JL: Crow & Jayde: More Girl Talk

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JL: Crow & Jayde: More Girl Talk

Postby Iar Edra » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:05 pm

JP: More Girl Talk
Set before sim on 4/13

Edra wandered the halls. The next days' shore leave was quickly approaching, and she could tell the crew was antsy to get some personal time. The missions of the last few months had been pretty tense, and she was relieved for some time off. Some time alone with her family.
Brie had spoken to her parents to make sure the plans were all set. She realized that everything was packed and decided to go walking around the ship a bit. It wasn’t something she normally got to do. But it didn’t take long after she got out her door that she almost ran into Edra. “Oh! Sorry about that.”
Edra looked up from her PADD just in time to avoid running into Brie, and sidestepped the potential collision. "No worries." She smiled. "Your plans all set?"
“Beyond the constant repeated question from my parents, even before we’re down there?” Brie smirked and nodded, “Yeah, everything is set. What about for you and our dear captain?”
She smiled. "We're getting Karina from his sister's place and bringing her back with us. I'm looking forward to having both girls with us."
She nodded ahead of her, letting Edra keep walking and she would follow along. “It’ll be nice to have her on board. More kids makes this place seem more like a family.”
"I hope so." She resumed her wandering. "You're coming to the picnic, right?"
Brie chuckled. “As long as I can get away from my parents for long enough, yes. I’m the last of their children to get married, both my sisters have kids. So...I’m not going to enjoy the questioning.”
Edra smiled. "Unfortunately, or fortunately maybe," She smiled a bit, "I never got the questioning. One of the side effects of being the only one left in one's family."
“Yeah, that’s true. I just hope that Zimm is ready for them, he and I really haven’t had a chance to talk it over.” She smirked, “I know, I said I’d talk to him about it. But haven’t had a chance at all. It’s still in my mind though.”
Edra grinned. "You better get to it. You sure you're not just avoiding it." She teased Brie.
She laughed, “Avoiding which one? I wouldn’t avoid the actual...I won’t go there. But I have to make sure he is okay with it.”
She laughed. "Not that! I meant avoiding the conversation. You can't tell me you haven't had any chance since we last talked."
Brie thought for a moment. “I...have. But that kind of conversation is tricky after just being kidnapped. We’re enjoying being back on board and safe. There hasn’t been much..conversation.”
Edra nodded. "That's understandable. How are you both after that?”
“We’re doing as well as we can be. I’m still a big jumpy, even though I was the one who attacked our kidnapper first.” She looked over at Edra. “I told him that he made the wrong wife angry...while punching him in the face a few times.”
"I know no one likes to hear it, but it might be a good idea to talk to a counsellor. I know from experience that it can help."
“Sound like others I’ve talked to. I’ll be alright, this shore leave should help out quite a bit. I’m no where near as jumpy as I was. I ended up letting Zimm do most of the planning, while I just sort of sat there, feeling scared. I don’t feel scared often.”
She nodded. "Just keep it in mind if it doesn't get better. Zimm alright?"
Brie nodded, “Far as I know. He hasn’t said anything to the contrary, but he has been doing his best to keep himself busy. Maybe his way of dealing with all of it. But he did keep a cool head while we were there.”
"Yeah, but I'd be surprised to find he wasn't worried for you...even if he didn't show it."
“He did everything to keep me safe. He even tried to get me out of there, saying I had nothing to do with it. Of course, they didn’t listen.” She sighed. “But yeah, he’s worried about me. He keeps a close eye on me, especially when I jump at something random.”
Edra grinned. "Good. He'd have some answering to do if it were any different. His parents? I know we worried them when we broke the news."
“His parents were so amazingly nice. Of course, the question came up there as well. I don’t know what we would have done to get out of there without them, especially his dad. I heard the information he gave to you all, you wouldn’t have found us otherwise.”
She nodded. "Unfortunately, the culprits were people who had worked with him or for him, if I remember correctly. I'm glad he was able to help us." She paused for a moment, "If by some strange chance they ever visit, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on his mom. She was very...interested whenever Henry touched base with them."
Brie giggled. “Yeah, she’s interesting. Very...I don’t even know the word. She’s protective though, of Zimm.” She then realized they’d walked around the whole deck and were back at she and Zimm’s quarters again. “Well, one big loop. Suppose I can see if he’s back in there. Maybe I’ll get to talk to him before beaming down, maybe not.”
Edra grinned. "It was amusing watching Henry try to not look uncomfortable. Alright. I'll see you tomorrow, and tell Zimm he can take a break to spend some time with you." She winked.
“The first officer commands it, I’ll let him know.” She grinned. “I can’t wait for that BBQ food, I haven’t had any in a long time. You do your best to take it easy on the shore leave.”
Edra smiled as she watched Brie step back into her room. "You both, as well." When the doors closed, she resumed her original destination, Engineering.
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