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JL: Banks & K. Crow, & E.Crow & H.Crow, "Discussions"

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JL: Crow &Crow: Discussions

Banks was flipping through a weapons catalog on a PADD as she sat on the couch in The Crow's quarters. "So what do you want to do this evening while they're having dinner?" She looked up from her PADD at Karissa.
The 8-year old girl was on the floor, reading her own PADD, an assignment for school. She looked up and shrugged. "I dunno. Something fun..."
"Your mother would try to kill me if I took you to a firing range."
Karissa's eyes got big. "Firing range?"
"Its where you practice shooting guns."
"I know that! Dad goes there all the time. I meant, you'd take me?"
"As I said, your mother will try to kill me."
Karissa grinned. "Only if she knows." She coverd her mouth as if she were already in trouble."
Banks set her PADD down. "I hear your sister is coming to live here."
She nodded, "I've only seen her on comms before..."
"Do you like her?"
Karissa shrugged, then nodded. "I suppose."
"Siblings can be difficult to deal with sometimes. I have a younger brother who spent all his time driving me crazy."
"She's older than me. But we look like each other."
"So....drive her crazy." Banks grinned.
The young girl considered that, then giggled.
Banks reached over the couch to pick up something off the floor, in the process accidentally exposing a tattoo on the small of her back of a small frog with wide goofy looking eyes. Karissa watched, wondering what she was getting, and noticed the tattoo. She got up and moved closer. "What's that?"
"What's what?" She looked at Karissa, who poked her in her back.
"It's funny looking."
"Oh....well..." She was mentally kicking herself, "It's called a tattoo."
"A frog?"
"Yes a frog. It's an inside joke between me and a.....friend of mine."
"His name is James. We have the same tattoo."
"In the same place?"
"Well...no. His is a little lower."
It took a minute for Karissa to think about it, then her eyes got big, and she giggled. When she stopped, she asked, "Is it a funny joke?"
"He and I met during training for amphibious assault. That means that we sneak someplace through the water. So we got to calling each other frogs and once, we had a few.....adult drinks and thought it'd be a funny idea to get these.
"You're amphibions.." She laughed.
"When you take vacation on earth I'll be going to see him."
"He's there too?"
"No, he's on his homeworld."
"Where is that?"
"It's called Shadow Prime. I grew up on one of its moons."
Karissa nodded, "So, you're not gonna be on Earth?" She pouted.
"No, I'm going to be on a private beach if he's to be believed. And by that I mean one of his father's planets that only he and I will be on. He's kind of like a prince."
She gaspe, "A whole planet?" Then gasped again, "A prince???"
"He and his family control hundreds of worlds."
"They're very powerful and rich. Money drives everthing for them."
Karissa nodded slowly. "How many planets?"
"Last count 312. But I dont know if they've taken anyone else over lately."
Her mouth dropped open, and her eyes got big again.
"They can be bad people. But he's good deep down. I used to work for them before I worked for Starfleet."
"For the bad people?"
Banks nodded. "That's why I know how to do all kinds of stuff."
"Will they come back for you?"
"No, they tried that once. But now that me and...the prince are...friends again I dont' have to worry about them."
"Mom and Dad talk about bad people coming back...they don't know I can hear..."
Banks leaned forward. "What do they say?"
"That they're waiting for it...I don't think they know when though."
"That's the thing about bad people. You always have to be on the look out."
She nodded, and was quiet for a moment. Then suddenly she changed the topic...maybe. "I wanna go to the firing range." She smiled.
Banks contemplated that. "She actually can't kill me..."

Henry dropped his silverware on the plate which had only the bone of the T-bone left on it. "That hit the spot."
Edra was sitting back in her chair. She'd already finished her smaller filet, and had been watching him, not quite at the eating-for-two stage yet. "That it did. Good idea."
"Everything is set down on the ranch for tomorrow. We've got everything from a barbeque to full fledged campfire planned."
"I'm packed. Karissa will be packing tomorrow morning, and I'll be getting the room set up for both of them at the same time. I've been looking forward to this...a lot."
"You dont think Karissa is freaked out about Karina do you?"
"I wouldn't say freaked out...perhaps a bit tentative though. They've seen each other, and talked, but not in person."
"I just don't want her thinking she's being, I dunno, replaced."
Edra nodded, "Me neither. I've talked to her about it, so I think she gets it, but I think we can only watch as we go, make sure they both get our attention."
It was Henry's turn to nod. "Yea we'll make sure they feel like equals...especially with the new kid on the way."
She smiled, like she did anytime she thought of the baby. "Agreed. Lots of I-love-yous."
"Speaking of which, we should start thinking of names."
"Did you have ideas?"
"Well as long as we don't pick Sue I'll be happy."
She laughed, "I think I can agree to that."
"What do you think sounds like a good name?"
She grinned, resting her chin on the heel of her hand. "Ever consider a Junior?"
"To be honest, I haven't. I never cared for my name much growing up."
Edra cocked her head to the side. "Really? I'm kinda partial to it." She smiled.
"If you think it'd be a good fit we can do it."
She shook her head. "I was just referring to you. We don't have to go with that. But I haven't been able to come up with anything else I really like yet. I think I need to look up more names."
"It took me three months to name my dog when I was twelve. I swear he thought his name was hey you."
She bowed her head as she laughed softly. "Well, we still have about three months to go."
"Good thing for me."
She placed her hand on his cheek, smiling, "You're too hard on yourself sometimes. We'll find something."
He put his hand over hers, "I wonder what they're up to in our quarters. I swear at some point Banks is going to teach her how to do molotov cocktails."
"She'd better not! Her room'll need to be rebuilt each time she makes another. And she will..."
"I have to admit I never thought she'd take on this role."
"Me neither. But she seems to be enjoying it. Karissa certainly is."
"Yea nothing can possibly go wrong with those two conspiring." He paused, "Spent an hour on the horn today with the brass about clearing Banks shore leave plans. They didn't like that she's headed home for her time off."
She shrugged, "It's her time to do with what she will."
"Well its always a juggling act. She's a hell of an asset but some of them don't trust her. And most of them don't know why we do."
She nodded, "I remember when we all felt that way."
He nodded as well, "But she'll earn her keep."
"She's done that. And more. So they're quick to send us to help her people, but they worry about her taking some time with them?"
"I know it doesn't make sense to us." He responded, idly twirling a fork. "I think it has to do with her being....close with Nadall's son."
She sighed. "Well, I don't know that I fit into the politics of Starfleet, because this is just exhausting.
"I have to admit I'm not real pleased with that either."
"I do trust her but not him."
She shot him a questioning look. "You had more interactions with him than I did."
"He's a highly trained operative himself. If he wants to know things about us I'm sure he knows how to ask her in a way to get her guard down."
She sighed again. "I'd like to think she wouldn't do that to us."
"I dont think it'd be conscious."
"So does that mean you don't think she should go either?"
"Yea...but you tell her she can't go see her boyfriend."
Edra let out a dry laugh. "Not me! I like well enough that we're on good terms."
"So I'm going to let her go and put faith in her."
Edra nodded.
"...and if she turns on us...I'm delegating it to my XO to handle it." He cast a sideways grin.
"Ahh..I see how is." She smiled as well. "Can't handle it, eh?"
"Well I just enjoy being able to sleep without keeping one eye open. And ya know...you and her in brawl is kind of a....colorful scene."
"You keep on that train of thought, and you'll still be sleeping with one eye open."
He smiled as she leaned in closer. "I am getting the idea though, that the next time we do this, we should send Karissa to Banks' quarters."
"I don't think I've ever seen the inside. I imagine its decorated with skulls and weaponry."
She smiled into her drink. "Then I'm one up on you there."
"You have?"
She sat back in her seat. "I had a topic to discuss with her..."
"Which was?"
She grinned. "Nosy little bugger aren't ya? Before we went in to get Nadall's son, she didn't want to go. I felt she owed you more than that."
"You guilt tripped her?"
"No. I can't do the impossible. It was just a reminder."
"Am I right about the skulls?"
She shook her head. "Nope...really, it's quite spartan. If you think about it, it makes more sense." She stopped, and shook her head, "When I made the suggestion that we attempt to make our quarters available to us next time, this is not where I saw the conversation going." She grinned.
"Well, maybe we could inspect that new shuttle?"
She looked off, considering it. "We should make sure it's up to specs."
"Yep...make sure the seats are secure...the shocks work..." He nodded.
She nodded as well. "We wouldn't want something to happen on her first flight."
"Exactly." He stood, "It's our duty as officers to do a full and proper inspection."
Following his lead, she stood and took his arm when he offered it. "Absolutely."
As he led her out they made their way to the shuttlebay, coming to stand before the new shuttle. She let go of him to walk around it. "She'll do quite nicely, I think."
He nodded. "Beautiful.....sleek......great curves....and the shuttle ain't bad either."
She looked back at him then returned to his side, grinning. "Silver-tongued devil. You're good for my ego."
"I'm too much of a gentleman to lie."
She smiled, nodding, "Then perhaps you'll give me a tour."
He hit the door release. "Right this way, fair lady."
She entered in front of him, approaching the back of the pilot's and navigation seats.
"Plenty of cushioning."
She whipped her head around, "Oh, you'd better be talking about the seats, mister."
He only grinned.
She put a hand on the back of each seat. "Plenty of power too."
"Well you often need to pair those things."
She turned around to face him this time and nodded. "Aye, Captain."
He grinned again, "You know what happens when you call me that."
She raised a brow. "I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Oh don't play coy. "
She pushed herself away from the seats and toward him. "What would you have me play?"
"Oh that is a trick question if I've ever heard one."
She chuckled "It might be." She proceeded to put her hands flat on his chest and slid them around to his back.
"Careful, careful. You don't want to be brought in for assault."
"I'm sure the punishment would be unbearable."
"Well it would be several hours long with only small breaks for humane recovery."
She took in a breath. "That sounds...horrible..."
"Well its not for the faint of heart." He slipped his arms around the small of her back.
"I think I could take that challenge." She slid her hands back around the front of him then up and around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss.
He couldn't help returning the kiss, lost in it, until he heard a nervous cough, opened his eyes to look over to the door, and saw a very nervous looking Lieutenant.
Startled out of the moment, Edra stepped so they were side-by-side. "Yes...Lieutenant. She closed her eyes a moment, still recovering.
"How long have you been standing there?" Henry asked.
"Long enough for this to be really awkward."
"And I think its really nice that you two can be so playful."
Edra wa a little creeped out by that response.
"No." Henry said. "And....what do you want?
"Oh! I know we're on shore leave but we got a message from Starfleet Command. They need you planetside for an emergency meeting. Location is outside of Rio."
She frowned, and looked to Henry. "Rio?"
"I'm sure it won't take long."
She turned back to Lt. Nelson, "Thank you Lt. Please forward the message to each of us. Is there anything else?"
"Oh..no." The man turned and left with kind of a weird smirk.
Henry stood there, staring. "That guy is....odd."
"You thought so too?"
"Like I said it wont take long. I'll go down to the meeting and still will be able to meet you at the barbecue by dinner."
She nodded. "Do you know something about this?"
"No idea. Probably one of those boring ones where they talk about things that could have been memos."
She sighed. "Sorry." She looked around, giving thought to what almost happened. "I guess I should go get Karissa ready?"
He nodded. "Yea....but we'll pick up where we left off soon." He lightly squeezed her hand.
She smiled. "I'll hold you to that." Then she headed for the door, her last comment trailing behind her, "That...Me...either one..."
Henry just chuckled.
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