JL: Crow & Iar: Preferences

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JL: Crow & Iar: Preferences

Postby Iar Edra » Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:10 pm

JL: Preferences
Cmdr. Iar Edra and Cpt. Henry Crow

Edra had only had a short shift in the morning, so, with Karissa still in class, she had sat down on the couch to read a book. And honest to goodness, non work-related book. About 6 pages in, she dozed off.
Following an usually frustrating shift mainly centering on red tape, Henry entered the quarters, not getting more than a few feet before he noticed her. He crept over, quiet as he could muster, taking the PADD from her and setting it on a nearby table.
She shifted, but it was enough to wake her. The view she opened her eyes to made her smile, then chuckle. "Hey you." She yawned as she cleared the fog of sleep.
"I used to be more stealthy. Didn't mean to wake you."
"That's ok...I was just dozing. Just get off shift?"
He nodded. "Spent three hours arguing with people who wanted to send us on assignment in the middle of looking for our people. Their answer was, well they'll probably turn up later."
She shook her head as she sat up. "And I assume you were able to sidestep that?"
"Yea...I hung up on them."
She laughed, "That's one way to do it..." She looked at him quizzically, "So, I'm guessing you spent the last part of your shift in your Ready Room?"
He nodded, sitting next to her. "Most of it yea."
She nodded and pointed at him with a grin. "You forgot to take your glasses off."
One hand reached up, stopping when he hit the frame. "No wonder those ensigns in the lift were abnormally quiet."
She smiled and cocked her head to the side, "They make you look...distinguished."
"They make me look old." He quipped without missing a beat.
Her response was to lean in toward him, putting one hand on his cheek, "Does it matter if I like it?"
A grin spread across his face. "Your opinion does carry some influence."
She returned the smile, and closed the remaining distance to kiss him. Being with her allowed him to relax. But still, he broke the kiss after a few moments. "How've you been feeling?"
"Fine. Though, that reminds me, before all the excitement took our attention, Dr. Whelan wanted me to come down for a check-up. You up for it?"
"I think the last time we did this I might have gotten light headed."
She chuckled. "He said he should be able to tell us what it is if we want...?" She shot him a look that asked if he wanted to know.
He gave a slight nod. "Let's go then."
She stood up and stretched, yawning again before before nodding. "Ok, ready."
He headed down to sickbay with her, hand in hand. He wouldn't admit it but he was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. As they walked through the Sickbay doors, Dr. Whelan was already crossing the room and saw them enter.
"Good afternoon Commander, Captain."
Henry nodded his greeting. "Doc."
"Hi Doc. Reporting as instructed."
"Nice timing. I just sent someone else back on duty, so my schedule is open." He pointed to a nearby biobed. "Have a seat."
"Sure." she responded as she sat where he indicated.
Henry stood by the table, arms crossed"
When she got herself situated, she looked at Henry. "You've done this before. Why are you so high strung?"
"I'm perfectly calm."
She shook her head. "Like I don't know you..." But she left it at that, giving his hand a squeeze.
Dr. Whelan returned to Edra's side with the equipment he needed, and held up his tricorder. "You're familiar with the procedure, yes?"
Edra smiled and nodded. "Yes"
Dr. Whelan nodded in return. "Alright." He removed the probe and began to wave it over her. "Go ahead and lie back."
She did as she he said and looked to Henry ,smiling.
"Everything look good in there?" Henry asked.
Whelan continued to scan. "I don't see any problems. Development looks good. Vitals are on par."
Henry let out a slow exhale, giving her hand a little squeeze.
The doctor grabbed a device that looked similar to a hypo, but was slightly different. "I'm going to get a blood sample from you, make sure your blood work is reading normal. I can also find out what you're having, if you like."
Edra looked at Henry, and they both nodded. "Yes, we'd like to know."
"Absolutely." He said at the same time.
The doctor nodded, and pressed the device in his hand to the inside of her elbow. "It'll take me just few minutes to analyze this." He walked to one of the labs.
"So, what are you hoping for?" Henry asked her.
She sat up. "You know me. I will be happy with either."
He nodded, "Yea, I mean its all about just being healthy."
She nodded. "Why, do you have a preference?"
"No, no. We're on the same page."
She smiled. "It's alright, y'know, if you have one."
"Honey...trust me."
"Alright, alright." She grinned. "Just thought you might be playing it safe."
"I'm perfectly cool and collected."
Dr. Whelan returned with a smile on his face. "Commander, your blood work looks just fine."
Henry piped up, "That's great to hear, Hon."
The doctor smiled, then handed a PADD to Edra, "And, if all goes well, you will be having a healthy baby boy."
"YES!!!!!!!!!" It was Henry. He stopped and looked at her, straightening his uniform.
Edra laughed at him. "I see how it is." She turned back to Dr. Whelan, "Thank you, Doctor."
Whelan nodded. "If there's nothing else, I'll be in my office. Stay as long as you like."
"Okay so I might have had a small preference."
Her smile stretched from ear to ear for lots of different reasons.
"I need to get him a hat and a holster." Henry continued.
"...and boots." She finished.
"I remember roaming the ranch as a kid, going on cattle patrols....all kinds of stuff."
"So, you're saying we need to make sure there's a pony next time we go home?" Really, she couldn't stop smiling.
He nodded, finding a smile as well.
She took his hand and pulled him closer to her. "I think you just just wanted to even the odds."
"Well it'll be nice to not be so outnumbered."
"I'm sure it will." She paused. "I know I wanted to wait until it was a little further along, but, you think we should let people know now?"
"...You mean you haven't told anyone?"
She shook her head. "We found out fairly early, and things happen, like miscarriages. They're not uncommon. I wanted to wait a little while. Have you been telling people?"
"Not a soul. I don't have anyone I pal around with except you."
She pouted a bit, "Aww..."
"If you want to make it known it's fine with me."
She took his hands and placed them on her back and smiled up at him. "I'm so excited. Thank you."
"Well I think I need to be the one thanking you. You're the one who's going to be doing the heavy lifting."
She was feeling giddy. "Does that mean you can do the heavy lifting this once, and take me back to our quarters?"
He picked her up easily in his arms. "Light as a feather."
"You say that now..." and wrapped her arms around his neck. Briefly, the thought passed through her mind, I promise not to mess this one up"
He skillfully maneuvered though the medbay and returns her home, never setting her down once.
She grinned, as they passed other crew members who smiled at them. After they pass through their door, she plants a kiss on his cheek. "I love you."
"I love you too sweetie."
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