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USS Mercutio Sim Bios

Postby Kris » Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:45 pm

This is the area to post the bios! You can edit your own posts as time goes along as well, just not the bio of anyone else!
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USS Mercutio Tactical Officer (TAC): First Lieutenant Brielle Jayde
Starbase 27 Chief Science Officer (CSO): Lieutenant Commander Nayeli Behar
SS Heimdall Medical & Employee Relations: Catrina (Cat) Kali Tendai
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Re: USS Mercutio Sim Bios

Postby Kris » Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:49 pm

Name: Brielle Nicole Jayde
Species: Human
Age: 27
Rank: First Lieutenant
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red/Blond
Position: Security/Tactical

Mother: Cecilia (Kinge) Jayde
Father: Lucus Jayde
Siblings: Ensign Alina Laura (Jayde) Collin (Twin, Starfleet Engineering), First Lieutenant Melany Annika (Jayde) Idriya (Older sister, Starfleet Command)
Significant Other: Teelor Zimm (Husband)

Medical History:

Report from family doctor before Starfleet entrance: Brielle has gone through a lot being in a family of all sisters. She has dealt with multiple broken bones, some done through fighting at school. Her temper is easily escalated and she tends to snap if her buttons are pushed too far. She has scars that she does not wish to have healed along her back from falling out of a tree as a young child. She has fake bones in both her wrists from a genetic disorder that destroyed the original bones (genetic disorder classified). She does try to start fights even if they aren’t warranted, but overall she is in great medical health.

Starfleet Medical Report: Based on what was told to us by Brielle’s family doctor upon entrance to the Academy, we were surprised to find that she did not show her temper often throughout her time here. There were times that she got into arguments with her instructors, mostly due to a difference in styles on how she does things versus how she was being taught. Being in the tactical and security field, she learned better on her own then in a group. Based on a report from the counselor, however, Brielle is an extremely lonely person. She does not have many friends, though she does want to make friends. Her attitude is what pushes people away. She spent most of her Academy time when not in class with her twin sister, Alina. Her family has not always supportive of her because she wanted to be a security officer and not do something like science or engineering (like her sister). She tends to keep to herself more than she probably should.

General Medical Information: Brielle has a lower temperature than most people. With this, any time she is in extremely cold conditions, she will fall to hypothermia much faster than others. Any attempts to keep her warm should be done. This does not mean she should remain behind on away missions, but her temperature should be monitored in extreme cold.

Also, the fake bones in her wrist that she has outgrown have been replaced by Edra Crow on the USS Mercutio. Unless something extreme happens, they should not need replaced again, but may need repaired much like a normal bone would.


Brielle was born on earth, along with her twin sister Alina, to two parents who, while having nothing against Starfleet itself, never decided to join. The youngest of the two twins, making her the youngest of three daughters to Cecilia and Lucus Jayde. Even from the beginning, she tended to keep herself away from others, except her twin. But of the two of them, she always had the attitude, tended to be the one who got into more trouble than anyone else.

Brielle didn’t make many friends through all of her years in school. A few here and there, but they tended to be meaner to her than a normal friend should be. She got herself away from them quickly, but it made her rough exterior even rougher as she has to learn to protect herself. More than a few fights and broken bones came around, even during school.

After their eldest sister, Melany, joined Starfleet’s command path, both Brielle and Alina decided to join as well. While Alina took the engineering path, Brielle found something more suited to how she acted: tactical and security. She spent most of her time there with her sister when outside of class. She kept her attitude in check at the Academy, mostly so she wouldn’t end up on the bad side of things. She frequented the gym and the firing range so she could get in practice but also keep up her strength.

After graduating the Academy, Brielle was assigned to the USS Mercutio and caught up with them on an away mission, where the first impressions she gave to them were not the greatest. She shot and killed one of the ‘patients’ that the crew was working with. After that, she felt like an outsider for quite some time. It wasn’t until she decided to actually talk to people outside of being on duty that she started to fit in.

Some time later, an engineer on board named Teelor Zimm and she started talking and quickly hit it off. After they’d finally admitted that they loved each other, Zimm had to go away for some mission, leaving Brielle behind to miss him and not be able to hear from him. When he returned, the first thing he did when he saw her after an away mission was propose to her, following Earth customs instead of his own Bajoran customs.

They were married shortly after that, the ceremony officiated by Henry Crow on board the USS Mercutio. Though they have yet to have a honeymoon that they wish to have, they were given a week of time on a planet that was being used for a mission by Crow. They plan to go visit both of their parents soon.
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USS Mercutio Tactical Officer (TAC): First Lieutenant Brielle Jayde
Starbase 27 Chief Science Officer (CSO): Lieutenant Commander Nayeli Behar
SS Heimdall Medical & Employee Relations: Catrina (Cat) Kali Tendai
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Re: USS Mercutio Sim Bios

Postby Iar Edra » Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:30 am

Name: Iar Edra
Birthdate: 07510.03
Species: Bajoran
Sex: Female
Height: 1.7 m
Marital Status: Married
Children: 4, 1 son: Chance, 23 adopted; 1 son: deceased; and 2 daughters: Karina, 6 (father: Henry Crow) and Karissa, 5 (father: Henry Crow<alternate>)
Father: Iar Parran, deceased
Mother: Iar (nee Tamin) Nessa, deceased
Brother: Iar Antos, deceased
Sister: Iar Laira, deceased

Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer

Interests: Singing and Visual Arts

Personal History:
Born on small colony Q-13D, near the Bajoran Front, Cmdr. Iar Edra watched her family (parents, older brother and baby sister) die in a Cardassian attack when she was only 12 years old. She escaped by feigning death, but being unable to help them incited her medical career choice. For a long time she harbored a strong dislike for Cardassians.
After being rescued by the Federation Starship USS Artemis, she spent the rest of her teenage years with human foster parents, Robin and Celeste Morrow--presently suspected of being Maquis sympathizers--on Starbase 15. There she had a hard time fitting in with the other human children (most of the inhabitants of SB 15 were human), but made friends in other non-human teens. She suffered from nightmares, residual from the attack, but as time moved on, they were less frequent, until they were gone.
She received her Bachelor's degree from Hopkins University, then entered Starfleet where she worked toward her Masters and Doctorate degrees.
After enrolling at Starfleet Academy, her contact with her foster parents ceased almost entirely--probably to avoid risk of exposing their location.
In the Academy, and while stationed on the USS Mercutio, Edra was involved in a few relationships that were short lived, including Ens. Andrew Kent who was later dishonorably disharged for treason. Edra was never implicated in the investigation.
Shortly after that she met Security officer Ens. Henry Crow on board the Mercutio and began a romantic relationship with him. A few months into their relationship, Lt. (jg) Crow flushed a stalker on the Mercutio when the subject became fixated on Edra. The unsub was apprehended, and punished.
SD 10303.31 Edra married Lt. Henry Crow
SD 10402.23 Edra's unborn baby boy died from an accidental dose of a clotting agent. The mistake was due to Edra's addiction to pain killers. The fetus was estimated to be about 3.5 months along.
SD 10407.10 Edra and Henry Crow adopted Chance Tomlissen
SD 10603.31 Karina Crow was born
SD 10712.17 Edra was transported to an alternate universe in the middle of transport. Her counterpart (Edra<alternate>) at the same time, was transported aboard the Mercutio, sustaining criticl injuries which she later succumed to. Edra Crow <alternate>was presumed to be Edra Crow.
SD 10804.15 <alternate> Edra gave birth to Karina Crow <alternate> (Father: Henry Crow<alternate>), name later changed to Karissa.
SD 10810 .22 Edra and Karissa unknowingly transported back to this universe, landed on small, unknown planet in Klingon space.
SD 11104.18 Edra and Karissa are found by the Mercutio after her crew detect the beacon signal of a Starfleet shuttle on the small planet. Mistaking the rescue party for those from the alternate universe, Edra severly wounded Henry Crow. He later recovered.
-Upon re-establishing a position on the Mercutio, Edra and Karissa lived on their own, as Henry Crow had remarried.
SD 11308.01 Edra was informed by Starfleet HR that because documentation had been started, but not completed and filed when she had crossed to the other universe, she had not been officially deemed dead, and therefore was technically still married to Henry Crow. She soon after filed for divorce.
SD 11402.17 Edra was kidnapped by Henry Crow <alternate> while on shore leave on Risa and taken aboard a freighter. She sustained multiple injuries before being rescued by Mercutio crew members. Henry Crow <alternate> was killed in a standoff before the rescue team was extracted from the freighter back to the Mercutio. The freighter later exploded.
SD 11405.~ Edra and Henry rekindled their relationship.
SD 11403.31 Edra and Henry remarried.

Starfleet Academy
At age 20 she was accepted into the Starfleet Academy, where she studied medicine. She took her time getting through her required courses, mixing them with art and math classes, which she excelled at. Mostly a loner at the time, she also learned to become more sociable with others, thanks, in part, to the help of her supervising professor, Dr. Nadar. She graduated with honors and was assigned to the Mercutio on 10111.23.

In Service
After only two months enlisted on the USS Mercutio she had been promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain JD Harrison for her work regarding the Beta strain of the Janus Infection Outbreak on Athos IV. Another four months after that, she was promoted to Chief Medical Officer, after Cmdr. Stacey Raven filled in the XO position. And a few weeks after that she was promoted from Lt. (jg) to the rank of full Lieutenant.
She served as Chief Medical Officer for almost 2 years before serving as XO under Captain Stacey Templar.
On SD 107.12.10 Cmdr. Edra Crow was pronounced dead when her body was transported from the USS Achilles with serious injuries, and could not be revived by the medical staff. While she was declared deceased on the Mercutio, the appropriate papers were never filed, and she was never recognized as dead by Starfleet or any other entity.
Three years later, she was found on a small Klingon planet, alive and well, claiming that the body previously assumed to be hers was her counterpart from an alternate reality, and that the two had switched places in her transport from the Achilles. Cmdr. E. Crow spent almost a year in said reality, aboard their version of the Mercutio. While there she bore a daughter who is thought to be genetically similar to Cmdr. Crow's first daughter, Karina.
Unknown to her at the time, she made the jump back to this reality where she had to make an emergency transport to Hur'lq, the nearest planet, and became stranded there for 2 years before debris from the crashed shuttle was detected by the Mercutio. In the course of her recovery, she purposely injured Cmdr. Henry Crow, mistaking him for his counterpart from the alternate reality. No charges were issued.
Cmdr. E. Crow re-joined the Mercutio crew as a Science Officer, as the crew didn't have need of another medical officer at the time. However, she would serve in a medical capacity on an Away Team if needed. She returned to the CMO position when Lt. Melanick left to take a position at Starfleet Medical.
On 11410.23, Cmdr E. Crow was appointed back into the Executive Officer position upon request of the present Captain, Henry Crow.
During an away mission, Cmdr. E Crow was captured by an unknown organization and forced to act as their operative on the planet Trinum. She was tasked with stealing a data rod from a SF Intel Safehouse, which she did. But her crew retrieved her before the handoff could take place. The infomation on the data rod contained the identities of SF's Intel operatives. Retaliation action is expected, but the time and means are unknown.

Graduation(Ensign): 10111.23
Lieutenant (Junior Grade):10201.28
Lieutenant: 10207.08
Lieutenant Commander: 10212.30
Commander: 10603.27

Second Officer: 10208.05
Acting Executive Officer (temporary): 10209.09
Executive Officer: 10310.30
XO Relinquished: 10712.10
Executive Officer: 11410.23

Assistant Medical Officer (Appointed): 10111.26
Assistant Chief Medical Officer:10201.28
Chief Medical Officer: 10205.13
CMO Relinquished: 10712.10
Science Officer: 11105.01
Chief Medical Officer: 11404.13

Psyche Profile:
She is fiercely loyal to those that she cares about and would do anything to protect them. Although she is very patient and slow to anger, once her temper has flared, watch out. She would usually only lash out at someone who's threatened one of her friends or family.
Her choice in careers stems from her inability to save her family after the attacks, so being in Medical makes her feel a little more in control of the fate of those closest to her.
Cmdr Edra Crow--XO--USS Mercutio

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