PL: Observations and Anticipation

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PL: Observations and Anticipation

Postby Iar Edra » Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:31 pm

PL: Observations and Anticipation
Edra sat down on one of the many cots around. They'd been here for a few days now, but there hadn't been much for the Away Team to do, so she had resorted to people watching, in particular, Banks. While Edra had been behind her cover and biting back the pain of getting hit, Banks had almost taken a bullet to the head until her prince had shown up at just the right moment, saving her life. She had seen them go through the gate together, and since then had rarely been out of each others' sights, but not so close as to draw attention to themselves. She figured that was Banks' preference anyways. But Edra was certain she'd actually caught a smile on her face, but only for a moment. And she had the thought that if Banks knew she'd seen it, she might swear her to secrecy.
She looked around the expansive room and saw other people going through their daily routines. For these past few days there had been meetings to attend, so that they would be well-versed in the battle techniques of the Shadow Empire. She noticed that she was more alert than she usually would be for these long, tedious meetings, even after getting less sleep than usual. (She wouldn't mention in a log what she was doing instead of sleeping.) She had noticed a handful of things since getting here. They had all been told their injuries would heal when coming through the gate, but she was starting to think that there was more to it than just that. She could have sworn her skin was looking smoother than it had as well, but she didn’t want to get her hopes up too much. The effects of this planet were intriguing. She hoped they lasted when they got back.
She got up and headed back to her own cot, set up next to Henry’s. He was probably still busy meeting with Nadall or other commanders of their units. He’d been doing mostly that since they’d gotten here. She’d been involved with some of the meetings, but she didn't talk shop, so to speak, like he did. So instead she straightened up their area. When she'd finished that short chore, she noticed people starting to make their way to the mess hall. She saw Zimm and Brie, arms around each other, walking across the hall, heads in close and talking together. She smiled, happy for them, then found she was hoping for her and Henry's turn soon. They'd mentioned using the ranch as a setting, an idea she loved, but that meant waiting for a chance to get back to Earth, and she didn't know how long that would be. Sighing, she picked herself up and followed the crowd. Perhaps she'd find Henry already there.
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