording coud have been better, she tried to shake that off. "No. Of course, I'm happy no one else was injured or worse. I meant that it wasn't closed off, and people were wandering in and out. I was just surprised to hear that at that moment that house was clear."
That seemed to satisfy Stahl, but she was certain he would be paying particular attention to what she said. For now, he referred back to his PADD. "Some of the statements we have report a woman going through the house telling people to get out." He looked up to see her reaction.
She stood there, somewhere between shock and amazement. Banks...
"I'm sorry, Commander?"
She turned her attention back to the officer. She must have voiced that out loud, so she explained. "When my crew and I realized it was my husband...on the ground, Banks, one of our people, went to get my children out of the house. When it first happened I didn't even thing she'd had time to do that."
He began entering information on his PADD again. "Does this Banks have a first name?"
"No." She lied. "Just Banks."
"How did she know to get them out of the house?"
"With an unkown, serious threat hovering above us, I assumed she just wanted to have them safe."
"With all due respect, Commander, a house is usually considered a safe place."
She didn't like the way this conversation was heading. "Officer, I appreciate that you aren't privy to the interpersonal workings of my senior staff, so I'll just explain that it's been my experience that the safest places to be are in the presence of either my husband, under normal circumstances, or Banks. I had no reason to question her judgment."
He nodded, with only a "Hmm.." as a responce at first. Then, "How would you then explain that she knew to get everyone out of the house?"
The question hit her like a smack in the face, and she was sure her only answer at first was an open mouth. When she gathered herself, she replied. "Officer Stahl, I trust Banks implicitly. She's served the Captain and the ship with distinction. The idea of her involvement in this plot is absurd. I can only answer your question by saying she seems to have a sixth sense about these kind of things. A sense I've learned to trust."
He entered more information into his PADD, her answers, she assumed. Right now, she was ready to return to the ship. "Is there anything else, officer?"
He shook his head. "Not at the moment. I'm sure we'll be in contact. Given that this event is linked closely to your crew and ship, I assume you'll be taking charge of the investigation. My notes will be forwarded to your Chief Security Officer. I will also include a list of service companies who clean up these messes." He pointed back toward the rubble.
She nodded, no longer piqued, but still not pleased with the outcome of the conversation. She now had questions she couldn't let go unasked, even if she was confident of the answers. "Thank you."
"Have a nice day, Commander." Stahl said before walking away.
"Yeah, right..." she said under her breath. She turned and walked the short distance to Lt. Simmons, a security officer who had accompanied her to the surface. Tapping her comm badge, "Mercutio, two to beam up."
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