Personal Log: Razot

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Personal Log: Razot

Postby Iar Edra » Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:42 pm

Ensign Razot Personal Log:
Sick in quarters updating personal logs.
Since Captain Templar’s husband has returned and she has since left the ship to be with him, I've spent the last few months at StarFleet Intelligence briefing them on the tech we gathered during our few visit's to the alternate reality. Being back on board the ship has been nice. I prefer my quarters here than on earth. Yet SI has given me orders for immediate transfer to SF Command. Working directly for SI and a promotion to Lt. Commander. I know I should have told Captain Henry, but not ready to leave this ship. I remember meeting Captain Templar for the first time. Although I do not remember what outpost we met on. A lot of crazy things have happened during my time on this ship. The one thing I do remember is her asking me if I would like to work on her ship. I took the offer and shortly after became the ships Chief Engineer due to the fact they did not have one. I dropped the Ferengi Alliance and joined Starfleet and had the backing of the Captain. Been on this ship for nearly two years as acting chief then six months after that being promoted to Chief. It has been a great journey with this crew and the people here.
Teelor has shown great strides in his duties in Engineering and if I leave would make a great Chief and would have my recommendation.
+Computer pause log+
I moved across the room to the replicator, “Computer, hot tea with honey and lemon”. Taking the glass that appeared I remembered the Captain telling me this is good for sore throats.
+Computer resume log+
I have received three messages from SI asking me if I have made up my mind to take the position. The only other option that they have given me is to leave SF and never speak of what I have learned ever again. It is so confusing. I really like my position on this ship and the crew, however SI is demanding I uproot and move to earth. Apparently I have a better understanding of some of the tech than they do from the alternate reality. I have giving them all my reports and experiments I have done with the tech. I even gave them the schematics I used when applying some of the tech to our own ship and shuttles. They weren't to happy about that either, but understood why I did what I did. Thankfully Teelor was kept in the dark mostly and doesn't have to deal with their crap.
Well in closing to this log. I have a lot to figure out. Going to try and catch Captain Henry and see what he can do or if at all possible to keep me on the ship.
+Computer+ End log… And send a copy to Captain Henry.
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