DL: The Eve of Destruction

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DL: The Eve of Destruction

Postby Iar Edra » Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:40 pm

The Eve of Destrution
The week of rest was over. In just over 12 hours they would attack. As far as anyone knew, this would be a surprise attack, though Edra would be surprised if word hadn't somehow gotten out. With this many people involved, it was almost impossible to keep a secret. And even if they caught the queen's armies unawares, it would still be a tough fight. As many troops as were stationed here, reports were, she had more. But despite this, there was a palpable excitement in the barraks. Everyone seemed to be itching for this fight.
Briefings had discussed just about every aspect of the upcoming battle. How to make the most of the surprise, strategies if things were going well, regrouping plans if things didn't, the roles of those behind the lines, ongoing recruitment as the battle waged on. And then there was their job: to lead the assault on the com station. So many things to keep track of! Edra was thoroughly convinced she should never be chosen to command any war, as if she had ever had any intention of doing such a thing.
She had a few doubts about this, wondering what difference their small group could make to this vast army. Also, she could have sworn it was against Starfleet ideals to get involved in civil wars, for that's what this was. She would have liked to walk away from it, but she had orders to follow. They all did. And she made a point to not let her doubts show. If the rest of the crew thought there was any reason to hesitate at any point, it could mean someone's death. She wanted to avoid that at all costs, but the sooner this was over with, the happier she would be. In the morning would be one last short briefing that reviewed and, if needed, updated each legion's role, making sure everyone knew their part.
If nothing else, she'd be glad to be done with these meetings.
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