PL: Rest

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PL: Rest

Postby Iar Edra » Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:55 pm

PL: Rest
Edra woke up with a jump. She may have been dreaming, but she didn't usually rememeber her dreams. Given the last few days, it may have been a nightmare. Looking around, she saw that she was in her own quarters, on the couch. Karissa was curled up under one arm, fast asleep. That made her smile as she looked at the PADD in the other hand. She had been reading before dozing off. This time she was getting to read for pleasure. She leaned her head back, glad for this moment of quiet. After checking out of Sickbay, she was getting two full days of rest before going back on duty. At that point, she would file whatever reports needed filing. There was no way she was forgetting anything that happened over the past 2 days--the records would still be complete and accurate. So in the meantime, she was cuddling with her little girl, who, she had to admit, was not so little anymore.
She ran her hand over Karissa's back as the girl slept, while her mind was still absorbing everything that had happened. The newest development, that Ginny had been the agent Lowther had alluded to, was the most surprising. She searched her memories for any clue that she should have seen, but couldn't find one. Banks had figured it out though. Whatever her training was, they did it well. She couldn't quite describe how she felt about Banks volunteering to watch Karissa. Thankful was an understatement, as was relief. Knowing without a doubt that Banks wasn't under anyone else's influence, natural or otherwise, was peace of mind that she knew she wouldn't fine with anyone else. There was also the added benefit that she was about as good as Henry in any fight.
She had to admit that she hadn't seen that coming. She'd assumed that Banks and kids wouldn't mix. Not only had the two of them seemed to hit it off, but she gave Karissa the privalege of her first name. Her 5 year-old daughter knew the woman's name before Edra knew herself! She would have to find a moment alone with Banks to thank her. She wanted to do something for her, but what could you offer a woman who was completely self-sufficient?
Edra was so glad Banks had decided to stay, especially after this botched...assignment. Unfortunately, she wasn't sure Henry could take care of what was coming by himself. And that wasn't to say she thought he lacked anything. On the contrary, she knew he brought everything he had when he was defending the ship and her crew. But this organization, whoever they were, obviously had more capabilities than they'd ever seen. She hoped Banks' uncanny sense of intuition, as well as her other abilities, could even the playing field.
She was fearful for what the next few days would bring. But, despite that, she found herself yawning. So she set the PADD in her hand to the side, scooped Karissa up, and headed for her bedroom. Henry had already fallen asleep and was softly snoring, much as he had been two nights ago when she'd been woken up. She had to push the fear that came with those memories back. She took a couple calculated breaths, then pulled back the covers and laid Karissa on the bed. After changing into nightclothes, she climbed in herself. The movement must have been enough to wake Henry, because he turned over. "I'm just getting into bed. Go back to sleep."
He noticed Karissa in between them. "You okay?"
"I'm sure I will be." She sighed. "I just couldn't leave her alone tonight."
He sat up and took her hand. "I know the feeling."
She smiled and nodded, knowing she wasn't going to be able to sidestep his protective tendancies for a while. She thought she might be okay with that.
For now.
In the meantime, she yawned again, and laid back, putting a protective arm around Karissa. Henry followed suit, putting his arm over both of them an closed his eyes.
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