JL: Crow and Iar: Unchained

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JL: Crow and Iar: Unchained

Postby Iar Edra » Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:54 pm

JL: Unchained (it's a long one)

Once Banks had anestetised Edra, she gave the signal to the rest of the crew, then beamed back to the runabout. When everyone was on board, they returned to the Merc as fast as they could. A few minutes after landing Henry was sprinting through the corridors and into sickbay, carrying her in his arms. "Hey!"
Doctor Edwin Whelan was preparing the operating area, having been told about his incoming patient. "Captain, you can put her right here." He pointed to a biobed near the station he was working at.
Henry hurried over and laid her down. "She has something in her head. People can see what she sees with some implant."
The doctor nodded as he prepped her, putting cortical scanners on her forehead. "Lt. Jayde told me as much as she could. An implant with the capability to destroy itself, and in the process it's host." He stopped, and looked up. "Sorry, Sir."
"We sedated her but its important she not open her eyes until you have that out of her head."
Whelan grabbed a tricorder and scanned her body. "When was she given the sedative?"
"About twenty minutes ago."
He nodded, still reading the tricorder, then stopped for a moment. "Hmm..." Then continued his scans.
"What hmm?"
"Nothing substancial at the moment." He finished, and put the tricorder aside. "She's ready. My plan is to use the transporters to remove the implant. I'm looking at a scan of the object, and I'm going to start by implimenting a shield around it, then I'll focus the transporter to only the implant, and draw it out of there."
"She'll be fine then? No damage to her eyes or anything?"
"That's the plan." He stopped for a moment and looked at Henry. "With all due respect, Captain, do I have to worry about your being in here with me? It's not the norm, but if you can guarantee that I can put all my concentration into doing this, you can stay if you like. But I need an honest answer."
Henry looked at her for a moment. "Call me as soon as you're done."
The doctor nodded. "I will do that."
Henry brushed Edra's cheek for a moment then turned and headed out.
Once he was gone Dr. Whelan began by putting up a shield inside her head, around the implant that included a part of her brain, but not it's entirety. It was a safety measure in case something did happen, he could hopefully minimize the damage. He hadn't delt with anything like this before, so he was improvising a lot, but he had known his patient's husband didn't need to know that much. He would study the object more when it was out, but for now, his priority was to remove it, not study it.
He next moved to the transporter functions. Using the transporters in the medical practice for extractions was becoming more common, and he had more experience with it than most. Most of the next hour was put into fine tuning the focus of the transporter beam to only grab onto the implant, checking and double checking his measurements. This was by far the most precise extraction he'd had to do to date. But eventually he felt ready to initiate the transporters and within a few seconds the device appeared in a container of very viscous material. He stole a moment to look at it then returned to the scans of the Commander. It appeared he had all foreign material out of her head. In finishing up he took the small shield down and rechecked her vitals.
Meanwhile, Henry had spent the last hour in the ship gym, pounding away on the heavybag, the more worried about her the harder he hit it.
The doctor was about to tap his combadge to call the captain when he heard a noise from the equipment behind him. Turning to check what it was, he eventually found the container that held the implant, but in the middle of the gel was only a spot of soot. He looked over to Edra then back to the container. He grabbed the tricorder one more time, just to be sure. Still finding all her vital signs still normal, he let out a breath.
+Captain+ "All clear."
It didnt take more than a few seconds for Henry to appear, thanks to onboard transport. "Is she okay?"
The doctor smiled. "Her vitals are all reading normal. I was about to wake her up. All parts of the device have been removed with no damage to her. In fact the void left by the object is already closing in on itself."
With his eyes glued to her, Henry respoded, "Thank you."
"There is one more thing."
"What's that?"
"In my initial scans I found something, and I have to say, it's not often, in most species that the male gets to make this announcement, but in about 17 weeks you two should be welcoming a new crewmember."
"She's pregnant."
Whelan grabbed a nearby chair for him. "Given that this isn't your first, I'm gonna assume you don't really need me to answer that."
Henry sat, taking her hand. "This is going to be very awkward."
The doctor took a hypo out of his pocket and pressed it to her neck. "It'll take a minute or two to take affect, but I'll leave you two alone for now."
Henry nodded slightly, intently focused on her.
After a short while, Edra blinked, looking up, and, realizing where she was, she squeezed her eyes shut again, afraid that she was still someone's periscope.
"He took it out and you're back home."
She'd meant to just let her breath out, but it became a sob. Nevertheless, she swallowed back any more and turned her head to look at him and smiled. "Thank you."
"Don't thank me, the doc is the one who did it."
"But you got me back here."
"Either way, we have you safe and sound." He stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. "And...uh...In talking with him, you and I need to have a talk I guess."
She frowned, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing at all, there's nothing bad. It just seems that during the routine scanning process he figured out that...well..."
She nodded, trying to get him to spill. "What?"
He blurted out, "You shouldn't drink any more alcohol for awhile and I need to build a new nursery."
She blinked as what he was saying sank in, then laughed. "Nuh uh."
But Henry just nodded. "I dont think he'd mess with me about it, with as stressed out as I was about you."
She sat up, propped up on her elbows. "But...when...?"
"He said 17 weeks to go."
She took a moment to do the math in her mind, her head bouncing around as she counted, until she looked at him. "That night...the planet...with everyone turning young...it must have messed with my birth control." She blinked again. "Really?"
She slowly sat all the way up as it sank in. "Prophets, this wasn't our plan." But still, she was grinning from ear to ear.
"This was nowhere close to the plan but nothing around here ever is."
She shook her head. "No, it's not." She took his hands in hers. "I love you."
"I love you too, Hon. You know this means I won't ever let you go on another away mission...or dangerous situations....or maybe even leaving our quarters."
She closed her eyes. Even if he was teasing her, he wasn't. "You know that's not very feasable. But I have an idea: as I get farther along, you can lead the missions and I'll stay here, but not while I still have full range of motion and stamina. I still need to do my job."
"We'll handle things. But this actually brings me to another topic I was going to broach over dinner when you finished your two day solitary thing."
She nodded, prompting him to continue.
"I was thiking that I ought to bring Karina back onboard. Let her meet her sister and grow up here...and now meet her next sibling too."
Edra nodded fervently. "I want that so much as well..."
"We can make the arrangements in the morning."
The mention of her daughter reminded her of the threats made while she was being introduced to the implant, and her demeanor instantly changed. "Henry, she's in danger...Karissa." She reached into a pocket and pulled out the data rod she was supposed to have gotten for The Messenger. "If I didn't do as they said, they were coming after her, and you. When they see this missing, they'll make good on those threats."
"It's okay. Someone's watching her right now."
A few decks above, Banks silently entered the quarters of Ginny, the Crow family babysitter, who was in her room, throwing her essentials into a bag. She didn't have time to pack everything, and truth-be-told, she should have been gone already. This kid had gotten to her though. Luckily, she was engrossed in a game on her PADD, so she wouldn't notice Ginny leaving.
Banks leaned against the door, arms folded. "Going somewhere?"
Ginny almost screamed as she jumped to face the intruder. "Excuse me?"
"You're packing."
Ginny looked back at her stuff then back to Banks. "Well, now that her mom is back, when she's out of Sickbay and Karissa's back home, I was going to take some leave."
"Yea...makes sense. So, I was wondering, how old are you?"
She crossed her arms. "What does that matter?"
"I'm just curious."
She reluctantly replied, "17."
Banks chuckled. "No no, I mean...how old are you...really?" I've been in this line of work long enough to be able to spot a plant, especially one who has been sloppily trained."
Ginny raised an eyebrow, "You think I'm a plant? Look, Lady, I think your imagination's running a little wild. Why don't you continue that somewhere other than in my quarters."
Banks slowly took a step closer. "I'd imagine you're probably twenty two...no...three. Build is slim enough to pass for seventeen. Several years training but this is your first big time assignment...you really think you can impress someone by pulling this off. But you made one crucial mistake."
The young girl gulped.
"You ****** with the wrong people. So when you take your hiatus and you go back to your controllers you give them a message. I'm coming for them....and if I ever see you again I'll slit your throat from ear to ear before you ever bat an eye. Becuase that's what I do."
She gulped again, and nodded, backing away one step at a time.
"By the way," Banks continued, "The twitches in your right hand show you think you can come at me with one of four disciplines which, again, you don't know half as well as you think you do and if you think the blade you have tucked away will do you any good...well...let's say you'd be wrong. Signal your masters and get off my ship."
Ginny grabbed her bag as it was and reached across her body, tapping her shoulder, and dematerialized, glaring at her as she faded out.
Banks turned and walked out to the living area and Karissa. "Hello kid."
Karissa looked up for, maybe, half a second, "Hi." And went back to playing her game. Then a few moments later she stopped. "Where's Miss. Ginny?"
"She had to go home. What'cha playing there?"
"Oh. It's a puzzle game." Karissa picked up the PADD and handed it to her. "Wanna play?"
Banks sat down next to her, taking it. "This looks hard, but you seemed to be good at it."
She shrugged. "I keep losing this level."
"Well maybe we'll beat it together. Because from now on, I'm going to be your sitter so we'll have plenty of time."
Karissa looked back to the other room. "Oh...okay." She returned her attention to the game, oblivious to what had just happened.
"Here." Banks handed it to her. "Keep trying."
Karissa took it and continued. "Thanks."
"I'm going to give you a very special privlidge."
Karissa looked up at her. "A what?"
"Oh..uh....a special gift."
The girl smiled and held out her hands, and even closed her eyes.
"It's not that kind of gift."
She opened them back up. "Huh?"
"Everyone here calls me Banks. Have you heard your mom and dad do that?"
Karissa nodded.
"Well you are going to be the only person on this whole ship who will be allowed to call me by my first name. Not even your mom and dad do that."
She grinned at the thought of getting to do something adults couldn't do. "Ok."
"So when you need me you just call me Patricia."
"That's a very good try."
"My name's Karissa, but my momma calls me Squeakers sometimes...when she's not mad at me. Mr. Henry calls me Pipsqueak, but that's not my name, he just can't 'member it."
"What do you want me to call you?"
She shrugged. "Not Pipsqueak."
"Fair enough." She heard the doors swish open behind them.
Henry stepped in with Edra, his arm around the small of her back. "Banks what are you doing here?"
Karissa's eyes lit up. "Momma!!" She got up an ran to her.
Edra smiled, her eyes shining, and scooped her up as she approached. "Hey there, big girl!" She wrapped her arms around her.
Banks walked over. "Karissa and I were just getting to know each other since I'm going to be her new sitter."
Banks just looked at him, silent and stern.
Edra looked at her, confused. "What happened to Ginny?"
"She had to go home." Slightly moved her eyes to the other room.
Edra's eyes widen in disbelief, but she doesn't say anything else with Karissa right there. Still, Ginny hadn't seemed the type to just up and leave.
Banks turned to Karissa. "Hey kid, why dont you go try and beat that level?"
Karissa nodded, "Ok."
Keeping his voice down, Henry leaned in toward Banks, "What's going on?"
Edra suspected there was more to the story than they knew at the moment, and it probably wasn't something Karissa needed to know, so she took her over to the couch, letting Henry get the information from Banks.
When they were out of earshot, Banks replied. "Your babysitter was in on it."
"Ginny? She's like sixteen."
"Try twenty three."
"How would you know?"
"Because that's what I do."
"So what happened?"
Banks paused, "I told her if I ever saw her again I'd slit her throat."
"And you want me to leave you alone with this pipsqueek?"
"She doesn't like it when you call her that."
He glanced over at Edra who was sitting on the couch, with Karissa in her lap, back up against her chest, trying to put the puzzle together without making it too easy. "You don't strike me as the kid friendly type."
"I'm the kid protecting type."
"Good enough for me. Thank you."
"I'll let you three have the evening." An with that, Banks walked out.
Henry walked over to the couch, sitting next to Edra who had her cheek against her daughter's hair, thankful that she was ok. "So do you like Banks....Squeeker?" he asked.
Karissa looked up from her game, smiling. "Uh huh. She said I could call her P'tricia, and that not even you can say that."
Edra looked at Henry for his reaction, grinning.
He looked at Edra, mouth open, not sure what to say.
Edra kissed Karissa on the top of her head. "Well, I suppose we should go back to our own quarters..."
"Nah...she's comfy." He looked around. "I think this space would make a great giant play area."
Karissa looked up, excited. "Me too!"
"That setttles it then."
Karissa dropped the PADD on the couch next to them and squirmed off of Edra's lap. Getting an apparent burst of energy, she ran around the couch, then jumped onto the empty cushion next to them, giggling.
"So you okay with the new sitter?" He glanced at Edra.
She nodded, "Probably more so than I could be with about anyone else, actually."
He leaned his head back, and let out a low whistle. "Never a boring day."
She shook her head. "I could go for a boring day about now..."
"I'll give you 17 weeks worth." He grinned.
She cast a sideways glance at him. "You know that's not what I meant."
For the first time in days, he laughed.
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