JL: Iar & Banks: Taking Chances

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JL: Iar & Banks: Taking Chances

Postby Iar Edra » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:52 pm

Edra stepped off the Turbo Lift and purposefully made her way down the corridor, turning right at the end and continuing on, until she reached her destination. She rang the chime.
Banks sat in the middle of her living area, in a seated meditative pose, her eyes closed. “Come in.”
Edra entered as the doors opened, then closed behind her. “How are you doing?”
“Your ex-husband is still breathing.” Exhaling slow, it’slightly in the back of her mind that no one has ever set foot in this room before now.
Edra looked around the very spartan living space. Somehow, she wasn't surprised that there was very little decoration here. But she realized that didn't mean it wasn't a home. “Well, I appreciate that.” Though, if she weren't so attached to Henry, she'd admit that that would be a very matched fight, the two of them. “Did you mean what you said back there? That you were done? I sincerely hope not.”
“He crossed the line. Making me go down there like that, begging him of all people...I won't ever put myself in a spot to be forced to do that again.”
“So you're just going to up and quit, because you got a mission you didn't particularly like? I expected more out of you.”
Banks opened her eyes. “ You wanna say that again?”
In the back of her mind, she had the thought that she was getting in over her head, but she pushed that out. “Out of everyone on this ship, I expected you to have a tougher skin than one assignment that made you uncomfortable. I expected you, coming from a society in which loyalty is everything, to show a bit more than this, turning tail and running away.”
Banks stood, slowly with grace and a hint of aggression under the surface. “Do you even realize what I had to do?”
“I realize that it was something you didn't like doing, and from what you've told us, that's probably an understatement, but I have to think that you realize what not doing that would have meant. And I would hope that the years that you've been here and how we've treated you would have meant something in return. I would hope that in all this time, you would realize that Henry would only put you in that position because the job needed to be done. Have we ever made you do something so undesireable at any other time?”
“Something I didn't like doing. How quaint. How easy it is to say oh she's throwing a tantrum. But it’s easy for you because you won't ever have to look into your man's eyes and see what I saw....and then be forced to revisit it.”
“As I said, it's an understatement.” Edra actually took a step toward her. “But let's talk what I won't ever have to do. Let's talk about waking up one day to find a man who looks and sounds like the man you love, but doesn't act like him. No, he isn't the loving, caring man you're used to, but a possessive, abusive creature who won't let you go, who manipulates you like a pawn, all the while looking like the man you love. Leaving you hoping that somewhere inside you'll find him, and continually being reminded that you never will. And then, finally, against all odds, you finally get away, and also, against all odds, find your love, but no, it's not over. He's not yours anymore. He's found someone else because everyone thought you were dead. And then, just when you think you're finally getting on with your life, by yourself, Bastard somehow, across separate realities, manages to find you, and swears you're not getting away this time. But no, I don't know anything about that!”
Banks stepped forward, herself. “Oh that's very sad. Here's another tale. You grow up in poverty, you're drafted into the military at the age of 16 during a routine street vagrancy sweep. Then they find out you're extremely talented so you're placed into a special intel class and trained to be an assassin. During your training you fall madly in love with one of the other agents and low and behold it turns out he's not just handsome and rich he's the heir apparent to the entire regime, and here's the kicker, he loves you too. Your life is perfect. And then one day it’s all gone because his mother says you're street trash. And you go to him and you tell him you don’t care about the money or the power you just want him to say he loves you, and he just looks at you because he's not allowed to say that. Because he cares more about his standing and his future than you. So forgive me if I don't fall and weep over your alternate reality adventures.”
Edra nodded. So they both had been through rough bouts with love. “Look, I'm not unsympathetic to your situation, and I'm not here to one-up each others' pasts. Point is, Henry wouldn't have put you in such a tormenting situation unless, one: he had no other choice, and two: he thought you could handle it.

“You probably remember when you first started, most people didn't like you, and everyone else didn't trust you...except for Henry. Never, once did I hear him join in the gossip, complain about you or even say anything negative. I guess I hoped he deserved more than just walking away from the first hard choice he's made you make.”
“You must have overlooked that part in my personnel review about not being affected by guilt. When we reach Shadow space in a few hours I'll go down with everyone else and activate the gateway. I expect we're going to have to fight our way in.”
Edra shook her head. “A guilt trip was not the point of coming here. I was hoping I had misunderstood you, and if not, could convince you to stay. You've been an asset to this crew, and I know, to Henry. As much as you might not believe it, I'll hate to see you go.” She turned to leave.
Banks opened her mouth when the shipwide intruder alert alarm began to blare. “That doesn't sound right.”
Edra shook her head. “No, it doesn't.”
Banks followed her to the door. “ Let's go see the excitement.”
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