PL: Red Tape

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PL: Red Tape

Postby Iar Edra » Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:08 pm

PL: Red Tape

Edra padded around her and Henry's quarters, the office her destination. She picked up a PADD with one hand as she sat down and placed her other hand on the baby, now starting to show. This particular PADD contained some important information and she wanted to make sure it got processed.
Ever since that night in the Shadow barracks when she and Henry had said their vows to each other with no one else there, she hadn't considered that they meant any less than anyone else who said theirs in front of an ordained official and friends and family. The absence of anyone else didn't negate the sincerity of their oath.
But apparently, it did make it hard to verify to any authorities. And she wanted their marriage to be official, not because she cared what other people thought. She had reasons for wanting it to be official. She wanted to take his name again. It meant so much to her. In most places, her name would link them together before anyone knew anything else about her. She also wanted everything to be in order when her son was born. It would have sounded ridiculous to say it out loud because making their marriage "official" wouldn't actually change them, or the state of their family. Nevertheless, she wanted that solidarity on all fronts.
So when she broached the subject with Henry, she had been a little worried. She'd been the one to insist that night, and in the midst of the battle prep, it had probably sounded absurd. But he'd gone along with it. She knew there wasn't much he would say no to her for, even if it was absurd. And now she was coming back to tell him they needed to do it again. He was practical, and she felt like she was playing games. So she'd fumbled over some of the words, and he'd been silent as he mulled it over, but in the end, he'd gone along with her, like he always did.
She loved him so much. Not because he gave her whatever she wanted, but because he understood what was important to her. But she also knew he wasn't much of a fan of the pomp and circumstance. So the day before had found them at a simple comm panel saying their vows again in front of some officiant who could attest to the event and declare them legally married. And now, she was pressing her fingerprint to the record proclaiming her willing participation, next to Henry's print, already there. She hit "send," then sat back and smiled.
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