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Postby Iar Edra » Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:59 pm

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Edra stepped out of the Turbolift and made her way to Security. She rounded the corner and smiled. At the desk where she used to see Henry, now sat Constance. She tapped on the door hoping to get her attention.
Constance was working on her idea to add a Marine unit to the Merc she was going through the training of each of her crew to see who would be best suited for this once she got approval from the Captain. She heard the tab at her door and looked up to see Edra standing there, "Come in."
She entered, "Hi. How are ya?"
"I am good glad to see your doing better I was worried about you."
Edra nodded. "Thanks. It was...scary, to say the least, but even just this short amount of rest is doing me a world of good." She sat down on the other side of the desk. "Look, I wanted to apologize for probably freaking you out when you found me down there. If I'd have have any other way to do it..."
Looking at Edra from across the desk, "I will admit I wasn't sure what was going on. You caught me off guard with your actions. I knew it wasn't like you to be so aggressive toward your friends, I even doubted if I had found the right person, but I knew there had to be a reason. There is always a reason why people do things or act a certain way. I knew you well enough to know that you were protecting me or your family from something. Otherwise I would have fought back."
Edra smiled. "Good. I figured you would understand enough, but I still wanted to say something. You know now how they were watching me?"
"I didn't then but I know now they inserted a implant into your brain to see what you saw and to send you instructions. If you didn't do what they said they would blow the implant up, killing you. I got the report from the Doctor about the device. Besides, I think Hayden reacted worse than I did." She laughed.
"Really? Hayden?" She grinned at that thought. "I was kind of hoping he wouldn't jump in when I grabbed you. 2 against 1 could have messed up my plan." She blew out a breath. "So when you say 'worse,' was he worried about you?"
"Yeah, he was. He called you a crazy bitch and held me to him, asked me if I was ok. You know, I'm starting to get feelings for him."
She smiled. "He has been hanging around you a lot lately. I wondered about him at first, especially being part Q, but he's been a great crew member these last few months."
"Yes he has. He saved my life actually. When I had that virus he found the cure and was by my side the whole time. I am so afraid to fall in love with him due to my step father. I don't want him to get hurt."
"I know the feeling. I am having to keep a closer eye on Karissa since I was found." She sighed. "I would say don't let it stop you, though. Be up front, but don't let fear get in the way of love."
"Yes my step father has taken enough from me by killing my mother cause she was a human. That's why he wants me dead, cause I'm half Romulan/half human. He thinks I'm flawed and I am. That's what's so great about being human, we're all flawed, nothing to be ashamed of."
She nodded. "Yes, we are all flawed." Prophets knew she was. "Well, as I said, I certainly understand, but if he is interested, still be up front about what's happening. It's hard to get over being strung along."
"I got to first find out if he's interested. Can I run an idea at you?"
"I have been doing some thinking. I was thinking about adding a Marine unit to security. They would handle the high risk stuff, go on missions, etc. Do you think the Captain would go for that?"
Edra took a moment to consider. "It's a good idea. I do think he'd go for it. Be sure to have some ideas for who you have in mind. I'm sure he'll have some input as well."
"Right. I have been going through the crew records see who would be best suited.
She nodded. "Good." She stood up. "Well, anything else? I need to get going."
"No that's it. I won't take up anymore of your time. Thanks for listening to me"
She smiled. "Anytime. Thanks for understanding."
You're welcome. You did what you had to do down there. I would have done the same in your shoes."
"Thanks. I'll see you around." Edra said as she turned around and left. She was glad Constance hadn't seemed too worried about their run-in.
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