PL: Hurdles

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PL: Hurdles

Postby Iar Edra » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:41 pm

PL: Hurdles

"Way down, I've been way down
Underneath this skin,
Waiting to hear my name again"

Edra sat by Henry's bedside. Dr. Whelan had just finished fixing all the superficial injuries: broken bones, cuts and scrapes. Though those were nothing compared to the major injuries the doctor had stabilized first: broken vertebrae in his neck and back that were pinching his spinal cord, causing paralysis, and head injuries that required putting him in a medically-induced coma. Those facts had stunned her, and she was just now coming out of the fog that her mind had fallen into. She was still having a hard time accepting what had happened, even though he was laying right here in front of her, hooked up to what seemed like every piece of equipment they had, doing the things his body couldn't, like breathing, and keeping his heart beating. She felt like this was a dream that she would wake up from any moment.
On the ground Brielle had gotten to him first, before Edra even knew it was him. When they'd all first seen the shuttle, she thought he was bringing in the Resurrection, to show off the new shuttle to those present. When it became obvious that wasn't the case, it felt like all hell broke loose. Everything felt is if it were moving in slow motion as she realized that the object that had fallen--or likely, been pushed--out of the shuttle was Henry. Her mind had worked furiously to make it into something else, but that had been a vain attempt. The incredulity of it all had paralized her. She wanted to help, but her mind couldn't get itself wrapped around the situation. Thankfully, Brielle had stepped in and did what she couldn't, just in time for her to witness the next horrific act. She had no idea who that was that had been onboard the shuttle, making his grand speech, and she'd only heard him in the periheral of her mind. But then he turned the shuttle and blew the ranch house to pieces.
She was sure her heart had stopped in that instant, positive that Karina and Karissa had still been inside. When she recovered from the initial shock, her only thought had been to get to them. The next few minutes were a blur. But the next thing she remembered was holding them tight. There were no words to describe the relief she felt. She would be forever grateful for whatever events transpired to keep Banks here. If not for her, they would have still been in the house.
Then, knowing they were safe, and hadn't even been injured, her focus returned to Henry. Somewhere, in the deep recesses of her mind, she realized she'd always known this day would come. When he'd go up against something or someone who was more than he could handle.
She took his hand, but her next thought was to wonder if it would do any good, if he couldn't feel it. She decided she didn't care. She just sat there, considering all the implications of the situation. With him in this condition, she was Acting Captain. Under most circumstances she could have handled the responsibility. But she wasn't so sure she was fit for duty herself. All of the years of training and working her way up through the ranks had taught her to throw her shoulders back and stand tall in a situation like this. But her heart wasn't in it.
She'd have to tell the girls. She'd have to decide how much to tell them as well. If she told them everything, it would certainly scare them, but would they understand it all? And if he recovered, would the scare do more harm than good? On the other hand, if she didn't explain how critical he was, they probably wouldn't worry as much. But if the worst happened, the sudden news would devastate them. She didn't want them to be as troubled as she was, but telling them would prepare them. She sighed.
"I don't know what to do." She said to him. And with that her resolve broke, as if talking to him acknowledged that it was all, in fact, real. The last thing she wanted to consider was a life without him in it. Granted, she'd done that before, but only because they'd been separated by cosmic forces, and she'd spent years trying to get back. There was never the permenance that there would be if he didn't pull through. She wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. Perhaps it was still to early to tell. It was true, she'd never seen him in worse shape, but as a doctor she knew how advanced the medical field was. It could take some hours before they could get an accurate picture of what his chances were.
She prayed they'd be better than what they were now.
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