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JL: Crow & Crow: Dream to Live

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JL: Crow & Iar:
"All I need is one good night's sleep
In your loving arms to mend..." --Great Big Sea

Edra backed carefully out of Karissa's room, trying to keep quiet as the door closed, just as Henry entered their quarters. She turned around to find him there. "You're home." She pointed to the Karissa's door. "She had a scary dream, so I sat with her until she fell asleep again."
Henry set a PADD on the table before moving to the kitchen area, digging in the fridge. "How was your evening?"
Henry escaped with an arm full of sandwich components. "Been upgrading the internal sensors over the last two days."
"These last two days?"
He nodded, piling the food. "Every inch of the ship now has a secondary protocol which requires permission for any beaming on or off the ship. We can still beam inside for medical emergencies. Tomorrow night I'll begin adding pattern buffers around these quarters."
She looked down before continuing. "How many late nights are you gonna keep working?"
He almost took a bite, then stopped. "Until I can close my eyes knowing someone can't steal you in the middle of the night."
She shook her head. "Those are things you could have engineering do. It's not complicated stuff.
"I want to make sure they're done right." He removed a bottle from a high cupboard, pouring half a glass sans ice.
She sighed, she hated seeing him like this. She was pretty sure he was still blaming himself. So she walked over and took his hands. "Razot and Teelor and their officers are very competent. A girl might think you were trying to avoid her." She shot him a slight smile.
"A girl should be able to trust that her man can protect her." He replied, holding her hands.
"I do trust that. None of this has changed that. You did nothing wrong."
"I didn't do enough which is why I'm not going to make that mistake again."
She shook her head. "I wish I could take the guilt out of you. I wish it were that easy. We can always learn from what happens, but that doesn't mean you didn't do enough."
"I haven't been avoiding you though. I've been monitoring constantly."
"Monitoring...it sounds so...distant."
"I got to hear you singing to her."
She smiled briefly at the thought, while trying not to think of how potentially creepy that could be. "That doesn't put you here though..."
"I've been thinking about that. How to balance being here and keeping you two safe so I've been toying with an idea. Do you remember an old file called the watcher protocol?"
She shook her head.
"It's an AI which allows the ship's computer to be more vigilant in protecting us."
She slowly looked around the room. "I dunno...I don't think I want to be constantly watched by cameras..."
He glanced at the corners of the room.
She closed her eyes. "You already did it?" She leaned her forehead against the nearest thing, which happened to be his chest. "These things are not a substitute for you."
"Not the AI, no. But this room is wired."
She looked up at him, "What if I told you that doesn't make me feel any safer?"
"I can add whatever you want. Hidden weapons cabinets...phasers in the walls, forcefield panic room."
She shook her head...again. "Stop it! I don't want more gadgets. I want you here and not working all-nighters doing things your crew can do! You, being here. That's what makes me feel safe. The cameras are...disturbing..." She looked around again, and may have shuddered.
"Do you want them removed?"
She nodded.
"And you want me to leave things to those who can easily do them?"
She nodded again, and then let out a breath. She hadn't meant to get worked up.
"Done." He reached over to his padd, quickly typed in a very long password and instantly four cameras decloaked from the corners of the room near the ceiling. "They're off."
She smiled wanly. Though she wasn't sure if it felt a little worse being able to see them now. "Thank you."
"And I'll let engineering handle the upgrades."
She cupped his face in her hands. "I know you don't think so, but you didn't do anything wrong. In fact, you did exactly what I expected and hoped for. You came and got me. That means more to me than anything."
He kissed her forehead. "We may have another problem though."
"What's that?"
"I think this babysitting thing has gone to Banks head. I caught her researching something called macaroni art projects."
Edra closed her eyes, laughing. "I admit, I never would have thought I'd see her there when we found them, but I don't know who else I could trust more right now."
"You're not concerned that we have a hired assassin making popcorn and having make over parties?"
"I know she's not Intel, and I know she doesn't have an implant."
"I have to admit I never would have expected her to assimilate as she has."
"She has made her own little niche here..."
She sighed as her thoughts still lingered on their original discussion. "Look, it's not that I don't want to take extra precautions, I do. I'm certain they'll come looking for us. I wondered if sending Karissa to be with her sister would be better, but I don't know if I want her to be where we can't protect her."
"I know what you mean but I think we are better keeping them where we can hands on protect them."
She nodded. "Me too. Maybe I can be okay with a camera...possibly two. But not all this. It's no substitute for you."
"Well I think that I've put in enough hours over the past couple days so how about I take a day off tomorrow? We've got nothing going on except some personnel coming and going."
She smiled. "That would be lovely." She paused as she thought about the implications of that. "That means you don't have to go to sleep now, right?"
He looked at the sandwich and whiskey. "No....."
"Good. I've missed you." She pulled him to her, kissing him soundly.
He grinned through the kiss, letting her lead the way from there.
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