Cpt. H. Crow, Personal Log

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Cpt. H. Crow, Personal Log

Postby Iar Edra » Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:32 pm

SD 11503.16
0200 hours.
Henry walked into the ship gym assuming he’d have it to himself as usual but stopped when he saw Banks hard at work on the heavybag, kicking it with relentless aggression. He was about to leave her be when she noticed him.
“It’s a big room, you don’t have to leave.”
“Yea, well one of those kicks may go wide and take my head off.”
“I don’t miss.”
“So I’ve noticed. I never really got a chance to talk to you about the other night.”
“No need. I took care of it and it’s all settled.”
“Yes but I don’t want you to feel like you’re obligated to play protector.”
“First, that’s not what I do. Second, the first line of defense is Edra then you. If you’re either busy or preoccupied then I fill in. I’m not her parent.”
“She likes you.”
“Many people do. I’m very popular.”
“With who?”
“Ever hear of the Sealeans?”
“Well if I’d left any alive they’d tell you I’m swell.”
“You know you really know how to make me comfortable leaving you with a small child.”
“I took the liberty of reviewing all ship personnel for questionable backgrounds.”
“This is an intel ship we all have shady backgrounds. “
“I know, I almost had you shipped out.”
“If you’re not careful that sweet sense of humor will be your undoing.”
“Anyways, they all clear. I don’t think there are any obvious plants, at least none we have to worry about trying to set us up.”
“Any good news is welcomed at this point.”
“Is she doing better?”
“Yea, I think she’ll be okay.”
“And you?”
“I’ll be better when I find the one who was behind it.”
“It wasn’t your fault. We all know what we’re signing on for around here.”
“They took her because it was a way to shove their control in my face. I’m gonna shove something in their’s.”
“You know what they say about people with anger issues?”
“Not a God damned thing…to their face.”
She gave her customary smirk and left him to his own devices. By the time
he was done he’d concocted half a dozen revenge plans but nothing would come of it until they filled in more pieces of the puzzle which left him more frustrated than when he began.
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