PL: The Day After

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PL: The Day After

Postby Iar Edra » Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:37 pm

PL: The Day After

The day after their night together, Edra was getting ready for another meeting. Things were getting down to the wire. In two days time they would strike, and now there were constant checks to be sure preparations were running on schedule. Only Henry had to go to an earlier meeting, and now they both had to be at this one. Well, she suspected she was supposed to be at the first one, but after getting up early so they could get back to their barrack space, he'd told her to get more rest. Still being tired, she hadn't protested at all, and had gotten about another hour or so of sleep.
Then, when she had woken up, and the events of the previous evening wound through her thoughts, she beamed. It was odd, that so far from anything she recognized, and she finally felt at home again.
She forced herself to reign in her emotions. Now that it was a new day, she needed to concentrate at the mission at hand. She didn't plan on saying anything yet, as it would only be a distraction, and they were going to need everyone at their full attention. As she'd told him last night, today was all business. And Henry had mentioned voiced some thoughts that, in the morning light, weighed on her conscious. First, that the rejuvinating nature of this world was a refreshment for the Mercutio's crew, but for everyone else, including those they would be facing, it was a source of their strength. In truth, it made her wonder what impact their small contingent could have when they already had so many legions of troops. Second, what was the outcome they were working toward? To put this man, who at best had been a thorn in their side, back at the helm of this society? Prior to this mission, she certainly would not have considered them allies. But because he was better than the alternative, they were here. Because there were some at home who would lose business opportunities, they were here. The thought galled her. However, she saw another reason as well. She'd done some research on Nadall's ex-wife's origins: Nazi Germany. If she was to wield the power of the armies of this world, many thought she'd take it back to Earth and establish a similar hold on their planet. Even if she wasn't fond of the other motives, this one might trump them both. She did not like the idea of a Fourth Reich, so to speak.
So, while she was uneasy with this fight, when she walked into the briefing room she was on board with it. She nodded to the others sitting there, and, with her PADD in her hand, soberly took her seat next to Henry. There may have been a slight look that passed between the two of them, but nothing more.
It was time to get down to business.
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